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Jordi plays King Phillip of Spain in Golden Age. Jordi is one of the foremost actor’s in Spain. But this was a special relationship where the lines between actor and director blurred. So I asked Jordi to write something on his experience. Read on :

“Fascination by what is uncontrollable.
Images. The testament of movie making in our memory.
The mystery of Philip, the most powerful man in the world.
Life is what we thought had no importance.
Creation is what we thought had no importance.
The Golden Age. The tip of the iceberg.
Light was our childhood. The feeling of a story we are no longer able to explain.
Philip’s voice. The slave of blood. The King.
Power. The result of a greedy equation.
The storm in the king’s breath. The battle. The holy war.
Philip thought the flame of a candle could devastate the universe.
The gap between me, Philip and Shekhar. Something we cannot even perceive.
The fear of a man loved by his people.
The set. A place to discover, a silent field, a holy place, as vulnerable as birth.
I found Philip, not in a canvas, not in a book, but in Shekhar’s hands.
Respect. The only way to make something happen.
Life and creation without a parachute. What is meant to be, is meant to be.
Not framing emotions, not framing characters, but framing inmortality.
A villain?
The most powerful man in the world. Somebody who needs the hand of a little girl.
The shade was Philip’s oracle.
A period piece. A present moment in human history.
Elisabeth. The repression of true love.
A huge monastery, is the only place where a man can hear his own voice, the voice of God.
Four days before starting shooting this film, Shekhar and I were talking about a different movie. I guess it was, in a way…The Golden Age.”
Jordi Molla

5 thoughts on “From Jordi Molla

  1. Shekhar, i think this is what a real film making is all about. Not just bringing out a commercial product for the sake of entertainment, as majority of the movies being churned out these days. As some one mentioned in your blog, yes you are in GOLDEN AGE! keep that enthusiasm going, it doesnot matter how many movies you make in future as long as you share your experiences like these.

  2. Jordi… nice cap of your experience making TGA!! How I wish I could have been there, to watch it all unfold…
    with loving kindness,

  3. Dear King Jordi,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…insight to the expressions of those who put words to screen helps to make the experience all the more meaningful.
    “What is meant to be, is meant to be.” …words to live by.

  4. Might be little out of context here…but what happened to “PAANI” Shekhar?
    Is the movie shelved? or still under production

  5. twas a fantastic film, indeed,…
    still,.. so many of us are very curious about phillip’s walking gait,..
    do tell,.. why and how that came about,…?
    thank you,…

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