in the instant it began it was over, but then in the end it had just begun. The picture is of a collapsing super nova, which, like everything (or no-thing) in our universe, rises only to collapse and then to rise again only on the ashes of knowledge can true creativity bloom, but remains creative [...]

My Guru

My Guru died My Guru died, Not in an ashram nestled in Himalayas, nor in the house of a rich patron He died on the street next to the garbage dump across the street from my house. On the same spot where he begged for years, his leprosy finally eating into his vital organs He [...]

Suddenly, Unexpectedly…

I seek that, which was not supposed to be I seek that, which had not occurred to me I seek that, which occurs accidentally I seek that, which suddenly overwhelms me people say, I know not what I want to be people say, I live indecisively can you then teach me, a more creative way [...]

The two of me

I am jealous and greedy and angry and I hurt I love and I hate I mean well but manipulate I am confused and riddled by doubt Of course I am I am after all only human and yet I long I yearn I aspire to be compassionate to be creative to be whole to [...]

Do I love you ?

no one act separated from another no one time separated from another no one space separated from another no one individual separated from another no one emotion separated from another no one moment separated from another no one consciousness separated from another no one thought separated from another formless seamless infinite relationships between all things [...]