Is God real, daddy ?

It’s late in the night
I hold your little hand in mine
we lie in bed as u stare at the ceiling
what is God, Daddy
is God real ?

of course my love
God is real
God is love
but does God exist, Daddy
or is he in my imagination ?
both, my love
God is real
and in your imagination
God is a feeling
an emotion
the most powerful emotion in the world
God is love
I don’t understand, daddy
do u love your little white bunny
that you cuddle up with every night ?
Yes, daddy
Is the bunny real, or
is it a doll ?
It is a doll, daddy
But in your arms at night,
your love for the bunny is real ?
Yes, daddy
That love,
my love
is God
for God can make
anything real
if there is love
Did God make me
and you and mummy ?
Yes my love,
God is like a vast ocean
and all of us are drops
from that ocean
which makes you God too
And mummy ?
Yes mummy too
and everything you see
and hear
and feel
and imagine
is God
I don’t understand, daddy
Neither do I, my love
how do I tell u
that God is not an answer
but a Question
and always will be ?
How do I tell u,
that you knew God
the world is teaching you
to define everything ?
How do I tell u
that your Daddy
does not know anything
but that God is the connection
between the real and imagined ?
How do I tell u
that God is Love
a Love
that holds the entire Universe
in an eternal embrace ?

23 thoughts on “Is God real, daddy ?

  1. It’s nice to see you have an answer for your child inspite of your ambiguity. Kudos! I think it’s beautiful.

  2. Hi Shekar,i am karthik from bangalore.A software engineer by profession.
    I have actually written a movie script tentatively titled “the MAHABHARATHA Code”-its my take on the great epic.I started off writing with the intention of publishing it as a novel but changed my mind mid-way owing to various reasons.I wish to make a movie on it now.I have tried to prove in my own way that our GODS were not just mere mythological characters but very much existed in flesh and blood.
    I always wanted you to read my script. I heard you are comin out with a comic series based on ramayana. I thought you will be interested in reading my script.
    If u wish so i can post u a sample of my script.
    my email id is “”
    Hope to hear from u soon,
    thanx and regards,
    PS: 1)if our modern aircraft was designed and invented by the wright brothers barely 100 years ago, how does one explain the presence of PUSHPAKAVIMANA- the private luxury air-plane of Ravana in ramayana!!
    2)Have u ever observed the presence of the word JET in JATAYU, the friendly eagle from the RAMAYANA.So was it really an eagle or a manned aircraft??

  3. Excellent really, Well said. Now i wish if all the mullahs, the pundits, the padres are listen to you too shekhar.
    Hope all is well with you and may god bless you and your family, I just finished a short film i wrote/directed called “From Within” hopefull show it to you some day.

  4. Dear Shekhar
    I have a wonderful 7 year old daughter. And she, like your little angel too keeps asking questions.. Mostly when we are cuddled up in bed ! She once asked me – whe she was just about 5 “Daddy, If Rama was God, then why did he cry when he lost Sita ?? Because Gods dont cry, do they ??…” What it is like to be with your child is a feeling beyond any description and you have brought a bit of it alive through your answers to your darling daughter – which goes deep into my heart and opens it up so wide.. I am being filled with Love.. Just Love… Only Love… Thanks for the wonderful words !!

  5. Tere masoom sawalon se pareshan hoon main…
    But thats what makes kids more lovable and childhood more memorable..
    I remember asking my mother frequently how i was born-from where did i come?And every year i used to get a new answer..and i would get confused.Today when i think of it, i just laugh at it thinking how innocent and stupid i was..
    Shekahar ji…i have a request..routine for u but can’t help it..i have a script..its about mother-son relationship..its unique..not the routine senti-drag story..and its only you who can do justice to it..please shekhar ji..encourage creativity..i have got so many ideas, mind will creativity will die..just one chance..mail or send ur contact id/address.Hope to hear from u soon..

  6. Wonderful, I admire your philosophical search for truth. I am sure you are leading to something divine. And I am all the more glad that you are a film maker. You can show us the truth in the art.

  7. hi shekar, if u remember i had posted sometime back in this blog regarding the movie script i have written based on the mahabarata. I would be really grateful to you if u were to give a glance to it atleast once.
    Sorry for intruding ur personal space.
    thanks in advance!!

  8. It’s beautiful!
    Aren’t questions AND their answers never-ending? Our ideas are always half-truths, and even if we think we have analysed the bejeebers out of it we are still on square one… a half-truth. I think life is the greatest teacher if we allow her to teach us.
    But it’s the moment to be cherished here. Your daughter may forget the answer but not the moment. Just as I have forgotten the stories but not that my Dad told us one every night before we went to sleep, a memory I greatly cherish.

