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  1. I was at the Singapore creative design summit. Thanks for making the room a bigger spaces.
    I have mead Nelson Mandela ones in my life, and if some should make a film about him, it should be one that shows him as a person.
    I would like to asked you some questions in truing to broaden my and others mind.
    How do you connect to a collective cosiness’? How do you think you make people lead go of their ego?
    What dos beauty means to you?

  2. tribute to Mr. Menon
    you are gone now
    but i believe you are ever present
    i can’t see your magical smile
    or hear your mischievous laughter
    nor smell the fragrance of your touch.
    how can such a man have walked the earth?
    surgeon, father, lover, tutor
    and friend.
    so much given
    and nothing asked for in return.
    kerala and united kingdom
    united in grief at your loss
    where are you now?
    where can we hear your song?
    how can we smile without your jokes
    at our side?
    we are torn inside
    kicked hard
    by the deafening silence
    of your absence.
    numbed by our grief.
    all i can do is surrender
    but to what..i do not know.
    the world’s affairs and enchantments
    hold no interest for me now
    without your comments upon them
    to cheer me up when down.
    they say prayers are like thought echoes –
    say it from the bottom of your heart
    and you will get
    your reply.
    so i try…
    I am not far away in the clouds.
    Nor will you find me in some far off dream land.
    I am more nearer now to you
    then I ever could be in my life-time.
    Always I wanted was your happiness,
    so that I might be happy.
    Always I wanted was your health
    so that you might help others to enjoy
    their health.
    but there was a limitation to what i could do
    ..in body.
    but now
    where i am
    which is where you are
    i have no limitations.
    I see what you see
    – but in brighter colours
    I hear what you hear
    – but in subtler sounds.
    I am the last laugh behind every joke
    I am the deepest sigh when your sorrow is
    most acute
    and i am the comfort
    that comes with accepting that my physical ending
    is our spiritual beginning.
    does the butterfly miss being a caterpillar?
    or the small child wish to return to her
    mother’s womb?
    i am flying in the freedom from all thought
    i am dancing in the rhythm of all dances
    i am singing in the melody behind all songs.
    Perhaps when life’s sorrow becomes too much
    you would rather prefer not to
    experience suffering any more.
    but i have a secret to share with you..
    you too can hear,
    what i hear
    if you listen to the birds gossiping
    in the early morning
    or look at the rainbow
    tapestry on the morning dew.
    we can grow together now.
    i will never leave your heart
    i will nurture you from within.
    when you need my touch,
    touch others.
    when you need to hear my laughter,
    make others laugh.
    when you need my guidance
    look within and I will find you.
    I shall share your laughter in your happiest
    moments and carry you
    in your darkest hours.
    I will be there when your ache for me
    is like a roasting fire
    when you reach acrosss the bed to hold me
    i will be the air that caresses your skin.
    i am the one who aches
    and i am the one who caresses.
    i am the one who cries for comfort
    and i am the comfort given.
    you too can feel what i feel
    when you open your heart to all
    the pain and suffering
    that life’s uncertainties
    throw at you.
    when you let go of all expectations
    and calculations.
    when you free your mind
    as i have mine,
    and go beyond –
    in the acceptance of what is,
    is the arrival
    at the doorway to where i am.
    open the door
    with the key of love to all
    that you experience
    and you will find me
    at the wonder of it all.
    i will hold your hand
    take you over the threshold
    where we can gaze together
    at the majesty of creation
    which i see now
    is but a part of me
    and you.
    i am more alive now
    than ever before.

  3. Beautiful!
    In our contradctions we are one..
    But isnt it time to update though there is still plenty of material for me to read and I m taking one at a time.. So what films you are busy making??..As from newspapers I have gathered about Mandela and esp. intriguing Paani (which is a suject of huge relevance in modern times).. I have been a huge fan of Mandela, seen some films on him & read his Long Walk to Freedom which was awesome! Musta say world has hope with leaders like him still around.
    Well sir keep making realistic cinema ! We need such entertainment!

  4. Dear Sir,
    This reminds me of a song Collide by Howie Day…..in which he says: Da dawn is breakin, a lite shinin thru….Ur barely wakin and am tangled up in you…..i’m open ur closed, i follow ur ghost…outta da doubt tht fills ma mind….i sumhow find, tht u and I collide……
    Its a beautiful idea, contradictions meetin in unison to create da homogenity of an assosication between individuals…
    Besides, contradictions keep things interestin, methinks….

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