The Golden Age

It seems most likely that my next film is going to be Golden Age, not quite a sequel, but second in the trilogy that I always thought ‘Elizabeth’ would be. It will star Cate Blanchette once again as Elizabeth.

The film will also star Geoffrey Rush, Clive Owen, Samantha Morton and Micheal Sheen, amongst others.
‘Elizabeth’ was about Power. It was about survival, innocence, love betrayal and ruthlessness, all in the context of Power.
This second film is about Immortality. It is what happens to people when they are in positions of absolute power. They then aspire to ‘Divinity’ and feel they are set apart from ‘other mortals’. The third, when it is made much later, will be about Mortality. What happens when people have considered themselves Immortal or Divine, face their own mortality.
We are still finishing the Script. This film starts about 10 years after the last one left off. On the larger political level, the film is about Elizabeth’s conflict with Phillip the 2nd of Spain, who was the most powerful man in the world then. And who had sworn to turn the world Catholic, whatever the cost.
On a personal level the film deals with one of Elizabeth’s greatest romantic involvements in her life, with Sir Walter Raliegh.

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  1. I’ve eagerly been waiting for Elizabeth-2 ever since u made the first one…!
    It was so…engrossing…and told a beautiful tale..!
    Any chances of elizabeth -2 being made soon?

  2. Hai Shekhar,
    I watched hidi films and then i watched masoom. That movie really provided me – the future of Hindi cinema. I followed every move you made ever since. Mr.India was great but Joshilay and the squabble with one Sibti Hassan Rizvi- at least what i read abt in the magazines were painful. Time Machine seemed such an interesting plot. It was great to see you finally breakout with Bandit Queen. I remember making a call all the way to London-only managed to speak to a Liam, think was an asst. to you. It was an emotional moment for me personally-you know after telling myself and anyone who were interested in movies over here that you were the best from india and would easily make your mark internationally. Pre-Bandit Queen that seemed impossible, now my wife proudly says that i saw it right from the beginning.
    Anyway i have not watched a Hindi movie since Kuch Kuch HH, it just seems odd that with so much of mayhem going around the world, hindi movies are still obsessed with all things pretty.I like to think that as you evolved from mainstream cinema to serious stuff, i did to-today i can only sit through movies where they have to be great, to warrant my attention.
    The toughest part is to read how you are attached to so many interesting films-and then they just do not happen. I hope the Golden Age does happen and wishing you every success with it.

  3. So is Cate on board or not? There are a lot of rumors online she’s not. Hope she is. Cheers!

  4. Mr. Kapur,
    I just have to say this information has all of we Cate fans screaming in delight. Thank you for creating a film that made most of us Cate fans in the first place and thank you for sharing this information with us. This is the best news since Cate’s Oscar win!

  5. your style of film making is now almost western, although, i hoped you retain the originality that was there in Mr. india, not that your style is bad but just that you aren’t able to stir up people’s emotions like u did in MR.India and movie making is all about making the audience cry when you want them too. however i understand with the pressure from financers and the pressure of making a succesfull movie it is quite tough to experiment, but then again ur the DIRECTOR mate,
    Gud luck

  6. I cannot wait until “Golden Age”. Frankly, “Elizabeth” is my favorite film of all time. I loved it!! Im very excited.

  7. Mr. Kapur,
    What month/year do you anticipate “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” to appear at the theaters?
    Thank you; I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of your next Elizabeth movie!

  8. Mr. Kapur,
    I like many others look forward to the Golden Age and as the same question as Kat from the post above.
    On a side note, a few historians believe that Queen Elizabeth carried and gave birth to her cousin, Robert Dudley’s child… What are your personal thoughts around this theory?
    Incidentally, I saw you speak at the small gathering for the premiere of a documentary following the history of Hindi movies about the partition at the Nehru Centre in London. You spoke very well, your account of going back to Punjab was a pleasure to hear… I think a few oldies (if I am permitted to say that) beside me had a tear or two in their eyes.

  9. dear shekharji,
    I remamember you for your film mr.india and bandit queen .your dirctorial capacity is superbeb.unfortunately i have not seen your elizabeth.

  10. I’m so delighted to hear this. Although I’m kinda late. I hope Cate gets a Beast Actress Oscar for this. She was robbed the last time.

