Look Mom, I’m on camera !

Can you see me, Mom ?

in the Milky Way,
Through a billion suns
with even more planets
through billions
and billions
of people
Can you see Mom ?
there I am,
about a billion years after
this picture taken ?
I love you, Mom,

3 thoughts on “Look Mom, I’m on camera !

  1. …yes darling, I see you
    I see you in the grass
    when it is green
    I feel you among the most gentle of winds
    smoothing its way across my cheeks
    I hear you in the sacred bhajans
    sung by the seers
    I taste you in every drop of water
    I can still detect your fragrance
    many billions and billions of light years later.
    I love you too.

  2. yes my dear one,
    for u r my very own creation,
    rejoicing in your joy,
    i embrace thee
    till the end of eternity,
    if at all it ever be.

  3. Far away in thos skies – a twinkle
    and i feel contended
    knowing that it is you
    You sending me your love
    as the cool breeze passes by me
    as ruffles through my hair
    and kisses my cheek
    Far away in those skies………..
    Thanks once again.

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