Suddenly, Unexpectedly…

I seek
which was not
supposed to be
I seek
which had not
occurred to me

I seek
which occurs
I seek
which suddenly
overwhelms me
I know not
what I want to be
I live
can you then
teach me,
a more
creative way to be ?

7 thoughts on “Suddenly, Unexpectedly…

  1. It has been a long time since I was looking for something that I have not lost…
    The time is soon to come when I will lose something that I dont have at the moment…
    These moments, emotions, life…
    is nothing but an answer to all those questions that are just not answerable. Yes, these answers are not possible but it just happens to question all those answers that are present…
    What is this moment made of? Is life making the moment or is the moment summing up life?
    Where are the questions and what are the answers…
    This life is weird with all these weird moments.
    I guess the easiest thought is just that
    Life is a moment and a moment is Life itself.
    Live it! That’s what it says time and again!

  2. I too, am a seeker…
    I have found that the most creative seeking I can do is within myself. If we seek answers in others, even the most intelligent and wise… we will remain in the same place as we began.
    Sometimes, when I am overwhelmed by my mind, I place my hand on my heart, close my eyes, and just breathe. Your heart knows what to do…

  3. Is there a way to get in touch with you in regards to your upcoming films? I have admired your work for a very long time. My family and I are originally from Bombay, but have lived in NY for over 20yrs. I was interested in any casting calls or any assistance I can provide in helping you with your films. Will look forward to hearing from you. Thank You.

  4. Suddenly, unexpectedly……
    Driftwood found himself drifting in the Arabian Sea.
    Everyone had told him to stay in..
    “theres nothing you want out there…
    Everywhere you will see, you will see the sea,
    not to mention the sea sickness!!”
    But here he was…drifting…
    Whats a piece of driftwood gonna do?
    If I keep drifting long enough..
    Will I jam a propeller and cause the mother of all oily slicks?
    Will a shipwrecked sailor hang on to me…even a Pakistani one?
    Or will I just keep on drifting?
    He looked around…
    There were no crytal balls drifting in the Arabian Sea.

  5. looking around me…there are no answers
    it is tasteless
    without sound and sight
    I am not to feel this experience nor inhale its fragrance
    there within my escape
    I reach and finally arrive
    to this place

  6. As close as my heartbeat
    Still as distant as the sky
    A melody so faint, far
    yet comforting me inside
    Filling me with a feeling unknown
    As if pain bringing pleasure to life
    Is the song sung by the silence
    Being alone, being with you
    In solitude there’s company
    In darkness an embrace of light
    In a fraction an eternity
    A love entrenched, embedded in me
    far beyond words describe, unspeakable
    But sung in the song of the silence

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