My eternal lover

locked in your embrace
every moment
every breath
we walk

my lover
that waits to strike me
to betray me
to consume me
at any moment
and have done so
and yet
i cannot let you go
i am
because you are
i breathe
because you allow me to
i do
the fear of you
provokes me to
i am alive
because I feel your embrace
like a cobra
one day u will strike me
though i dance with joy
in the thought
that you will
but have not
for every moment
that you are faithful
is a moment
blessed upon me
by your presence
and when your final embrace
does come
we will rest together
in eternity
till then
walk with me
show me
how to live every moment
by reminding me
every moment
that you will strike
and then, my spirit
will finally
be released
from your embrace
but will you
before that
let me see who you really are
will you reveal your dark secrets
my eternal lover ?

18 thoughts on “My eternal lover

  1. you might appreciate the shock i felt when i read this poem, a sense of surprise so strong i couldn’t write a note to you yesterday. it read as if it came from within me. today i can write you thanks, for this lovely piece of thought and writing.

  2. Dear Shekhar Kapur,
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  3. Heaven and Earth
    When heaven couples
    With the tortured earth
    It is said its climax
    Can be seen and heard
    First comes a stroke of blinding lightning
    The mind distorts in a flash of sin,
    Then comes the moan, low and pining
    Surging to grow to a full-blown cry.
    A second later
    There’s suspension of time
    Just when it seems
    This will go on like this
    Comes a release
    Wrenching the clouds
    The clouds writhe and they release
    Their climax in spasms, wet and heavy
    ‘Tis said the heaven
    Loves the earth
    The story goes the earth doesn’t
    Thereby in those very rare occasions
    When earth agrees to copulate,
    The heaven is laden with built-up lust
    Thus when the earth finally gives in
    The heaven has waited far too long
    It lashes against the unfeeling skin
    Tears at the earth, beats it with rain
    The heaven cries as it reaches its peak
    It bemoans its fate, its tears combine
    With its bursting wetness.
    The earth is rough and quite used to all this
    It bears it all, quite like a man
    The earth heaves and leaves to nurse
    Its wounds – The hills, the valleys, its scars
    The pained Heaven, when it bit and scratched
    Opened up wounds on earth
    The blood from them, mixed with tears
    Trickle down in torrential rivers.
    The earth, scarred
    Feeling no pain.
    The pain of the heavens never unloaded
    The heaven departs as spent clouds
    Slowly lugging their sadness around
    Their lust is gone, surely, and how!
    But a new weight they will gain from now.
    Their sadness is theirs,
    See these rarefied clouds
    Will soon build in pent-up lust,
    Mixed with sadness
    Growing in heat
    They will repeat
    The never-ending feat
    Of Heaven and earth
    Copulating in

  4. I’m speechless.
    U’v said jus abt everything i eva wantd to tell Him!!!
    Thanks for being so expressive, I will love to envy you!!!
    “but will you
    before that
    let me see who you really are
    will you reveal your dark secrets
    my eternal lover ?”
    …trust me, u’v touched upon the ultimate truth!!!
    God Bless!

  5. Wow !! Mr. Shekhar… I am completely taken away with your amazing thoughts in this poem.
    Would love to read much from you.
    God Bless your writing much more every day

  6. She becomes awake with your first breath,
    Holding you,
    You become aware pretty late of her,
    Though she devours many around you,
    Me at a hospital now,
    Watching and waiting whether she will embrace the one
    Who is undergoing the knife

    The eternal beloved
    The passport to infinity,
    From where we all came
    And where we will all go back

    Truely the eternal lover

  7. “Zindagi toh bewafa hai, ek din thukarayegi, maut mehbooba hai apni saath leke jaayegi”.

    Timeless lyrics of Big B movie that captivated my attention even as a child.

    Your poem is so much in sync with that feeling. Good, really good.

    I for some reason am looking forward to experience the eternal lover, out of joy, out of enthusiam to see the truth behind.

    Possibly I have met my eternal lover many times in my earlier lives, but this time our meeting is going to be with an open attitude..with love..with joy..without inhibitions..without prejudice. This time the union is going to be at a soulful level.

    And the beauty of meeting my eternal lover can only happen when I live my life completely..then the shedding will be easy..natural. Just like the eating of sugarcane- once you eat it completely, the discardment becomes easy, natural & joyful.

  8. Shekhar I”ve enjoyed every bit of information that U tweet and have enjoyed your works since the Masoom days . This poem’s depth is astounding and while I was reading it the picture of my dear mother came to my mind for I lost her to an accident in an instant . The dance of life and death is eternal and all those who have faith in the magic of life will understand the ultimate truth that death is alas a part of ultimate truth.

  9. I am photojournalist, work in The Hindu newspaper, based in Kolkata. Liked this poem very much. I met u in Hyderabad Film Festival and showed u a bunch of my picture. Wish u very good day ahead. Regards.

  10. I am reminded of imaginary Jodha and her musings from Rushdie’s Enchantress of Florence. And how she derives “pran” from her lover.

  11. under the hood of darkness
    of the infinite skies
    gentle touch of droplets
    as deathly lightning strikes

    a bridge over waters
    beneath clouds of darkness
    the bridge to eternity
    as guiding light embraces

    walk to freedom, step upon step
    embrace the path, breath upon breath
    an eternal path to joy, where no secrets lie
    engulfed spirit & soul, can only soar & fly

  12. Dear Shekhar,

    There are infinite ways to express Eternal Love…One of my favorite song from your Late uncle’s film, I tried to recreate last week, even the singing. This song talks a lot about eternal love..has English translation for the people ,who don’t understand Hindi or Urdu.


  13. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Amazing piece of writing. The emotional work of self-discovery. The bulk of life is discovering who we are? God always cares about who we are primarily..
    Death, you’ll stay with me…yes, together much more powerful… Eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.
    As always I loved it.

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