  11. Elizabeth was great so long as you are not looking for a reflection of the complexity of the times. For example if the Pope was so bent on Elizabeth’s destruction so early in her reign why did he hope for her attendance at the Council of Trent and not excommunicate her until 1570 (the point where Elizabeth actually ends). Catholicism was in decline (except in the West Midlands and North West until Edmund Campion arrived with the other Jesuits in 1580. Elizabeth was also lenient towards Catholics early in her reign – Cuthbert Mayne was the first to die for his beliefs in 1578.Fantastic material here if focus is on the question of conscience. Will we be seeing Elizabeth’s very dark side in the follow up movie?

  12. You are a fantastic director and producer.I worte many historical and social stroy like Hazratmahal queen of nababWajidalishah.she is a very brave and beautifull.In 1857 she fight war against. British army.I discover all facts about Bagum Hazratmahal

  13. The artistry in Elizabeth was beyond belief! I am so thrilled that you are making a THRILLOGY about one of my favorite monarchs (the other being George III) staring my favorite actress. Speaking of George III, I’d love to see what you could do with THAT story.

  14. When will The Golden Age be released? I CAN’T WAIT! And you’re wetting my appetite for the third installment!

  15. I heard this was in production and I’m overjoyed, as “Elizabeth” is in my top 10 movies of all time.
    My guess is, however, this is not a real blog of Mr. Kapur, as Cate spells her last name “Blanchett” with two T’s and no E.

  16. Hi,
    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  17. Waiting patiently for Elizabeth-The Golden Age.Can one expect to see Mary Queen Of Scots?She never appeared in Elizabeth and think the story of her and Elizebeth 1st is extremly intersting.A movie in it’s self!Thanks

  18. Hi,
    This is very interesting. It is always interesting to look back in history. Not only for a somewhat political, emtional or whatever, but to feel the very sense of this era, to touch the human side of the great persons of that period, to understand the mechanism of history creation, when it depends not only on input and expected output of history machine, but mainly on hope and expectations, perhaps mistakanely trusted.
    I have watched the first part of this trilogy and had been touched by the style of that story interpretation. It’s somewhat like we are not completely allowed to characters, but close enougth, so we feel the unchangable fate of history as it’s already passed in the past, but can feel the very breath of it. Dual feeling. Alive story yet it’s determined and gone forever in past. Fatal feeling. Love it.
    I am happy Clive Owen is Sir Walter Railegh. I cannot imagine the better actor to embody this character! Thank you for that choice!

  19. hi Shekar , i just loved your film Elizabeth , now that u have roped in a r for the music of golden age i must ask whats the music like , does it have any songs ,

  20. I was just wonder when a website for the movie would be available. I can’t wait to see the movie. I loved the first one. Thank you.

  21. sorry everyone for not posting much on the golden age, but i have been busy cutting the film and that has been a hard and lengthy process, I do have a blog for Golden Age itself, as u will see if u go to the top of the front page of this blog – but it has not been active since we stopped filming. But it is an interesting site anyway as we posted everyday that we shot. Do visit. Shekhar

  22. Hi I just wanted to know whether there will be songs by Arrahman and the backgroung score by Craig Armstrong? or both are working together to make a unique sound?????
    Please reply.

  23. no songs, I am afraid, but a great score done by both ar rahman and craig armstrong, shekhar

  24. I absolutely cannot wait to see this film. I LOVE Elizabeth. It is one of my favorites. Thanks!

  25. Hi,
    I am really looking forward to the golden age and especially Geoffrey Rush reprising his role as Sir Francis Walsingham who I think was one of the most interesting characters from that era. I think Clive Owen is an inspired choice to play Sir Walter Raleigh as is Samantha Morton as Mary Queen of Scots.
    You have stated that you intend to make a trilogy out of the life of Elizabeth I life. I hope that we will not have to wait too long for the third instalment.
    Keep up the good work.

  26. Namaskar, Shekhar!
    I am so excited to hear of the release of Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the DVD of Elizabeth with your commentaries. As a fledgling screenwriter, it was fascinating to know what you did and why you filmed things as you did. Thank you for your wonderful work. 🙂

  27. Dear Mr. Kepur, you have captured Elizabeth I as I have come to know her through what is written about her and by her. The sensitivity and sheer artful beauty of your film brings her to life again in this century for all to enjoy in brilliant living color. I don’t believe there has ever been a film which has captured the essence of an historical character the way you’ve done with “Elizabeth.” I await, “Elizabeth: the Golden Age,” the way some children await the next Harry Potter movie. And if that weren’t enough, it sounds like there will be a third to enjoy! Thank you for the pure pleasure and joy of it! I bow before the throne. 🙂 Kathryn

  28. I am so excited for this next film. I can’t wait! I am counting the days until I can go and see it.

  29. Greeetings Shekhar,
    I have been an avid fan since Elizabeth. I even enjoyed a repeat viewing while traveling in Andalucia on a bus during the time of the Millenium (another story). I have a treatment for a film which I would love to share with you. I live in Los Angeles but was recently told that you are no longer represented by CAA. Please e-mail your contact information.

