Here comes the True Prophet

that profit
from selling us God,
take your beads
and trinklets
and banish yourselves
from this bazaar
of religion,

for here comes
the true Prophet !
dancing and singing
that God
does not exist
in your own
for how can
the infinite,
he sings,
be explained
by your finite answers ?
so come,
dance with me
in an endless search,
for God exists only
in the search for God
and our journey
itself will be
our only destination,
come, dance
with questions
and questions
for only in questions
lies the matrix
of the Universe
and only
in questioning,
does exist,
the dance
of creation,
and when the dancing ends
and the questions cease
there is only
and the return
of those
that claim
to know God
and will sell us
once again
beads and trinklets
in return for our souls
shekhar kapur

33 thoughts on “Here comes the True Prophet

  1. Mr. Shekhar Kapur, you are perhaps one of the most insightful and enlightened professionals I have encountered in the industry. When will the contact link be available? I’d like to contact you with some information when it is convenient.
    Thank you, and best of luck on the continuance of your beautiful work.

  2. Mr. Kapur,
    ur poem is very insightful. just giving u something to ponder on… in urdu khud means oneself(myself, herself, himself, itself) and Khuda means God… such little difference, but how 2 words in a language express what many pages can’t.. we are all Gods & Goddesses… We are eventually Our Creator’s expression. and Khuda is from Khud the way Khud can’t exist without Khuda

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    Have you seen the Hollywood movie ‘Adaptation’, screenplay by Charlie Kaufmann? There is an excellent review on Roger Ebert’s site (with spoilers, in the rare event you haven’t seen it):
    I read this poem on intentblog and was immediately reminded of the movie, even though there is no obvious correlation. Perhaps because of the circularity in the poem and because I see clear elements of Escher both in this poem and in the movie. Even though it has been many days since I first read it, I remain awe-struck by its impact and connotations. Honestly, I am a little embarassed that a poem can haunt me this much!
    Pardon me for treading way beyond my league, but I wish that you could make a movie that packs the self-referential undercurrent of Adaptation, yet is moulded by your South Asian influenced philosophical background and vision. Kapur meets Hoftsadter. In many ways this is long overdue, given that Hinduism and Buddhism fundamentally encapsulate the circularity of time and gloriously tackle the tough existential questions. If someone can pull this off it is you! And I hope you will hire me to co-create the screenplay 🙂

  4. Huh! there i am again.
    Meet this man. This is the man you are mantioning. Definately you would Love this KORAK DAY at
    Its difficult to get him but like all the searchable answers.. this is what one does after one gets all the answers and dosen’t die (like your poem says). KORAK DAY is the ultimate gift to our SOUL, until you realise it.

    I am my own expression
    I exist in no overused religion
    or your repeated paths of journey
    that are the indwelling
    of your own petty existence
    you who claim to be the givers
    of wisdom,
    that create much noise for the innocent minds
    to reach the indwelling silence,
    for I exist silently embracing
    the one who yearns for me on this journey called
    life ,
    only to return its source,
    travelling unperturbed by the thought
    and its misgivings,
    unafraid of u and all those ,
    who claim to have divided the world into
    heaven and hell.

  6. Dear Shekar Kapur Sir, I am Venugopal wrting this from bangalore. I would like to discuss with you a proposal for a film. I am a from IIT Bombay and was imprisoned in the US, where i was there for higher studies. The next 20 years have years of struggle which have literally set the ‘world’ on fire.
    The events are mindboggling and eyeopening.
    i would appreciate if you were to respond to me on this.

  7. Why muddy waters further by equating those who have really experienced “One” also called God by some and since then have never felt the need to know more on this count with those who sell beads and trinklets and books;).

  8. It recited the movie oh my god for me. BEing an atheist I totally doubt the existence of god but can’t less agree to the
    Idea of question journey.

  9. Im a “middle class” entrepreneur with a messed up routine & pieces of mind , but the day I’ve started following U on Twitter the meaning & view towards life is getting +ive & the mind is at peace…!! Thanx for sharing positivity 🙂

  10. Shekherji,
    The Infinity Of Us All Is The Almighty If The Count Is Reached Then The Omniscience Vanishes. All Answers Are The Essence Of Individual Soul The Search In The Ocean For A Wave Is Endless .Love The Beauty Of Your Heart Its Emense. Love And Regards.

  11. Its a beautiful, insightful piece.

    i have been following you on twitter for some months now.

    you have the most insightful, meaningful tweets of all celebeties except perhaps mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

  12. Why waste life in searching and knowing God when death is waiting to bare it all sooner or later. Live and enjoy the moment.

  13. Superb Shekhar. Am really amazed to know that a simple ‘prophet’ like you know these things, yet the world and its religious leaders keep fighting over religion. And the peddlers keep dividing people and creating missions, jihad, maths and what not. Tao Te Ching explains GOD the best and says it it that fundamental of which everything is made and yet the moment you describe it, it is not that; as it is inexplicable. Also the Jain and Buddhist philosophies describe it as ‘Nothing and Everything’. Jai Ho!!! Always love your tweets and Blogs. May you live long and ‘enlighten’ the world thru your Art.

  14. Sir, it flows, it is cathartic as much for me as it is to you. Love another one, more in celebration..

  15. Sir, Really ur tweets r not only amazing but meaningful too. Loved it. Thanks sir, love u 2.

  16. What Is from which such things as dancing humans can come and go is no less than ANY God whatever the name.

    And I can tell you that It is eternal/permanent. Since once when I asked “Has my “I” some PERMANENT POINT OF REFERENCE or is it merely a chance bubble floating meaninglessly in the wilderness of space or whatever I was graced with an experience after which I never felt the need to ask that question again, for obviously I was “shown” that it had.

  17. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    Amazing! A wonderful expressiveness – your ongoing love affair with words and the topic. “God
    does not exist except in your own existence” … It is an experience. We have to live it…. that is the only way to know it. It is the ultimate fragrance of our consciousness. Thanks for allowing us to comment.

  18. Pranaam Shekhar ji,

    It is always a beautiful feeling to write here…so I am again …Sometimes we read something and we feel something shift deep within us. That just happened when I read your poems and thoughts… resonates. The right combination of words and feelings can move you to tears…Beautiful poem!

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