reflections like shards of exploding shimmering glass billions , or trillions maybe more impressions like momentary flashes of light trying so hard to catch a single, solitary glimpse a fleeting impression even, to make sense of you or us and then for one nanosecond every shard coalescing at the moment of absolute intimacy you become [...]

My eternal lover

locked in your embrace every moment every breath together we walk you my lover that waits to strike me to betray me to consume me at any moment and have done so forever and yet i cannot let you go for i am because you are i breathe because you allow me to i do [...]

Is God real, daddy ?

It's late in the night I hold your little hand in mine we lie in bed as u stare at the ceiling what is God, Daddy is God real ? of course my love God is real God is love but does God exist, Daddy or is he in my imagination ? both, my love [...]


we never met the first time we never met there was no such time.. for u were there and so was I before.... we shall never meet the next time we shall never meet there will be no such time for you'll be there and so will I before ... I know I had posted [...]

The Void

Those of us that carry inside us an immense darkness are blessed by God for we have been given the choice to fill the void with what we chose it's an empty vessel waiting to be filled with love do not deny the need the craving the fear the longing for love or else the [...]

The Parachute

I float through life harnessesed, into the parachute of the self, it's comfortable, though often winds buffet me and throw me off course, and sometimes the storms engulf me threatening to rip apart my parachute yet, I survive, the fabric of my parachute is strong, and there are controls to navigate my self, strings to [...]

Love, my friend

What good is your love ? What good is your love ? my friend if it does not mirror that which I don't know about myself ? What good is your love, my friend if I cannot prostrate myself to the God of vulnerability in your presence ? shekhar

If I were immortal

If I were immortal and my time stood still If I were immortal and my time stood still Would the very rotation of the earth make me more dizzy than I could bear ? If I were immortal would there be neither night nor day ? But the fierce, incessant strobing of light and dark [...]

Sound, so pure is ..

neither the sound of ‘om’ echoing across the universe bounced only by the eons of time nor the chants of a thousand Gregorian monks neither a million ‘amens’ resounding across the world on christmas eve nor all the calls to prayer in the name of Allah not even the gentle patter of the first monsoon [...]