a leaf

be vulnerable

so vulnerable

that the pain of

a falling leaf

reaches out, and ..

moves you to tears

be aware

be so aware

that the sound of the first flap

of  new born butterfly’s wings

fills your heart with joy

15 thoughts on “a leaf

  1. The falling leaf is a dying leaf, dying it’s natural death. We have come to accept natural death, as life’s mecahnism of renewing itself.

    But what about the pain of the leaf that we pluck from our vegetable garden and eat in our salad? As humans, would we allow ourselves to be eaten for the growth of others?

  2. be aware
    so aware
    that the pulsations of
    a falling leaf
    breaking off its branch
    reaches out…
    moves you to tears
    be vulnerable
    be so vulnerable
    that the gentle bounce
    of a falling leaf
    into the warmth of the Earth
    the surrender into Her lap
    to be one with the vastness
    fills your heart with joy

  3. Dear Sir, I have been trying to figure out a way to get in touch with you. I am a huge admirer of your work and think you are one of the most gifted artists of all time. I grew up watching Masoom endless about of times, and now, my toddler son too is the biggest fan of your song” Lakdi ki kaathi”. It is amazing, how much power that song has; even now, after so many years, I cant stop marveling at how each and every child simply falls in love with that song. It draws children. I just wanted to share the special moment when my son learnt his first hindi song with you. I do not live in India, so to watch my english speaking son, love nothing more than a hindi song, and that too my favorite one; it is a very emotional moment. I just wanted to request if I could just share that with you so you can see the joy that song still brings in children’s hearts. Your help would be much appreciated. Just wanted to send you that video 🙂 Your posts on this blog, are brilliant. Just brilliant.


  4. Sir, every time you write or say something it moves me on many different levels and pushes me to access what you call creativity…………Thank you for speaking……..Thank GOD I GUESS for realizing what you have made me realize

  5. years ago i followed your songs of words on a chopra site… I missed your perspective on life! Love it when a person makes you think, and rethink something you already believe you know… Thank you!

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