You even colonized the air we breathe !

So after suffering from almost a century of military colonization, followed by half a century of economic colonization, we are being told that poor countries are going have to bear the brunt of the environmental mess created by the Western and other over-consumptive countries.

According to a major report to be published next friday, the countries that are gong to be hit the hardest are also the ones that can least afford to protect themselves.
Thanks a lot, US and Europe !
You raped the whole of Africa, plundered it’s resources, left the continent with such imbalances that threw them into political turmoil, supplied them with arms at huge profits, thereby fostering wars that kept your arms trade going.
And now brunt of the environmental mess you have created will be borne by the African people, and those of India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc etc.
You even colonized the air we breathe, the water we drink !
I do think (hope) the analysts are wrong though. They fail to understand that the people of the poorer countries have over the centuries become used to deprivation. They are much better at adapting to environmental disasters.
The Western people will have a far greater social problems with adapting to much lower patterns of consumption that will necessarily have to be imposed. Can u imagine the people of New York having to que up for a couple of buckets of water everyday ? That is what a large percentage of the African people, and a vast number of people in India currently exist on.
Moreover, the western economies are so dependant upon international trade that the loss of markets in, and the loss of raw material from the so called poorer countries will throw their economies in a spiralllng depression.
I think Mr Bush needs to understand these facts as he still rejects the Kyoto agreement. But I guess he assumes that just as he and his friends invaded nations for their oil, he could invade them for their water too. Canadians had better watch out.
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8 thoughts on “You even colonized the air we breathe !

  1. Yea shekhar,
    Thanks for that link
    That article…”its all about breaking and making things again and again. First you destroy a nation, then you make xyz budget to rebuilt it.Who makes money out of it..? I DONT KNOW…! I’m Broke cant even pay my bills in time…99.9% PEOPLE live in my situation in this world. Sonami Killed so many of us, whome we can blame for that!.Just God!. 650,000 peoples got killed (Just a guess from news)in iraq without of any natural dissaster but non of the human right organization is allowed to do a relief programe there. Girls are pushed to be in Flesh bizz (so that they could survive)..Kids have became beggars…people had lost their limbs..sisters been raped in front of their brothers and fathers…who will pay for that and what kind of budget America is proposing to rebuilt these lost hopes and dreams.A few words from sahir Ludhianavi “Kon rota hai kissi aur ki khatir aie dost sab ko apni hi kisee baat pe rona aya…

  2. Why is it that we let the western countries bully us? It’s important that we learn that a handful of nations can’t control the way we should live.
    The one thing that we can do is to see how we can be independent of these nations. The day we learn to stand up against this bullying, we won’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake.
    The masses won’t stand up, for they are looking for the one person who can lead them. And what is needed is a voice that can speak up against these wrongs. If one person speaks up, there will be the others who’ll support them.

  3. Shekhar , The downward spiral is On !
    The present world order needs to be upturned – and Darwinism and Excluvism have to go out !
    Or the whole Plant will have to pay a heavy price , for the folly of the few.Indians are to blame for the colonisation of India.
    But when you look back at such horrendous events , you also think how inevitable it all was – the power of the Mind still can hold the key to Human problems.
    At the end of all debate , desire for change and and knowledge , the real Start will always be some ‘Action’.
    Indian Philosophy which has so much potential and hope is still to win its battle of Identoty with misinformed ‘Secularism’ , before it can go out and save the rest of the world !
    till then , material forces will be as chotic as we see them now. Wait is all we can do , for a new age Chanakya , a new age avtar of Narayan !

  4. I don’t Ranjitha, I live wherever the film is. Right now I am in Londn to finis Golden Age, and then when that is over, then wherever life takes me I guess, Shekhar

  5. The western countries are moving their dirty and polluting industries to the developing nations while still keeping the ownership of those companies. The developing countries, on the other hand, are easily falling prey in their run for industrialization.

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