What can Obama change ?

It now seems clear that Obama will win the US electons. But unfortunately for him, he is the right man come too late. As the financial empire goes bankrupt, and the US becomes embroiled in a war against an enemy it neither can see, nor can it comprehend, Obama and McCain both keep saying they will do the same thing, just that they will do it better. No wonder. For there is little choice for the US but to fight a battle for survival in the next 2 years.
But Barrack Obama has an added problem. He has promised too much. He has promised to lead the US out of the current crisis back to the the ‘greatness’ of the yesteryears. He may not be saying that, but like Mandela, Barrack Obama inspires the confidence that everything will be fine.
But everything will not be fine…….,

…..and Obama can do little to change that. The ‘Empire” is already in it’s natural downward cycle. It is a historical imperative that the fall of Empires have been preceeded by financial bankruptcy and wars that just suck the energy out. Other ’empires’ are rising and challenging the US. Obama needs to be careful of the backlash when his promises just do not work. And then the hawks will be back. No empire gives up without a big war. It will take all of Obama’s negotiating skills to stop that, for I do not believe that the Democratic party itself will support him against the backlash. There are enough hidden hawks in the democratic party itself, and the angst ridden conflict between Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama showed up enough rift in the party itself.
Obama’s should know that he will become the scapegoat in the backlash.

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  1. On the contrary, its saddening to see the response of prospective Indian PMs to a similar economic situation back home.
    Obama and McCain are at least coming up with what they plan to do, now its a different matter altogether whether they would succeed. But down here in India, neither the current Government has any clue regarding whats going on, nor does the opposition seem to know anything except for criticizing the UPA for every single step it takes. Where exactly are we all headed towards?

  2. Observing Obama over these last few months, I have a feeling that though he can talk the talk most effectively, I doubt he will walk the walk as confidently. Behind all the calm and poise lurks just another politician; ambitious enough to get to the most powerful office in the land. Inci
    Remember Bush had almost 80% of Americans backing him in his war effort, today he’s hardly got 20%. I think the US has reached a stage where the only way it is headed is downhill. When that happens, I think Obama will be in the same boat as Bush is to-day. He hasn’t shown any great acumen or given any indication so far that he can take the US out of the rut it is in. Incidentally, I also feel that if it were upto McCain, he would fail even faster. Hobsons choice.

  3. what can Obama change???
    ah …
    the path of walking visionaries…
    whose responsibility is it
    when …
    in unity…
    we stand ???

  4. Don’t write off the US just yet ūüôā US survived the dot com crash, the hyped up y2k doomsday, pearl harbor, 9/11…Americans are a resilient people.
    Regarding getting out of the ‘mess’, the reason nobody has any ideas is because there are no magic ideas to get out of it. Panicking and putting in place some drastic measures are counter productive. All these motions of passing massive bailouts are to calm the market and people down, they have little to no effect in a true economic sense.
    Look at Warren Buffet. He is calm and collected, and he’s actually buying stock. Like he says, be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful..

  5. Dear Shekhar:
    The Roman Empire lasted approximately 500 years when its decrepitude had finally run its course. America is still young and has too much potential to succumb to a crisis that, as dead serious as it is, has not anywhere near reached the kind of proportions that would topple this incredible economic power. It is true that America has lost its way and needs a shepherd who can guide it to the high ground the world at large thought it could eventually reach and even become a moral beacon for the rest of the world. It is a rather incredible progress when one goes barely 40 years back in history and realizes that in those times racial hatred was a deeply ingrained element across vast areas of America and that today an African American has a realistic chance to be the next president of this country. All cannot be bad if the unthinkable has all of sudden assumed its own dynamic and a member of the same race conceivably becomes president which half a century ago was maligned as an inferior species and was prejudiced against in a most brutal fashion.
    I believe that America sees in Barack Obama a Mandelaesque power that could transcend political maneuvering and posturing. In days of crisis the common man is finally reaching out for someone he instinctively feels can lead this country out of its malaise with his moral authority, his intelligence and natural grace. I do not believe that America will install him in the White House and not give him enough slack within the first 2 years of his tenure to pull a badly damaged ship off the rocks. I think he has tempered his promises with the caveat that personal sacrifices will be asked of every American and that there is no magic bullet against the economic cancer that has been growing in the past decade. There might just be an unspoken understanding across the land that an exceptional man will have to be given exceptional support when doubts in his success, fueled by his enemies, threaten the fragile fabric of public confidence.
    This country has now a chance to develop a social awareness and to understand that its middle class must again rise from the ashes of the scorched earth of decades of greed, failed financial schemes and the ill-conceived concept that it is alright and morally defensible to allow the creation of a new class of super rich at the expense of said middle class. Maybe, just maybe, Barack Obamaís timing after all may be perfect and his time may indeed have come, but I donít think America would have been ready for him any sooner.
    Can this all unravel, can intrigue and party power plays get the upper hand? Possible, but given the current fear that has gripped America, not very likely.
    With kind regards.

