So did we say a prayer today ?

For who ? For ourselves. Did we do something, some ritual that affirmed our faith today ? In what ? In ourselves. Our ability to connect with our inner selves. For if we do not, who is this person that is working, loving, talking etc. It’s certainly not you.

It’s an everyday search for me. For that something that can put me in touch with myself. My connection to consciousness. My connection to loving nature.
Of course many people have faith. Which is a wonderful ability. I don’t have blind faith. I am more of a searcher. Questioner. Good, bad ? I don’t know. No value judgements on any faith or the question of faith. Or on myself.
Some people do it with meditation first thing in the morning. I have never been able to do that. I have to connect to something, however small, however little, to loose my sense of individuality. That’s the daily struggle. Against my own exaggarated sense of myself. I am so used to it. I have relied on it for so many years. So tough to let go now. Not that I have never questioned it before. But now, it is really important for me to be truly ‘active’ rather than ‘reactive’, which is what I have done most of my life. And how do I know what that ‘true’ action is ? Unless I am constantly in touch with something larger, more immense, more universal than myself ?
Yes I know. By letting go. By allowing yourself not to be addicted to the result of your action. By allowing chaos to invade your life. Yes, I agree. All of that. I do allow chaos to prevade in my life. I am impeteous (spelling). But then the individual in me fights back hard.
It’s an everyday battle. This battle to let go of one’s addiction to one’s sense of individuality.
Yet, the smallest of things can provoke the sensing of my flowing into something much much larger. Something infinite.
This morning it was my 5 year old daughter waking me up with a loud ‘Peekaboo’ and the tinkling of an early morning laugh.
Sometimes it;s just getting up early enough to watch the first shades of dark blue brush across the sky. Something deeply stirring about that.
Sometimes it’s unexpected gestures of affection that were not sought. Or given so instinctually that you were not aware of them.
Sometimes, it’s writing a poem. But only if the words are coming from somewhere else. As if something is flowing through you, a river of emotion you can physically feel that flows through your being.
But it is always so unexpected. So much that I am constantly aware now. My senses hightened. Waiting for that unexpected moment.
When something deeper will reach out and engulf me, and give my life, and all my actions, however small, a deeper and all encompassing context. On a daily basis.
So say a prayer for me. And for yourself.

1,373 thoughts on “So did we say a prayer today ?

  1. creativity

    sometimes it takes a deep dive into the depths of the wells’ bottom

    discovering yet another form of creative expression

    if one could allow embrace and be with it at this point

    oh, what treasures one could possibly find…ahh

  2. birthday

    birth day

    bir thd ay

    bi rth day

    all kinds of things happened from the time we are born into the world

    even before even after we go

    all kinds of things will continue

    as it has

    as it has it will

    in some way

  3. of emerals and gems far from what eyes have seen

    still there is this one thing that holds

    a greater meaning


  4. Prayers for my Son
    may he have good health, well being and keep safe ??
    aum shanti shanti shanti aum

  5. the vaccine for Covid

    if not for your safety and safety of others

    then at least for the experimental stages of donating our bodies

    so science could figure out what works

    the rats, mice, monkeys, etc. have had their lives taken

    for so so long, in the name of providing humans with medicines etc.

    it’s a courtesy to all the creatures that we also participate in

    experimental trials too

  6. “MRNA is proof that God is not yet completely discouraged of humankind”
    by Sean Penn

  7. To All Indigenous People of Canada,
    Love and prayers, condolences for the loss of
    hundreds, thousands, of loved ones, and
    much respect and honour to past and current generations
    for a better life in Canada, on their land ??

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