  30. Well I hope that your directoral skills have improved since the flawed “Elizabeth” It would be one of cinema’s great shames if you don’t pull this one off. I hope your research was half-decent too. Unfortunately you tend to go for the over-melodramatic. “Elizabeth” was good, but should have been better. Perhaps if you could resist the temptation to use a score (Mozart’s Requiem) written more than 200 years later to climax your story. Dramatic effect is not totally reliant on music! Also I see no mention of Drake or Hawkins. Are they in the film or have you written out two of England’s greatest hero’s. What about all the beautiful Elizabethan music that was around. The subject of Elizabeth in the right hands would be a wonderful film to behold. Sadly for you, we are not all ignorant of her life & the men around her.
    I wish you luck.
    Please don’t screw it up!
    Michael James

  31. hello sir,
    i have not enough money to buy a dvd of elizabeth, but i have seen the clips on the net, it affected my mind so much that i can not think of any other director to direct the film which i am writing. no body else can… sohaila ji is known to the plot….
    regards from heart
    ajay lohan

  32. We are excited to be screening ELIZABETH; THE GOLDEN AGE at our independent nonprofit theaters in the fall but am having trouble finding some hi res images that we can use on our Coming Attractions flyer. Would especially like to use the visually stunning, horizontal sized photo of Cate w/ the predominant melon colors. Would you happen to know where we can find hi res stills? I would be glad to send you a copy of one of our past flyers. We are on deadline so your help is appreciated.

  33. No Drake in Golden Age. This is madness. How can you miss out such an important English hero in a film about Elizabeth and the Armada. Yes we have Raleigh, but he missed the Armada. This means folks that we do not have the famous game of Bowls before the English set off to meet the Armada, and the immortal words by Drake “There is plenty of time to win this game and to thrash the Spaniards too”. As an Englishman I am depressed.

  34. So happy to see that you’ve made another Elizabeth movie. The first one is one of my favorite movies ever. I have seen most of the movies made about Queen Elizabeth. The costumes and the performance that Cate Blanchette gave, in my opinion is the best on film to date. You did such a wonderful job with the first movie, that I can hardly wait to see the next one. Thank you in advance for what I know will be another great movie.

  35. being already familiar with the history on the subject, i watched the first one with some scepticism as it was directed by a “desi bollywood director” 🙂 – but man! was i in for a surprise. the movie was beautifully done – and geoffrey rush simply shone as walsingham. i’ve watched the first one many times now and probably will watch it a few more times. have always wondered why no sequel was made – now i’m glad!!! but yea how come no francis drake?

  36. Thank you for your wonderful work. I have been greatly spiritually uplifted from your films, and I look forward with anticipation this upcoming week to view Elizabeth: the golden age.
    Thank you again!

  37. Mr. Kapur,
    I have been eagerly anticipating a sequel to Elizabeth, one of my favorite films, and could not be more thrilled about The Golden Age. I’m not your typical movie buff, but just as I did for Elizabeth, I will be there to watch The Golden Age on opening day. Thank you so much for all that you do. As a director, I feel that your vision is clear and refreshing and I look forward to seeing where your talents lead you.
    Thanks again.

  38. I just saw the movie with my family. I had high hopes for this movie being interested in that period of history. As another reviewer already commented the cinematography and costumes were wonderful. However, the movie made a very interesting historical period seem boring. I kept thinking when will the moving “get going”. It never did. The movie failed as a drama, as a historical biography, as a romance, and as an examination of the price an individual must pay to be a leader. This movie is a flop. I want my money back.

  39. I found the scenery breathtaking but I and my wife were shocked and dissappointed that the movie gave the impression that Walter Raleigh was the primary sea captain of the English war against the Spanish Armada. Drake and the other captains were not hardly mentioned and many important details regarding the way the Armada was defeated were not present in the movie. Such historically critical errors and omissions totally undermined the historical validity of an otherwise splendid movie. What a shame!


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