  9. Hi,
    How nice that you can lie next to your daughter
    and discuss God (being such a big and complex issue) and give such answers that she can understand. My child although blessed with wealth
    has no father because he betrayed us all with his lies. How will I explain this when the time comes? Not with anger or malice but with a simple explanation that relationships dont always work out and God watches over us all. May God always help parents and their children to survive these trying times.

  10. Dear Shekarji,
    What a wonderful expression of Divinity
    in these verses!
    God is like a vast ocean
    and all of us are drops
    from that ocean
    which makes you God too
    Which explains the Truth
    As we were watching the program “One life to love” we were touched by this poem and your expressions
    So we wanted to send you a message that
    the Truth is that You are One and
    the Untruth is that You want to become One
    You may consider this message as a ” Coincidence
    or a Happening “as it is a coincidence that
    we watchd your program and wanted to email you
    lots of love
    shobhana sachidanandhan

  11. Dear Shekharji,
    I dont think you have found the path…BUT you are already there!!!! I wish it would happen to me too.I knew it would to you…when in one your interviews much earlier you spoke about how you feel or believed GOD existed when you were in India rather than West…how that beggar on street with no limbs forced you to excalim ‘OH god its not me” while in west nothing like that happens or any of visuals make you realise of what reality really is. Your NDTV interview today was eye opener. I hope you would take this revolution ahead!!!

  12. I do have my theory that based on science backing hinduism and sufism. would like to write it into a script hopefully this coming year. Please let me know if you are interested in knowing. I know a lot of people request you to, but hoping some devine intervention happens and you get to see this message and get interested 😉

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  14. I am sorry may be the wrong place for a post! But have you heard that Heath Ledger recently died in NY!
    So young and Such a great Actor! Rest in Peace!!!
    it’s too sad 🙁

  15. This is simply Brilliant.. beautiful expression of Divinity. I admire the way you explain with simple words-wonderful. A very convening line for a child -“Your love for the bunny is real”… the way you explain God and Love to a child-very creative(Just child like-Pure..)


  16. Pranaam Shekhar ji,
    This poem is a brilliant attempt by you, to answer this question as a father to your little daughter – And yes, one of our lives greatest Imagination and Mystery! जब पहली बार इस सुंदर कविता को, आपकी आवाज़ में सुना, तभी से इसकी गहराई मन को और भी छू गई। एक छोटी सी कोशिश की है हिन्दी में अनुवाद करने की। आशा है आपको पसंद आये।

    “Is God real, daddy ?’
    आधी रात तक उसके नन्हे हाथ को थामे
    बिस्तर पर लेटे एक टक छत को ताकते ।
    अचानक ही उसने पूछ लिया
    डैडी ! क्या ईश्वर है और
    क्या वह सत्य है, साकार है ?
    निसंदेह !!
    ईश्वर सत्य है, प्यार है, पर निराकर है ।
    लेकिन क्या ईश्वर अस्तित्व में है
    या कोरी कल्पना मात्र है ?
    मै इतना ही कह सका, दोनो ही सत्य हैँ
    तुम्हारी भावनाओं और कल्पनाऔं में है
    ईश्वर ही है ।
    दुनिया जिसे भेद न पाई, सबसे शक्तिशाली भावना,
    ईश्वर उनमें है! और प्यार में है।
    मासूम सा कोमल मन समझ न पाया, ये गहन है।
    फिर से वही सवाल उभर आया !
    मेरा मन भरमाया ।
    कैसे समझाऊ, इस अबोध मन को
    फिर कुछ सूझा, मन हर्षाया
    बोला मैं …..
    उस गुडिया, उस छोटे सफेद खरगोश में
    लेकर अपने आगोश में
    इतना प्यार जताना
    कि उन पुतलों में
    जीवन की अनुभूति में, सच्चा प्यार जताना !
    इस प्यार में भी इक सच्चाई है,
    तो ईश्वर भी इक सच्चाई है ।
    आह ! अब अगला संशय आया है…..
    क्या मुझे, आपको और माँ को भी उसने ही बनाया है ?
    चौंक गया मै! बोला …. हाँ
    ईश्वर सागर की तरह है व्रहद और विस्तार।
    हम सब उसमें बूंदे है लेकर भावनाएं अपार
    और जो कुछ भी आप देखते,
    सुनते हैं, महसूस करते हैं
    और कल्पना करते हैं
    ईश्वर ही है।
    इन भारी भरकम शब्दों को,वो मासूम समझ न पाई
    उसका पिता बन कर भी, मै भी सब कुछ जान न पाया ।
    पर यही समझ में आता मुझको है
    ईश्वर ही जड- चेतन के बीच कडी है ।
    ईश्वर ही है हाँ, ईश्वर ही है वो प्यार जिसने बांध लिया संसार ?

    Hope you like this

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