So did we say a prayer today ?

For who ? For ourselves. Did we do something, some ritual that affirmed our faith today ? In what ? In ourselves. Our ability to connect with our inner selves. For if we do not, who is this person that is working, loving, talking etc. It’s certainly not you.

It’s an everyday search for me. For that something that can put me in touch with myself. My connection to consciousness. My connection to loving nature.
Of course many people have faith. Which is a wonderful ability. I don’t have blind faith. I am more of a searcher. Questioner. Good, bad ? I don’t know. No value judgements on any faith or the question of faith. Or on myself.
Some people do it with meditation first thing in the morning. I have never been able to do that. I have to connect to something, however small, however little, to loose my sense of individuality. That’s the daily struggle. Against my own exaggarated sense of myself. I am so used to it. I have relied on it for so many years. So tough to let go now. Not that I have never questioned it before. But now, it is really important for me to be truly ‘active’ rather than ‘reactive’, which is what I have done most of my life. And how do I know what that ‘true’ action is ? Unless I am constantly in touch with something larger, more immense, more universal than myself ?
Yes I know. By letting go. By allowing yourself not to be addicted to the result of your action. By allowing chaos to invade your life. Yes, I agree. All of that. I do allow chaos to prevade in my life. I am impeteous (spelling). But then the individual in me fights back hard.
It’s an everyday battle. This battle to let go of one’s addiction to one’s sense of individuality.
Yet, the smallest of things can provoke the sensing of my flowing into something much much larger. Something infinite.
This morning it was my 5 year old daughter waking me up with a loud ‘Peekaboo’ and the tinkling of an early morning laugh.
Sometimes it;s just getting up early enough to watch the first shades of dark blue brush across the sky. Something deeply stirring about that.
Sometimes it’s unexpected gestures of affection that were not sought. Or given so instinctually that you were not aware of them.
Sometimes, it’s writing a poem. But only if the words are coming from somewhere else. As if something is flowing through you, a river of emotion you can physically feel that flows through your being.
But it is always so unexpected. So much that I am constantly aware now. My senses hightened. Waiting for that unexpected moment.
When something deeper will reach out and engulf me, and give my life, and all my actions, however small, a deeper and all encompassing context. On a daily basis.
So say a prayer for me. And for yourself.

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  1. archery

    the bow
    the arrow
    swift as its stretch the other way
    pulled to release upon the elements of air wind currents
    aimed to a point
    met when all aligns from the intended to the targeted spot

    oh how this dance between the archer bow arrow speed
    a tight attachment achieved by it’s surrender to away distance
    from that which once was held


  2. no thing to see here yet…
    one must now sign up to the account of twitter in order to see Shekhar’s Posts

  3. As with most of your posts, Shekharji, this stirred my heart and felt the tears too…

    “But also with musicians like Nusrat fateh Ali Khan and A R Rahman. With Nusrat most of the communication was done by him looking into my eyes and singing with tears flowing from both our eyes, having been transported to a realm higher than ourselves. I have been blessed by moments when such people that have trusted and loved me too.”
    -Shekhar Kapur

  4. off the shores of uncertainty…we dive into ourselves
    to find what had been there all along able to be seen now through… presence

  5. there is no need to be there
    to be seen in flesh and sound

    your presence can be felt
    from the depths of love

    of rhyme in reason and no reason
    far from the thresholds
    of what commonness describes in words

    there, is where we meet
    where we’ve met
    in the invisible unknowing

    freed within space
    to be all there is all at once
    with and in each other

    oh my love oh my love

  6. middled in a way not so centered
    the illusion permeates where common sense takes hostage of that which we perceive to be something other than what it really is

  7. a thread of white hair
    found on folded pages
    embraced by faithful words
    of a journey’s beginning
    on every possible horizon unseen
    by eyes of humans

    seeing you
    a smell
    in a love felt
    across nothing
    more than a
    beating in my heart

    just one strand
    one strand
    of undivided love
    and we never speak of it
    …yet still possible
    in pages to a door where no one travels
    …only love

  8. if ever there was an effervescent night
    pouring with thunderous skies
    opened up in tears of sorrow
    to the grieving loss of such a companion

    a hearts’ leap of faith
    silenced by hurt and despair
    beyond words
    on this paper

    oh beloved
    you remain
    still in love and memories
    at long last
    for all time to come

  9. deep rest
    in mind
    in body
    in emotions
    in busy busy busy
    just to a simmered ease
    allowing for the heart beat to do its’ thing and able to hear the rhythm
    being played to the tune of life…ahh

  10. to love oneself

    what is to love?

    if everything is all connected


    to love oneself


    is to love everything?

  11. there is no need to be there
    to be seen in flesh and sound

    your presence can be felt
    from the depths of love

    of rhyme in reason and no reason
    far from the thresholds
    of what commonness describes in words

    there, is where we meet
    where we’ve met
    in the invisible unknowing

    freed within space
    to be all there is all at once
    with and in each other

    oh my love oh my love

    oh my love

  12. kindness…

    a prayer for everyone

    may we find that which resides in all of us that brings us closer to what we value most in our collective oneness as a basic term of coexisting on our home, earth …


  13. “I believe all children deserve to have clean water and food, safe shelter,
    wellbeing protection and access to supports and services for good health and education”
    I suppose I could advocate that message at any point in life
    because it holds true for this planet and its’ human inhabitants who are innocent in so many ways.
    aum shanti shanti shanti aum

  14. “I want to change their minds, not kill them for weaknesses we all possess.” – A line from the movie, Gandhi

  15. if you had no fear, what story would you tell?

    a question posed by a video I watched today by Mark W. Travis

  16. honouring the mark of this virtual Buddhist prayer plus flag, flying in the wind, surviving winter storms, hot scorching days, sailing in the calm and peaceful breezes on gentle whispers of currents floating by…So did we say a prayer today?
    honouring this thread, with great deep gratitude and sometimes shyness, wonder of regret with some comments, a journey weaved with many different emotions, situations, events that changed lives witnessed and not by eyes of others.
    Thank you, Shekhar for this now 18 year journey since you asked, So did we say a prayer today? Thank you for asking 🙏🏼🌱🧡seeded with love, Cinda Anjala

  17. when wind blows by
    the scent hidden
    cold sharp
    past flesh and bone
    when wind blows by
    the scent revealed
    warm soothing
    heart opened
    when wind blows by

  18. …we did, and do
    in all it’s non and random glory

    who’s to say?
    you see not what I see not what each sees

    limitless points of views…


  19. conflicted
    in thoughts

    slowing the breath

    yielding to traffic in the brain
    welcoming one thought


  20. I’m losing my mind,
    where is it going to
    does it inabit someone else’s mind
    and then they feel overwhelmed
    now too much in their own mind?
    it’s when they start to lose their mind
    then it goes elsewhere?

    it sounds more as if it’s a matter of
    my mind is losing

  21. the movement…towards truth

    it’s painfully awkward many a times

    and why it that?

  22. Father’s Day
    a role worthy of much responsibility
    respect, care, love, attention, trust, patience,
    vurnerable humble strong wise common sense…listening

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