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For those that want to know more about the process and ideas behind the making of Golden Age, I have started writing on the Golden Age diary on this blog again.

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  1. The trailer is simply awesome. If the movie is as good, best of luck at the oscars. Do us proud Shekhar.

  2. Shekhar frankly I didn’t like Elizabeth much. I think it could have been better. Yet it was enjoyable. Lets see what magic you bring with Golden Age.

  3. Just downloaded the trailer in HD-Quicktime format. Must say it looked amazing, the scene of Spanish fleet was as impressive as any of the trailers of Pirates trilogy.
    Here is wishing you all the best for this movie.
    Sure gonna write about this trailer on my blog.

  4. I’m so excited about seeing this film as Elizabeth is one of my favourite films and Cate play the Queen with such power. But I can’t see sir francis Drake mentioned in the films cast. How can a movie be done that will cover the spanish Armada and not include this man. He was one of the main architects at beating the spanish.

  5. Hi Shekhar,
    I hope the filming of Golden Age is going well and, as I said in previous comment, I cant wait to see it. I teach your film Elizabeth as a close study film to my AS Level film studies students. It’s an ideal case study for them to explore how cinema can convey messages and values. I’m currently up-dating my scheme of work for this year’s students and one of the exam requirements involves an understanding of the film’s director and their intentions when making the film. I can appreciate how busy you must be at the moment, but I would be so grateful if you could answer a few questions for me regarding Elizabeth. My students would benefit immensely from having first hand knowledge of how you made the film and the creative decisions involved. We often discuss your background and the evidence of Indian cinema-making styles in your mise-en-scene but it would be amazing if we could have an insight into your opinions and the methods you use.
    If you have time to email me, I would be very grateful.
    Thank you so much

  6. I am absolutely spellbound by the trailer having been overwhelmed by ‘Elizabeth’ 10 years ago. A decade of anticipation, that’s a long wait Shekhar.
    I sense that it will be a breathtaking film.

  7. Shekharji, I had the pleasure of attending a pre-release screening of The Golden Age this evening at the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood. It was organized by Below The Line (BTL) News. Well, what can I say about your work? Only one word: phenomenal. If you feel I’m here to flatter you, may I let you know the audience seemed to be blown away by the film as well, and I couldn’t but hearing comments such as, “They definitely pulled all stops” and so forth. Perhaps the only remotely deterrant talk I heard was about the running time of the film – guess it depends on individual tastes. Wishing you the very best for the release as well as the awards seasons!

  8. My Divine Shekhar:
    You have left me once again in a state of awe and bewilderment. Elizabeth is a beautiful and exquisite glimpse into the story of not merely a queen, but of a woman who experienced her own mortality. BRAVO!
    Buddha Blessings,

  9. Dear Mr. Kapur—we are formal where I come from,
    As an art historian, artist, and writer I looked forward to and loved your new Elizabeth, yet quickly realized that beyond the fascinating period details, a sea of colorful wigs, dramatic music, and powerful acting lays the shocking thought that we people never learn from our past.
    Lust for power, wealth, all in the name of God.
    Whose God and what’s new?
    While the Spanish Armada lays crushed after the great naval victory at Lepanto, a battle that took some thirty thousand Moslem and Christian lives, the Elizabethan world is momentarily bathed in peace and prosperity. In the new century, once again the Catholics fight the Protestants, while the militant Turks gather ominously at their doorsteps.
    Is America, or the world in fact, heading in the same direction—is that what your movie is about? Or is Elizabeth: Golden Age a prayer for peace and tolerance—in a world far from utopia? I can think of several Verdian operas with a new setting, to escape the contemporary references.
    A tolerant queen of all Christian souls. I loved the movie full of symbolism, fascinating angle shots, deep thought. But I ask: why do authors, script-writers, and brilliant movie directors turn again and again to the same subject, Henry VIII, Elizabeth, Napoleon? Is it because the world of entertainment can’t birth a new idea, or is it fear of an untried story?
    Maddalena, my novel set in roughly the same period, focuses on Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, the rich grandson of Pope Paul III. I took a decade to glue the story with 24 of my own illustrations. Each prelate took several decades to take his sacred vows, a mere gesture to keep the wealth and retain power. The two great supporters of the newly-founded order of Jesuits never knew the meaning of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the humble motto of Christ’s soldiers. The real cardinal, like his grandfather, was a womanizer and the fictional love for a Jewish woman of Arab origin who converts to Christianity unfolds in the same turbulent era as in your movie. I do wonder so what you’d do to the setting.
    Thanks for the new Elizabeth. A vision that moves.

  10. What a magnificent film. Cate was stunning in it. The best film I have seen in a long time. The music was also moving and beautiful. Congratulations to a great director, can’t wait for the third film to come. Queen Elizabeth the First would have been well pleased, I am sure!

  11. can you tell me what happens to the costumes after they are finished with? it would be lovely to buy one!

  12. Hi Shekhar,
    You are among the living film-makers I admire.
    I would like to submit a critique of Golden age, preferably by e-mail directly to you.
    Could you please send me your contact address?
    Thanks and regards,

  13. I Just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of both films Elizabeth & Elizabeth the Golden Age.
    I do hope that there is plans to film a third film to follow Elizabeth through to her death.
    Absolutley Fantastic

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