like shards of exploding
shimmering glass
billions , or trillions
maybe more

like momentary flashes of light
trying so hard
to catch a single, solitary glimpse
a fleeting impression even,
to make sense of you
or us
and then
for one nanosecond
every shard coalescing
at the moment of
absolute intimacy
you become the mirror
in which I see
the truth
before the shards
explode again

7 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. hi dude…
    do u recall the moment when you took the responsiblity of your self…!!! suddenly you were grown up man in that one moment…FREEDOM!!!
    billions and trillions…moments…converge into one moment…!!! And again the explosion…!!!
    Why cant we stop at that moment…drop dead completely for once…in that moment…???
    Eternal Freedom…

  2. From “Shades” by Heather McHugh
    “What more could we want from than this world,
    sharpened by shine and dark, faceted by accident,
    anchored by appearance? Well we could want
    the dead to be with us again,
    be with us still, be somehow
    undimished (somehow unbegun), so we
    won’t die the way we fear. They could
    be here, in all the carnivals of cups and trade,
    with faces chance might turn to ours,
    in sympathy, in mirrored shades . . .
    But no. The world makes
    too much of itself. No sense allowed
    byond the few and five: it’s blinding, deafening,
    demanding and alive. A thousand diamonds splinter out
    from fendor, windsheild, chrome – a spray of glints,
    a glance of blades.
    The human being, struck,
    can put darker glasses on.”

  3. Dear Shekhar
    When tears spring up and sting my eyes, and I feel a shock like a blow to the solar plexus, I know I’m looking at unclothed truth. I feel those things when I think of the man I love. I felt them when I read your words above.
    shukriya & love, Heather

  4. reflection i see is mirrage of virutal life,
    the wonder of life we belive what we see ,
    and what we see is illusion of being see,
    sight is never worthless to be,
    but wonder is that what we see is illustrate illusion ,
    the cry of life is tribe cluster in us to be one,
    but desire to remain top of other ate one.
    mirror speaks no language of destiny but relflect refraction of vision in us to b honoured with clear image relection.mirrior says only what we say rather what he have.

  5. how satisfying to be able to capture all this in a shot, as a part of a movie…
    or a photograph. To be able to give meaning to this painful (I imagine, it is painful to me) self awareness.
    connections can save, kill, maim or change forever. how very powerful. careful where you tread.

  6. Dear Shekhar Ji,
    Greetings !!
    How apt & reflective…
    We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring, Will be to arrive where we started, And to know the place for the first time..
    Warm Regards.

  7. Very well said Shekarji.If the mirror shows good side, it also shows the dark side.
    “Mirror has two faces and both of the sides shows the reflection,Dark and yes, the true reflection too.

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