Do I love you ?

no one act separated from another
no one time separated from another
no one space separated from another
no one individual separated from another

no one emotion separated from another
no one moment separated from another
no one consciousness separated from another
no one thought separated from another
formless seamless infinite relationships between all things
so then
when I say ” I love you”
do I lie ?
do I deceive ?
or is it a desperate cry for help
to drag me out of
my mistaken sense of my ‘self’
Shekhar Kapur

3 thoughts on “Do I love you ?

  1. “People like to have some agenda or someone who has one”; who had said that to me?
    But I have no agenda, I am no politician……
    That glint in the eye is not the realization of my potential to make things happen
    It’s a drop, sometimes wet
    The smile so impulsive,
    Bound to be hurt.
    Who am I?
    Sailing the waters
    Riding the waves
    Lost in time
    Misfit in space
    Not seeking … never
    You or your empathy
    Just an acceptance
    Of my own.
    Where do I belong?
    If I could
    I would
    But I couldn’t…
    I tried and I lost.
    I know I could
    And I would
    The world is mine
    What stops me?

  2. You know, i have been reading a lot of stuff on your site, somewhat mesmerized; but having read this one, i have to stop and say-“BRILLIANT man, absolutely BRILLIANT!!”

  3. Shekhar,
    This one is out of the world….. No words can compliment your poems, thoughts and writing.
    What can I say??????????
    Simply Amazing!!

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