The Golden Age

It seems most likely that my next film is going to be Golden Age, not quite a sequel, but second in the trilogy that I always thought ‘Elizabeth’ would be. It will star Cate Blanchette once again as Elizabeth.

The film will also star Geoffrey Rush, Clive Owen, Samantha Morton and Micheal Sheen, amongst others.
‘Elizabeth’ was about Power. It was about survival, innocence, love betrayal and ruthlessness, all in the context of Power.
This second film is about Immortality. It is what happens to people when they are in positions of absolute power. They then aspire to ‘Divinity’ and feel they are set apart from ‘other mortals’. The third, when it is made much later, will be about Mortality. What happens when people have considered themselves Immortal or Divine, face their own mortality.
We are still finishing the Script. This film starts about 10 years after the last one left off. On the larger political level, the film is about Elizabeth’s conflict with Phillip the 2nd of Spain, who was the most powerful man in the world then. And who had sworn to turn the world Catholic, whatever the cost.
On a personal level the film deals with one of Elizabeth’s greatest romantic involvements in her life, with Sir Walter Raliegh.

55 thoughts on “The Golden Age

  1. Sir…i did enjoy the film, but along with the other commentators what on earth happened to Drake?? Apart from the potatos and tobacco i thought i WAS watching Drake for a second or two!! An awful lot of license taken i felt,(as much as i enjoyed the art direction etc) apparently only four Spanish ships burned, hardly a “turning of the tide” npi!
    And not too mention hightailing up and over Scotland to get home…although i understand that would have been a “let down” ending!
    Your comments and explanations would be welcomed by all i’m sure Mr Kapur?
    Yours Sincerely RJF

  2. I thought that this movie apart from a few bad historical mistakes was very good. Is there still going to be a third movie ?
    Is there a making of book available?

  3. The comment by ‘nothanks’ (49) was the opposite to what I saw in the film…I was so moved by it, the film was a masterpiece. One of the films I will treasure all my life, well done Shakhar…p.s I was the last one to leave the cinema that night, did not want to leave.

  4. i loved the film. i just finished studying the time period in my AP world history class. i was wondering if you or someone knew the name of the song that plays during the menu screen of the DVD version of elizabeth the golden age? thanks

  5. Dear Sir,
    great film. What is the name of the song during th main menu. can not find him nowhre. Please do let me know because I want to have it,

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