the morning prayer

to create
every moment
an act of absolute astonishment
to live
in astonishment
and in wonder

and to cry
with tears of joy
and warmth
every moment
in awe
and in love
and in forgiveness
and in your embrace

11 thoughts on “the morning prayer

  1. It’s the heart and mind of a child. That can receive and give — Reverberating nothing but purity. Deflecting anything less pristine. Absorbing only the wonders.

  2. every moment
    in pain
    and in suffering
    reminds your moments
    you had of happiness and joy
    every moment
    in tears
    tells us how valuable was those
    happy days of our lives
    as every moment created is precious
    and we waste every moment we created.

  3. …you have created me in the warmth of your embrace
    the lift of my spirit is held high
    from the breath of your reach…

  4. These prayers do they get answered or do we (un)consciously make it happen by way of prayer?

  5. Toyay my tears are different,
    He is not there,
    Is he killed Or shifted in
    diffent jail,
    Why my moments different and
    more painfull,
    hazeen hasrat

  6. miTaaye jaa mere nishaan
    dikhaa tu raastaa nayaa
    ik nayi lehar de, zindagii
    be-daag kar meraa jahaan…
    still in search of the wave that will wash all my sins away!
    Its been a while since i visited your blog Shekhar jii.. I like to read your posts..refreshing they are! are u doing any theatre in London yet? waiting patiently for a production from you 🙂 god bless.

  7. Dear Shekhar
    The above piece of poem is very interested which i like very much,,,let me write few words more in my own way,,
    Every day violation here,
    No one trys to care,
    Protectors are my killers,
    No one understand my fear,
    hazeen hasrat

  8. Shekhar,Its always interesting to read your poems.Here’s briefly,me.
    I see God.
    God is all of us together.
    Why were we born apart?
    If only we had one head
    not divided by petty egoism and violent disunity
    let us at least die in each others arms.

  9. Prayers are strong forces which motivates us to attract what we wish for. so never complain to the supreme power he is just granting your wish.

  10. when the switch
    lets the bulb glow
    when the dam
    lets the water flow
    some of us don’t get astonished
    some of us do dare
    to get
    what makes the bulb glow?
    and the smile
    captured light in a bulb
    electricity from water
    transferred to the filament…
    to bring light in those darkest parts
    do we still think about converting?
    what’s in our mind
    to light up our soul…

  11. Hi
    My name is Kamal and I met you once at Rajiv Sethi’s office in Connaught Place, long time ago, in the 80’s…..then I moved to Canada for a whole decade and worked with various Hollywood films.
    I met you very briefly at Bangalooru airport too in April this year..
    anyways the reason I’m writing to you is because I ‘d like to do a feature film, a historical period drama about dara Shikoh, the son of ShahJahan.
    I did my MA in Mass Com. from jamia in 1985 and reside in Delhi.
    kind regards

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