The Void

Those of us that carry
inside us
an immense darkness

are blessed by God
for we have been given the choice
to fill the void
with what we chose
it’s an empty vessel
waiting to be filled
with love
do not
deny the need
the craving
the fear
the longing
for love
or else
the void
will be polluted
by immense doubt

24 thoughts on “The Void

  1. …the void of darkness
    appears only to be that, darkness
    when the walls of this vessel are dissolved
    then what was once perceived as darkness
    reveals itself to be light.
    It was always light, even when it was surrounded by the veils of time.
    the void cannot be stained with thought
    Though, thought can prevent us from reaching it
    the void remains the void…light
    Thank you Shekhar for your inspiration, I was missing your expressions last night, and here you are…namaste

  2. Dear Shekhar
    A great poem — especially “to fill the void with what we choose” — but the whole thing is superb. Feel no pleasure at this praise. This poem makes me feel less lonely as an artist, which makes you my friend, though you don’t know me. Thank you.
    love, Heather

  3. Shekhar,
    I’ve read much of your blog over time and the one point that strikes me, is that there seems to be an inherent lack of posts on relationships. I don’t mean the real complex ones, but your everyday relationships. The ones that you have with your friends, your family, even with yourself, and the responsibilities that come with these relationships.
    The responsibility to do the right things by others and by those you care for, even though your heart doesn’t really agree or even rebels at times.
    One lives in a constant state of fear. Fear of hurting people, fear of stepping on the wrong toes, fear of embarrasing ourselves and in the process embarrasing a loved one.
    On the other hand if we waited till we’re absolutely sure that its the right thing to do, we’d never get much done would we?
    Anyway, apologies for going on and on, but would love to hear your views.

  4. Shekhar ji, We few bloggers have tried to fill the void with music 🙂 We have come up with an unique venture – an online music album. All done by bloggers, collaborating from around the globe. We released the songs online today, these songs are available for free download and online listening. The songs are in three languages – Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam. We plan to do more albums and hopefully, in more languages. Please visit us @
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  5. I think sometimes the void is there because we are in search of something greater than ourselves.

  6. Hi Shekhar, Gayatri here from DNA, I interviewed you a while back over the phone? Well, I’ve been reading your poetry and short stories and some of your more spiritual insights and was hoping for permission to use some of them for our ‘Reflexions’ column which is on the edit page. It is essentially a daily spiritual reflection of 350 words. Of course it would go with your byline. Please do let me know if its ok with you, I’ve lost your email id and can’t seem to get in touch with Rizwana either. regards

  7. Maybe that something greater is, “experiencing love” or “finding a connection with one’s creator” or “reaching a better understanding of our place in this world”
    But if life is a journey and not a destination, then I say we should just get on our Harley’s and ride baby, RIDE! 🙂
    Hope you all have a beautiful day.

  8. Dear Shekharji
    How poinant and thought provoking? Human void and the knowledge of its existence itself is increasingly getting rare these days. It is meant only for the blessed beings selected by God to make this planet better than what it is, with our very own thoughtful Creation – part of which He has left for some of the likes of you. Creation means focusing and chieseling out of excess egos, large part of ourselves… which inevitably leads to pain and loneliness…
    In Toltec Philosophy, being aware of the dark void is like the second attention that is the most creative and therefore, satisfying phase of a human being, which if lived well, leads to the third attention which is almost like being Christ-like, like Lord Krishna – a real Godman, which when merged in becomes part of that Universal Spirit and the Intelligent Being, that is far bigger and much beyond our personal God!!
    You have been blessed to travell this rugged path of Void and know perfectly well what it means to travel this path. Thought I could get some of your illumined guidance now that I have been brought to the brink of this void…

  9. Dear Mr. Shekhar,
    I actually bumped into your website while looking for something online and i began looking at the kind of things you have put up!
    The void catches my attention, especially, because it’s just mind blowing!
    It’s one of the best things I’ve read recently!

  10. i have been reading up the posts like an addict….to find out more and more and more about you…
    but read this poem and my mind took a break as the heart took over…
    just what i wanted …
    thanks to my life for leading me here…
    well to be fair it might not the most kickass poem i have read but the one that is changing my moment of gloom to something that will create a value…
    thanks again…

  11. Shekharji Have U ever seen The Late Mr JRD TATA Face to Face? Can U tell me how Tall he was? some say he was 6feet plus… some say he was a short man!

  12. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the gift of your movies. Yet a much deeper gratitude is felt to you and all of the Hindustani people for the ancient wisdom and beauties you give to the rest of the world. India is truly the heart of the world. I bow my head with respect and give honor.
    I am a simple and plain “hillbilly” that lives in the Appalachian Mountains in America. I suppose that I could be considered as a most unlikely fan of India’s movies. However, unlike the average American, the subculture that I was born into has values very similar to the Hindustani people –the importance of spirituality, honor, love, family, food, music and dancing. So when I watch a movie from India I embrace it with familiarity.
    My first eye-popping experience with the Hindi movies was “The Guru”. This opened into a whole new universe of pleasure. To date I have enjoyed only 200 films and there are so many more to view!
    I think only a Hindustani could make a movie about my mountain people. An American director such as Spielberg would never understand us. They did make a movie about the mountain people (Cold Mountain) and it was only a false hint of the people. Only someone with the depth of soul that you have could convey the story of these people.
    Finally, India before the end of the century will be the greatest power in the world – may they use this power better then we have done.
    Mary Elizabeth
    You Are the Love I Am

  13. Hello Shekhar,
    Your poem sounds like the transalation of Osho’s book… from Sex to Superconsciousness.. Am glad that at there are people like you who read him accurately. Thanks for posting such a beautiful poem….
    It sure is a treat for sore eyes….