  6. Dear Mr.Shekar,
    I think the change which Obama is talking about must be the Bush Administration which not only messed up America as a nation but also its Reputation ,it has messed up peace and harmony in the world and also among the nations.
    Coming to the “Economic Crisis”, its the result of globilsation ,may be partly,other than mortgage loans. but mortgage loans in U.S ?????….how can they affect Asian markets its shear stupidity to reason Mortgage loans of Americans Resulted in Crisis.This is crisis was not foresighted at the begining of globalistation,or early stages,Globisation has taken more widely from 1980-85 or 85-90,in any country forein investment accompanied domestic investment,to make it clearif a company in U.S invests in India with a partner of India,the Partner also invests money by loaning from Indian banks.so both loans are brought by a global investment.so if country fails ,the other too effects ,so its a gradual chain that markets fail,so only there were people and organisations who opposed globilasation and it will effect developping and under developping countries severely. U.S has dumped 700 billion dollars to bring stability in U.S economy ,god know whether stability will attain or not,but India cant do such kind of act,700 billion dollars,its an amount that we cant supply to our selves.So globization of certain limited industries that we can control and trade on safe terms is Ok,but not every industry that a country runs to be globalized.Thank god we have learnt the adverse effects of Globization.
    Democrats have always brought peace and stability and were always believers of liberty,unlike bush administration which spied on American citizens,how bad that is for a nation where there is no belief and security from the government it self,Democrats respect the people of America.
    Anyway Democrats always made good leaders ,unlike Republicans,but i hate talking about whats happening in America,i am verymuch concerned about whats happening in India what will happen to India if Obama comes to power? will it be help ful.or will he secure his own people and send Indian jobless back to India.

  7. dear horst, think what has changed is that globalization and the instant exchange of information has made the rise and fall of empires far quicker, dont you think ? shekhar

  8. Dear Shekar,
    A good leader at a bad time, is better than a bad leader at a bad time. I really don’t know whether Obama will win. All I can pray for, is may the best man win. The world has shrunk and the trickle down effect of anything that the US does is scary.

  9. Dear Shekhar:
    I agree that globalization and the instant exchange of information through the internet and the worldwide accessible networks have created vast emotional responses to good or bad news. Often the true state of affairs gets distorted by the super hype of news reporting. I donít believe empires, to remain with that nomenclature, rise and fall as a result of it. However, they undoubtedly get affected by the nervousness of the populace engendered by often exaggerated reporting, frequently bordering on the sensational. I do believe that the so-called evening empire is shaking in its foundation but there will have to be an extended slide before a true fall is precipitated. There is certainly a great danger that the relevance of the U.S. is diminishing if drastic changes in the way its population perceives a false superiority of its own country and its relationship with the rest of the world, are not taking place. Much of a new way of thinking will be revealed if and by what margin Barack Obama wins. Should he become president then I believe the country is yearning for changes. All will not be well immediately but the switches will have been shifted.
    Other great empires are without a question on the rise. Time will tell whether they all will peacefully co-exist or whether the testosterone level of some of their leaders moves into the danger zone.
    Best regards.

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