The Great Storm

When Phillip of Spain launched the Armada to invade England, it was one of the greatest fleets ever launched in an invasion. Even though the fleet was ill prepared (more about that later), combined with the forces of the Duke of Parma, the English Navy did not have enough defences to stop it. But for the Great Storm ….. without which their would have been no British Empire. Spain would have probably gone on the conquer the world. India would have been a Spanish Colony, and Spanish would have been the primary language of the world. This blog would have been in Spanish. And perhaps India would have been Catholic and not primarily Hindu….

….. for all the mythology that surrounds the great English defeat of the Spanish Armada, the Armada was ultimately defeated by a freak storm that broke it’s formation and drove it all along the northern costs of England and Scotland – many ships smashing on the rocky coasts. While the smaller but more manouverable English ships hounded them.
The History of the world changed by a freak storm.

11 thoughts on “The Great Storm

  1. very interesting. But y do u feel that the Spanish could have had a greater effect than the British on religion? Any particular reasons u had in mind… or did u mean, just a maybe?

  2. Phillip of Spain was a fundamentalist Catholic, and was vasty responsible for the Spanish Inquisition. If he had anything to do with it, I doubt if any religion in India would have survived. Shekhar

  3. Makes one ponder; on the hand of the Divine God in this changing of history….
    Was it difficult in making scenes with ships and warring?
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  4. Shekhar, the religious sentiments in India were so strong in those times that too much force would have welcomed public unrest and resentment. Remember the 1857 revolt..?? In India, the numbers were so strong that no body could have possibly ruled India in case there was a civil war. I feel all the occupiers came to India with conversion intentions, solely or partly, but fast realised the realities. So the intention was anyway there. All the great invaders of the world were either religious fundamentalists or atleast they projected themselves as one. That was the best way to motivate their army and gather support from home country. Actually it still is.
    I see two possibilities if there was no great storm. One, the excessive force of the spanish would have united the country on Hindutva and India would have been a free united country. Second, the spanish would have realised, like all the others did, and there would be an additional chapter in our history books today called ‘Phillip the great’. Ha ha

  5. I am curious to find out what present day countries would be the equivalent of XVII century England and Spain in terms of war force? For purpose of perspective this comparison could be very interesting. Can anybody help? Thank you in advance.

  6. Mom always says No “ifs” no “buts”
    Looks like u hav made a story outf it.. BRAVO.. 🙂

  7. I feel India would still have retained it’s hindu-ness, and coexisted with other religions, which it has since ages. I guess it’s insight and philosophies are irreplaceable really.
    Nevertheless I wonder why religions are a label on us, why do we have to mention it while filling out any form. Shouldn’t one be able to freely move in and out of all these beautiful ‘religions’. But instead they create wars:(…a different topic altogether.

  8. Dear Shekhar,
    I look forward to seeing Golden Age and how you portray the English and Spanish in what was a very important chapter in world history.
    Reading comments from Aditarya and Cinda I hope we have not fallen into the ever cliched view of repetitive anglo financed movies portraying English= Good and Spanish= Evil. In those times these two countries and few others took a very strict fundamentalist approach to religion to justify their severe emperial expansionist ambitions and their belief of ‘divine right’. Please read England’s history from other European texts and not just from English version in order form a more objective view.

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