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  1. somebody wrote your poetry is bogus, i feel it’s your way of thinking loud and expressing your feelings and internal conflicts. when people comment you try to make some sense of what you thought.
    i was down for few days don’t know why but something inside me told me that something is not right around me and last night some thing sparked and like you i got the wishper of joy. now i am back to my crazy self

  2. thanks shekhar. always trying to tap into that whisper…
    god bless you for helping so mnay of us subliminally through yr website.just in the context of a comment above, people will always say things esp if one has the strength to expose themselves(through poetry/fil/art). often these people are cowards and talentless.
    so rock on mr kapur
    love, shivani

  3. ‘When creation touches the core
    profound peace abides in you
    cosmic intelligence whispers through you’
    ‘Like an autumn tree that sheds all its leaves,
    when the mind stands denuded and empty of its fluttering leaves of desires and dreams,
    It becomes ready to receive the heavenly showers’
    -Dada Gavand

  4. Hi shekhar ji,
    its very difficult to recognise and realise what you have in the midst of all the screams and noise in your head
    and if you have found the whisper of your joy
    its a moment of celebration…God bless and may you always find peace and joy and happiness…

  5. one thing i understood is that i am happiest when i try not to hide my true self from myself and others. when i am real me i think little crazy for many:) people don’t get it but someone inside me tells me you are all fine just be what you are

  6. Sir,
    The whisper of your own flesh and blood
    the joy of being with her
    the Noise we bear
    for the Divine Smile.
    Vinod Agarwal – Rocking in the same Boat!!

  7. So well put.
    But its inevitable to lose the whisper, and you bump across it again some other day. Listening to the whisper when we can hear it, and waiting to hear it when we can’t, is all that we do in our life.

  8. Ohh mr.Shekar,
    Finally ,this is the best of all you have written,6 lines of gold plattered,something like this would be loved.you may have a hidden poet in your soul ,bring him out,who can always write something like these 6 lines,brief and heavy,i loved this scribble of yours.
    Note:to CORPUS GRAY ,
    yes that somebody could be me who is one among many who wrote bogus feelings ,but these new lines prove us wrong .

  9. Hey Dear,
    How you put the words together?
    Little sentence but holds so much meaning.
    Sometimes its getting hard to understand,
    but sometimes so easily touching heart.
    About me sometimes I need to hear the wisper in my heart, to know what it is exactly.
    Really, sometimes to get that this is the wisper of joy & nothing else takes time to know. There are so many things are on mind, occupied with so many things so joy with other things gets hiden. To cheer up ourself we need to hear the wisper of joy in our heart.
    True, what you said.
    Keep on writing.
    If possible some times write same thing with little explation to understand the meaning, because meaning gives beauty to words. Otherwise words are just words if it wont convey meaning.
    Take care,
    keep on hearing joy of your own.

  10. …amidst the noise and screams if one can hear the whisper, it has to be the one voice which is closest to the heart.Many of us spend our entire life searching for the whisper which can bring us joy.

  11. “Balle, Balle Balle” as in Bhangra. Joy can be noisy too. Now make some noise please.
    Just another take on Joy.

  12. Yes…it takes patience and acceptance to accept “noise”
    We…the human condition is so much cliche’ that we take the word “Noise” to its negative value. What we overlook is acceptance of the facts that there is noice…Once we realise that there is Noice, and accept it as a fact, a kind of transformation starts to take place…initially the mind is rebelous but it starts to change and that takes a lot of time but if done with facts…it comes to a stage where noice becomes a fact and then over a period of time it becomes a being and then gradually it gets to a transformation level.
    But are we ready with many dimentional noices?
    are we ready yet to accept facts?
    are we ready to accept all other things that we are aware/unaware that they must be facts?
    Good One Shekharji…yet good one!

  13. the whisper…remains a whisper
    I sometimes get so lost in the screaming and loud sounds of movement
    I feel the cries of the earth
    the whisper
    when I touch it
    there is

  14. I have second thoughts, regarding my comment number 15 that “Balle Balle Balle (bhangra), is noise.
    To be precise, Balle, balle, balle is “rythmic noise” which strictly cannot be categorized as “noise”, but (from a good singer) as music.
    So, go ahead and make some “rythmic noise” and be happy!
    I agree. Good one Shekahrji…

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  16. Hi Shekhar,

    It was really nice to read your blog. I am inspired by your poems and your views on life. Loved your movie ‘Masoom’


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