Dancing on the streets of Beunos Aires with Julia Stiles, Haley Bennett and Lily Cole

Sometimes filming can finish too soon. In the short time I have been in Buenos Aires, I have fallen in love with the city and it’s people. Yes it does remind me of home, but the poverty and the congestion is nowhere as intense as in Mumbai, and the city is actually rather beautiful with its wide streets and beautiful parks. But it’s really at night that the city comes alive, where life spills over into the streets of Buenos Aires. And into the Tango bars too.
This is the first time I have had a night shoot where the crew had their Ipods on and could not help dancing while they were working. This was a very happy crew ! Of course it helps that I have 3 very beautiful young women in the film too that got into the groove too. Julia Stiles (Bourne Identity), Haley Bennett (Music and Lyrics) and Lily Cole (one of the world’s biggest models) play one of the three Graces each.
This is the 2nd short film I have shot in the last few months and I must say I enjoy the experience. A short film does not have to conform to three act structure of a feature length film, and so can be much closer to personal artistic expression through film. I really enjoy that and for me this is a great exploration into pushing the boundaries of the art of film. In fact my approach to both the films have been that they do not HAVE to be about something in particular, nor do they have to tell a very specific story. My approach has been to explore the potential of the film and I work with the Actors, the Production Designer and the Director of Photography in discovering what the film is about as we make it. Rather like a painter who discovers his painting as he paints it.

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  1. Dear Shekharji,
    I am happy to know that you are enjoying film shooting.
    Reading about Buenos Aires, Tango bars gave me pleasures. I wish to visit these places in future.
    Keep on writing us about the people, places you like.
    When your this film s shooting will complete, what is the name of this film? Is there any chance to see this film online in future?
    have a gr8, lovely Diwali, enjoy with your cute, lovely daughter.
    take care

  2. Sounds like a bunch of blessed artists came together to create something wonderful in an exotic city — blessed are the artists who are able to work with a director who folds them into the process of creation, and blessed is the director who gets to work with talent that can help discover through co-creation!
    As for Argentina, do consider visiting the Iguazu Falls, if you have the time and inclination – the expanse of nature’s beauty (and bounty) is truly breathtaking and overwhelming at once, particularly from vantage points at the bottom of the Falls when wrapped in nothing but the roaring sound of the ferocious waters leaping down from the calm of its heights.

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    The last line you said is the most profound of all. There is a saying that “We know ourselves by doing the things that we plan to do.” I have never been able to honestly define what creativity is – on paper it looks like an act of mind of create something constructive or something wonderful, and like you have often said just the thought can be an act of creativity. I am sure there are so many layers of creativity and we often find these deep layers in silence and solitude or often in boisterous celebrations – both make the life richer as we discover the beauty of life in internal dialogue as well as external celebration, or just experiencing the big world family. I’d love to go to the Rio Carnival which will be one great party and my introduction to only continent I haven’t been to – plan to cover Buenos Aires as well then. On the other hand I also want to go Paro to visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the oldest Buddhist Monastery in Bhutan. There will be pure silence there with the wind blowing the prayer flags and so much purity. Both experinces will be so enriching and fulfilling. These are the pictures of how the two places look like:
    Best Regards,

  4. Dear Shekharji and others in blog…
    Dinon din badhta jaaye aap ka karobar,
    pariwar mei bana rahey sneh aur pyaar,
    hooti rahey sada apar dhan ki bochaar,
    aisa ho aap ka “Deepavali” ka Tyohaar!

  5. How can the Famous model be the “Biggest” model??? Don’t they all come in size -2??? That was like an oxy moron…
    Fun times…traveling and working!

  6. Hello Sir,
    I don’t know where to begin, Hope you are enjoying your stay in Buenos Aires. I have always admired your work from my childhood days, Ofcourse the first has to be Mr. India and as I grew older and started watching some sensible cinema (nothing against masala films, Just does not suit my temprament..But I do watch them )BUT, If I had to make a film it would definitely not be anything like today’s bollywood masala films (hate the term bollywood). As an aspiring filmmaker, I have always admire work from directors such as you, vinod chopra (earlier work) bimal roy, guru dutt, chris nolan, Dir of beijing bicylce (Can’t recall his name at the moement), Children of Heaven, Ram gopal verma (to a certain extent) Mani Ratnam (earlier work). And to a minimal extent raj kapoor. I would love to touch on subjects which are taboo topics in todays society (not to preach), I believe certain subjects do need to be told. At the moment I am writing a script about a Male rape scenario set in NYC, and how the victim deals with the outcome and the afterlife after the incident, I am thinking of making it from a very dark point of view. I would love to talk about it with you. I live in New York. Hope I can discuss further with you maybe an advice or two would be nice. Would you like to watch a movie on that subject? please advice? Awaiting your next movie sir..
    With Kind Regards,

  7. Hi Shekhar, I’m Pilar one of your Three Graces, one of the little ones (little Julia). I want to thank you very much for visit my country and for give me the opportunity to work under your direction. This was a great experience for me and I really enjoy the working with you and your wonderful team.
    Best regards from Argentina

  8. I think your comments regarding short movies are relevent. Its nice to see that even established directors are seeing the potential of short films.
    The best thing about them is the lesser market constraints. And one doesnt have to stamp out the last ounce of creative juice just trying to cook up a three act script. Short films can be the spontaneous expression of a single idea without artificial twists and modifications.
    Who knows- in the near future commercially released films may last only 45-60 mts!

  9. Sir, I’m a great admirer of your work and after reading your blog entry, I only have this to say … “you lucky goose!”. : )

  10. Hi sir ,
    Good to hear that you have been on ur film shoot .. Interesting..
    You can give ur best only when you have interest and u r happy about what u r doing … so i am sure this would be really appreciated .
    a painter who discovers his painting as he paints it ! is as true as You discover who u r and why u r as u live …:)
    LIVE in the true sense ..
    Thank you .
    Great blog and style of writing !

  11. dear pilar, i had a such a wonderful time visiting your country and it gave me great joy to work with you. Do you still sing the song :
    Pardone, compacione, amore ? I will always remembe rhow you girls just made it up. It was beautiful, thank you and much love,

  12. Hello,
    I understand you are having a great time in Beunos Aires, it does absolutely sound wonderful. Also just saw news about your producing Shekar Kammula’s “Happy Days” in telugu, any more information that ? Very excited about your involvement in the casting process and production, etc.
    Good Day

  13. becoz you are not bound by bound script…if that is what you mean… i do agree that you feel good when the crew is enjoying the shoot…
    would like to share a short film forwarded to me if you allow then you can put it up
    let us know what you think about it….everyone please share your thoughts on this
    goodnight and goodluck

  14. Does one get to see the short films you make? The problem with shorts, and for that matter documentaries, is that its difficult to get hold of them. That problem is solved partly by film circles in Mumbai, but they’re mostly docu circles… anyway, back to question, is it possible to see these films?

  15. Dear Mr. Shekar I had the pleasure to meet you & work for you in Buenos Aires. I wish you a Merry Christmas & a happy new year for you and your family!!! Thank you for the chance you gave I´ll never forget! Please visit my page sometime if you can. Jay Sri Krishna! Namaskar!

  16. Hi Shekhar, I’m Agustina, I had the graet chance to film with you. I m one of your three graces (the red one). I Want to see the film!!!,please, can you tell me how can I do it ?.
    Once more I thank you for all, it was a pleasure to be a little part of your story.
    Best regards from Argentina

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