  14. A reason love is, to act, to do
    to live for somebody else than you.
    Experiencing it, everyone does,
    but understanding only some do.
    Keeping nothing a secret is what love is.
    The expression “Where ever you go I’m there”
    is what it’s all about.
    It’s so powerful…
    That even death is obssesed by it.

  15. Atleast once in my lifetime I remember finding myself in a place which was totally void of light, sound, touch/feeling, emotions and the only thing which remained was my thought of BEING. I knew I was, but I knew not who or where or why. I have made an attempt many times to end my life here WITHOUT SUCCESS (obviously. However, what I have just read about the Void has enlightened me and given me renewed hope. Thank you. May God Bless All, and to All God Bless.
    Herb A. alias; Irp Snerple The Pleiadian Dragon

  16. Dear Shekharji,
    I am going through what i believe as one of the most difficult times of my life…i feel the void inside me every single day and after readin your poem the negativity that i associated with the void has transformed into hope… for a better future..for life… and all this makes me want to accept and thank God for whatever He has and will do in my life… i feel blessed..thank you for your simple, enlightening words…

  17. Dear Shekharji
    Like the song of the silence is the void space. you can enjoy it or think about how to fill it
    As close as my heartbeat
    Still as distant as the sky
    A melody so faint, far
    yet comforting me inside
    Filling me with a feeling unknown
    As if pain bringing pleasure to life
    Is the song sung by the silence
    Being alone, being with you
    In solitude there’s company
    In darkness an embrace of light
    In a fraction an eternity
    A love entrenched, embedded in me
    far beyond words describe, unspeakable
    But sung in the song of the silence
    The beauty of your love
    like an aura fills the air
    My eyes see within without
    they see you everywhere
    Your words a composition
    they are my days and nights
    Like the song sung by silence
    fills me so with life.
    Here are my thoughts on that void space in me ….

  18. Dear Shekharji and all other viewers of this site
    a humble request …….. i also received this from someone …… so pls do not ignore
    Slow Dance
    This is a poem written by a teenager with cancer.
    She wants to see how many people get her poem.
    It is quite a poem. Please read it and pass it on.
    This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a New York Hospital.
    It! was sent by a medical doctor – Make sure to read what is in the closing statement AFTER THE POEM.
    Have you ever watched kids
    On a merry-go-round?
    Or listened to the rain
    Slapping on the ground?
    Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight?
    Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?
    You better slow down.
    Don’t dance so fast.
    Time is short.
    The music won’t last.
    Do you run through each day
    On the fly?
    When you ask How are you?
    Do you hear the reply?
    When the day is done !
    Do you lie in your bed
    With the next hundred chores
    Running through your head?
    You’d better slow down
    Don’t dance so fast.
    Time is short.
    The music won’t last.
    Ever told your child,
    We’ll do it tomorrow?
    And in your haste,
    Not see his sorrow?
    Ever lost touch,
    Let a good friendship die
    Cause you never had time
    To call and say,”Hi”
    You’d better slow down.
    Don’t dance so fast.
    Time is short.
    The music won’t last.
    When you run so fast to get somewhere
    You miss half the fun of getting there.
    When you worry and hurry through your day,
    It is like an unopened gift….
    Thrown away.
    Life is not a race.
    Do take it slower
    Hear the music
    Before the song is over.
    PLEASE mail ths to everyone you know – even
    to those you don’t know! It is the request of a special girl who will soon leave this
    world due to cancer.
    This young girl has 6 months left to live, and as her dying wish, she wanted to send a letter telling everyone to live their life to the
    fullest, since she never will.
    She’ll never make it to prom, graduate from high
    school, or get married and have a family of her own.
    So please read this and if possible forwad this
    to as many people as you can …. maybe one word one heartfelt prayer could make a difference

  19. dear shekhar,
    iv alwayz read ur blogs bt leavin a comment 4 the 1st time..its a wonderful poem,with gr8 meanin(hw i interpretd it) n has somhow has touched my deep inside..cnt xplain in wht made me think a lot..lovely poem

  20. Thou say:
    or else
    the void
    will be polluted
    by immense doubt
    Doubt filters to make u realize reality…doubt too is essential….it makes u question thyself first then the instance!This too fills the void.Because the void is not getting sufficient filling/answers, it emancipates truth it gradually closes the void!
    But then alas! Such is the trecherous journey of void, shut one the other opens, Lol!
    “Smile” not wid dat lopsided grin of yours huh!
    Mew Mew

  21. Thank you Shekhar.
    That thought gave me a quite satisfactory answer to the question that kept haunting me for so many years.

  22. Marraige makes love complicated. Gives rise to fear, sadness, anger, revenge, sacrifice and everything else… love is lost…and difficult to accept in the form it stares at you – waiting to be accepted.

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