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  1. hmmm.. very confusing. it starts, ends and then again starts so that means love is a cycle? for sure, It’s circular. We can’t love unless we’re loved, and we (mostly) won’t be loved unless we’re loving.
    Ajai Gambhir

  2. Shekhar,
    As we spin around this lonely globe reaching out through wires of technological inter-connected-ness, as I reach out thru a simple haiku, and wonder what great films will emerge from great minds…I am sending this spirit of hope to you.
    San Diego, Ca

  3. “Love is happiness.
    Love is sadness.
    On its behalf my words sound like spears.
    Love is happiness.
    Love is sadness.
    Love is what I want the most.
    On its behalf I can be carved,
    I am soapstone.
    Happy or sad,
    Love is what I want the most.
    (Ad้lia Prado)

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    Miley Cyrus

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