India is over the moon !

India launches it’s first rocket to the moon and now joins the elite club of nations that have launched moon missions. Sitting in my hotel room in Buenos Aires watching TV, I could not help feeling a surge of pride. Because we have done this on our own with technology and parts developed mostly in India. Yes there will be many people that will say that India can ill afford such a mission when many of our people are living below the poverty line. I agree, but missions into space are not just a show of national pride, but extend technological knowledge and ultimately have huge benefit to society.
And I loved the understated way the Indian scientists reacted. Calm and collected, not with riotous applause like in some other countries. Congratulations and thank you for making us proud !

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  1. even though i dont live in India physically but emotionally i am still ther, my day starts with watching indian news and ends with same.
    very proud to be Indian

  2. Absolutely! And all those who feel that India shouldn’t be focusing towards technological advancement given its high poverty ratio should understand that every country has its own strengths and weaknesses. Had we been sitting like lame ducks pondering too hard on our weaknesses(as was the case before the Indian Economy was liberalized)India would have never been a force to reckon with in the IT sector (or should I say the technology domain) and yes the same American Economy which is in the doldrums today, would have vanished by now (where would all these billion dollar companies have outsourced their needs at amazingly cheap rates?)

  3. Congrats to all Indians and everyone related to space!
    Some years ago, Times of India carried a B&W photograph of first space launch where a scientest was carrying the launch machines on bicycle and nowwww
    after 1983, This is the 14th ISRO’s flight, which had launched 29 satellites into a variety of orbits
    Proud to be Indian!!! India is part of history and though off mark I wish to say…Nostradamus prophecy will evidentely come true in another 25 years that India as Nation is going to be a major power…Rockkkkkkkkkk onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  4. The best part about this is the cost factor.We have been able to do it in half the price that China did and 1/4th of Japan….Kudos to them…

  5. yep Great achievment.
    I hope People like Raj thakrey understand’s the meaning of that and come out of the box they live in..
    Cheers to our scientists..

  6. A proud moment certainly, though I am curious what is the virtue of the ‘understated response’ over the ‘riotous applause’. What is wrong in exhibiting exhuberance at the success of a critcal mission, a milestone? I would even condone a war-dance :).
    Each one to their own I would say!

  7. Feeling of proud and Diwali approaching…
    We wish all who care for India, emerging world leader in science and technology to join hands to make this world a better place by constructive efforts, research in space and technology, All Life on our planet to be beautiful, safe, growing …
    Thank You Everyone

  8. Indeed a proud moment. Sitting here at my seat probabaly the farthest I think I can ever be from India, I felt that special feeling, being the only Indian in the room. I so desperately wanted to share that feeling with someone but, yea, way to go in that department. And just when I was gloating in that moment, I eyes lock on the other main news item, Raj T arrested, North Indians beat up. Blah. Without a moments hesitation, I close the page a go back to work. Somethings never change I guess..

  9. In spite of all the ugliness that has made India venerable (organize religions) recently in the world headlines..something more to ponder about ‘India’…for the world..keep surprising the world..India

  10. Today I happened to listen some old punjabi film songs and one of them had the line “Tenu chann di mein sair karawan roos de rocket te…”. It made me laugh and proud at the same time. Who could think then that some day India too will have her own rocket…
    As for coming Golden Age of India I am not in doubt. Just today Obama said he will try his best to improve relationships with India. To me it is in fact a historical compulsion. Coming together of US and India to me seems to be the coming together of planet Earth’s mind and heart to usher it into Golden Age. Both will be benefited from each other – India will be benefited materially while US will be benefited spiritually. The global culture will for once see a balanced life.

  11. And I loved the understated way the Indian scientists reacted. Calm and collected, not with riotous applause like in some other countries. Congratulations and thank you for making us proud!
    Yes it did as this achievement is not an easy one. It is due to the sheer hard work and the patience of the scientists at ISRO ..

  12. Dear Shekhar,
    This is a truly great achievement and I am sure that the Indian Space Org will do even bigger things in the future. I was traveling so didn’t write for a few days. I visited ISRO once in Trivendrum and it was a wonderful experince and for India to come up with our own resources to conduct such a wonderful mission is amazing.
    We must thank them for this big achievement and look forward to bigger things in the coming years.
    Best Regards,

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