in the instant it began
it was over,
but then
in the end
it had just begun.

The picture is of a collapsing super nova,
which, like everything
(or no-thing)
in our universe,
only to collapse
and then to rise again
only on the ashes of knowledge
can true creativity bloom,
but remains creative
only for a moment
and then dies

7 thoughts on “Passion

  1. No words needed, enough felt. I like your view on the world. Its personal and very honest.

  2. Hi…read the excerpts of your talk on technology in films at The Indus Entrepreneur Meet, Blore chapter…just wanted to know if you would also be open to be a part of a workshop on Communication and Theatre..

  3. gud evening sir…… need to create a bhoomika,before i start my only dream…..i m pass-out of NATIONAL SCHOOL OF DRAMA[spe.DESIGN&DIRECTION]….worked with RAM GOPAL VARMA in MY WIFE’S MURDER…..couple of more work……m keen to assist u in direction,designing……..pls sir,pls reply
    sunita tiwari

  4. Mr Kapur
    I have been reading your thoughts and poetry. You simply like to flow regardless what happppens once you pass that moment. I am an artist and irespect this dialogue with one’s self.
    Would you like to read my poems?
    Also i read so many ppl writing to you regarding working withyou. What do you do to such requests?

  5. My favorite quote….beats the hell out of the rest of your poems
    [in the instant it began
    it was over,
    but then
    in the end
    it had just begun.]–love this one
    It never ends.

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