Is Space God ?

Question to Piet on 25th July 2001 : I am getting tired of the world trying to understand the universe and the Big Bang without trying to comprehend SPACE first. Because everything will come and go : there is one constant – SPACE – in which the universe is born – it dies – but Space is constant, immortal, infinite – Is Space God ?

And then again on 26th July :
so why must we look at the big bang to explain the universe – and call it the known universe.
surely it is the unknown universe that will define the known.
It’s what was there BEFORE the big bang that will tell us what the big bang is.
I will write more to u about my confusion on this –
but could the formation of the universe be instantaneous ? rather than formed in in a millionth of a second
could it be the contraction of Space rather than expansion of universe ?
help !!

5 thoughts on “Is Space God ?

  1. what happens when you water a plant too much?
    jus thought I’d throw that in…maybe the answer would be the same?

  2. Hmm, wish I had some input on this one Shekhar, but I am just not familiar enough with it all.
    But, I always did tend to believe that living things on earth, are a fluke of nature?
    I just find it hard to comprehend a grande-master in the sky; giving instructions….

  3. In my understanding the question of what was there BEFORE the big bang is not a valid question because TIME as we now understand it was also created in this instance. As Stephen Hawking putting it ‘It is like asking what is North of North Pole’, therefore there is no BEFORE Big Bang. Time began as a part of the 3 dimensional universe that we live in.
    If find this explaination very helpful in undertanding many other things which are deeply connected with the Philosophy of Life, God et cetra…

  4. An external gravitational force exists at what we percieve as the fringes of our universe. It pulled or to be more precise,sucked the universe into existance.much like a lint ball move faster as it gets closer to the event horizon of a vaccum cleaners nozzle. Our universe is not just still expanding but accelorating in its expantion. This is the theory of the big SUCK! /FRIEND OF KECK/

  5. IF you were closer to the center of your own galaxy the night sky would be so bright that the only objects you could observe would be a luner eclipse. Astronomy wouldn’t even exist. Also everyone would suffer from insomnia

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