If I were immortal

If I were immortal
and my time
stood still

If I were immortal
and my time
stood still
Would the very rotation of the earth
make me more dizzy than I could bear ?
If I were immortal
would there be neither night
nor day ?
But the fierce, incessant
of light and dark
Neither able to sleep
nor awake ?
If I were immortal
Would a million relationships
A million possibilities
Pass in the blinking of my eyelids
Without forming
Even a single one ?
So tell me , Bramha
What makes you
The Lord of the Universe
When you have not known
The fear of the dark
The optimism of dawn
The pain of loving
The thrill of not knowing
So tell me , Bramha
The Timeless one,
Do you know everything
Or nothing ?

15 thoughts on “If I were immortal

  1. Brahma, hmmph…
    What do you know of me, of mine, of Brahma’s angst?
    You scream and forget that it lingers in my being till I have unscreamed you and the thousands before and the thousands after you.
    Your relationships I untangle and retangle till I can longer see where one thread began and where it all ends.
    And when you and yours have long stopped spinning I sit on the precipice of time wondering if that tumble you took twenty million years ago was my fault.
    I miss not one of your smiles but all seventy six lifetimes of them, and of those gone and come since
    I linger in the hope that one of you will come in the lifetimes of self seeking that I have multiplied through you
    And one day I will find that relationship, magnified in perfection a thousand times over.
    I am still alone
    And your accusations will echo through the tunnels of time Shekhar
    Long after you forgot you made them.

  2. sir,
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  3. Dear Mr. Kapur,
    I recently read the article “Ramayan Reloaded” in TOI, Delhi.
    Mr. Kapur I am sorry, but yourself and Mr. Deepak Chopra have actually succeeded in making a cartoon of Lord Sri Ram defying the most important prayer by which He is worshipped which also describes how he looks like:
    “Neelambuj Shyamal Komalangam Sita Samoro Pitvamabhagam
    Paano Mahasayak Cahruchapam, Namami Ramam Raghuvanshnatham”
    He, whose body has the colour of, and body parts as delicate as a blue lotus, on whose left side resides Sri Sita ji, who have a transcendental arrow and a beautiful bow in His hands, I pray to that Sri Ramchandra ji who is the Lord of Raghu dynasty.
    Do you think it was Lord Sri Ram’s Muscular power by which he defeated Ravana? Do you know what all spiritual and physical weapons did Lord Sri Ram posessed and what were there powers? Sorry. Even Ravana as shown in the article looks worse than a character in a famous computer game known as “Doom”.
    People are making serials and films on facts that are only heard or discussed with local pandits who have not even read Mahabharat, Ramayan or other Puranas and Upanishads. They have never even seen what an epic looks like. They don’t know what exactly happened and how.
    How many people know there are 18 chapters in Bhagavad Gita, how many people know there are 700 Slokas in Bhagavad Gita and how many of them were spoken by Dhritrastra, Sanjaya, Arjuna and Lord Sri Krishna, forget about the 18000 slokas of Srimad Bhagavatam which contain the mystery of Creation.
    The said article starts with “It has been described as India’s answer to The Lord of the Rings….” …whereas it should have been like “Nobody in the world has answers or can imitate India’s mythological wealth”.
    Lets make something which India cherishes and world remembers.
    Best regards,
    Jitendra Kapoor
    A-81 SF-II, Ram Enclave
    Near Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad-201011
    E-Mail: kapoor_jitendra@yahoo.com
    Tel: 9891344893

  4. u know what wud do if i were immortal, give my immortality to the person who is need most in this world than me. of course that wudn’t happen coz immortality doesn’t exist for life it exists for the heart.

  5. Dear Mr Jitendra Kapoor,
    Your comment above assumes that all Hindus believe Rama was more than a man – not all do – not even all Vishnavites.

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