I live here ?

I live here ?
So I ask my friends
where does your home end ?
how do you define your space
in which you live

the four corners of your room ?
your apartment
or the walls of your house ?
So the air that you breathe
within your house
is different from the air outside ?
where do you create the walls
in which you imprison yourself
and call it your home ?
You want more space ?
a bigger house ?
I will give it to you
I will put the biggest zoom camera ever
and put it in the centre of the Universe
and then I will slowly zoom out
and you tell me
where to stop
just say
those are the limits to my house !
but I am so much greedier than you
for I will zoom out
till my house encompasses the whole universe
for that is where I live
and those are the limits to my house
Shekhar Kapur

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