Golden Age, the second in a trilogy

Elizabeth was about Power. Survival in the context of Power. Love and Betrayal in the context of Power. And the trade off between the ruthlessness that is essential to gaining Power, against innocence, love, trust and joyfulness.
Golden Age, on the other hand is about Immortality. It is about absolute Power and the aspiring to Divinity. To go beyond the ordinairy and to be Divine. Almost immortal. It is about Elizabeth becoming the Divine, the Immortal being she is percieved as today.
The third, when everyone is ready to do it, will be about Mortality. How do you face Mortality when you have been Divine ? When you have been Immortal ? Elizabeth, when she knew that her time was near, tried to impose her will upon Death itself. She stood for 12 hours (a tiny exaggeration I think !) refusing to lie down, knowing that if she did, the Gods would spirit her away.
More later, Shekhar

14 thoughts on “Golden Age, the second in a trilogy

  1. Delicious tidbit, Shekhar!! thankyou!!
    You grasped the concept very well, in the pursuit of the Divinity, Elizabeth in-deed, became immortalized for all of time.
    A trilogy is a definite must, Shekhar; and, it must be you to do this 3rd installment, about the immortalization of Elizabeth, Queen of Hearts.

  2. Dearest Shekhar:
    If you would be so kind… I’m interested to know what you learned from each of your phenomenal actors. Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Clive Owen, and Samantha Morton. As you are a great director of films, so too are they remarkable technicians. What knowledge did they impart to you?

  3. hey dude…
    how far can you explore through a STUDIO film…?
    the concept of trilogy is fascinating…it sounds like more of an author’s note rather than maker’s note…sounds more of a composer’s note than a musician’s note…Great…
    but do u really think that the studio system allows you to explore what you really want to as far as these films are concerned?
    as a person you might be but as a film maker does the Hollywood system allows you to do that?
    i saw Kesloveski’s trilogy Blue, Red, White…
    in all the films i could clearly see OBSERVING approach of the director…it feels as if director is observing these characters…these stories…and that was beautiful… he was definitely confused but the beauty was that he knew he was confused…
    in Four Feathers( considering all the studio troubles and all…on much subtle layer…) there was a dialogue of African Actor ‘ Fear never goes…’ ………. that was so typical Shekhar dialogue…
    again i felt you were too much SUBJECTIVE in that film… may be because you were going through tremendous inner turmoil…inner spiritual struggle during those days…and it shows all on the screen… you were trying to speak through every character…it was too much Shekhar in the film…
    so i personally feel that Hollywood can never produce a trilogy… it can only produce sequels…
    i might sound rude… but its an honest opinion of mine…
    and why i am saying all this because you have explained it that way…it sounds more of an exploration for you rather than just another sequel…
    hollywood’s biggest problem is that it a MARKET… in world cinema i have observed film makers dramatizing a concept rather than plot!!!… like in Indian Classical music if one is able to turn any TAAL( rhythm) into a CHANDA ( its not cha` as in Chammach(spoon)…its Cha as in Chatry (umbrella) )… or say a singer starts singing and he starts exploring the music which he has practiced thousand times before…and that makes any composition more complete and hence more profound…
    You are doing this… you are exploring… but does the studio system allow you to do that?
    take care…tata…kedar…

  4. Dear Shekhar, was wondering how far into the future, will the third installment of the trilogy go; or is that a directors guarded secret?(smiles)
    Was just pondering this past few days, if you will take it to the death of Elizabeth; or will film history fly to the future, in a surprising fourth film, with our current Queen, as heir to this coveted throne of thorns, as Elizabeth’s long-reaching legacy, which she herself; created as such?
    The possibilities are endless….

  5. All the best for part 3!
    I do have a probably petty question – given that you hate the term ‘british empire’, does it not influence when making a film *about* the british empire?
    Cate certainly has a strong screen presence, I think this would be her best performance. Looking forward to it.

  6. do u become the one that u seek…?
    is an obsessive pursuit of divinity in effect becoming divine… in the sense that does it ultimately drive you to take actions that are so driven that they become steps towards divinity itself…
    not just in case of elizabeth… but even when yogis seek divinity… those really serious about their pursuit become divine themselves…

  7. Tushar, Yes, the active pursuit of divinity is to be divine oneself. In life there are no absolutes. There is no pot of gold called divinity at the end of the rainbow. The realm of divinity is a constant breathing. shekhar

  8. While I do read all the comments posted on this blog, I try and understand the nature of the questions and then will blog something that will touch upon the spirit of some of them. So please do not musunderstand when I am not answering some of the questions to me, shekhar

  9. I’ve been looking forward to this film for years. I just read that there may not be a third. Is this true? I would love to see a trilogy. I have been following you for years, and “Elizabeth” is one of my favorite movies. I would love to see you put her to “rest” with the dignity that she led her life with.
    I can’t wait to see “Golden Age.”

  10. it’s been a while since I have posted here but decided to on my way home from work. I was thinking just one more week until I can go see the new Elizabeth movie. I have been anticpating this since I found out about it this summer.
    I look forward to seeing the film the first time but more I am looking forward to seeing it for the second time. On a first viewing it is the cinematic experience, the excitement of being transported back to a day when this real woman lived. I have been fascinated by this Queen for years now and have read everything about her I can get my hands on.
    Ah, but the second viewing of a film like this is to savor the costuming, the sets, the dialogue. The pleasure is in the very details of the movie.
    after the second viewing I can really ponder why the film maker chose this time, these people, these events to show us all. An artist has the ability to show us visually his perception.
    Oh, I can’t wait! I am very excited. Thank you for making this movie. Thank you so much!

  11. I just saw the second film of Elizabeth Tudor and I was wondering, Where are Dudley and Cecil? I am somewhat of an expert in Elizabethian history and I know that these two men were the most important people in her life at that time. Dudley died in 1588 and Cecil died in 1598. If the time span of this film was 1585-1588, why were they left out of this film? Also, will you make a third film? Even though these films confused me at times, I enjoyed both of them. If you have any questions of Elizabeth and her times, don’t hesitate to E-mail me. Thanks for reading this.

  12. I saw Elizabeth – The Golden Age last night. What could have been an enjoyable experience was ruined by the number of grossly innacurate historical references. It started with the first message that England was Spain’s only opponent – what about the heroic efforts of the Dutch. Mary, Queen of Scots speaking with a scottish accent – she spent considerable time in the French court and spoke with a French accent. You showed the archetypal Scottish castle on a Loch when she was imprisoned in Fotheringay in the middle of England – if she had been in a Scottish castle she would have been free. Tilbury is an inland fortress on the River Thames and not on the coast with dramatic cliffs. The Armada was defeated by the actions of the English fleet which prevented it from joining up with the Duke of Parma and forced it north where it was then shattered by bad weather. I could go on but what’s the point. Whilst I accept that liberties are taken with historical films, such an iconic character as Elizabeth deserves better – why was her famous speech at Tilbury bastardised and the most well known of her comments eliminated. I assume the changes were for the benefit of the American audience who are assumed not to know the real story. Pandering to ignorance merely perpetuates it.

  13. I loved this movie. The use of colour, the music, the costumes, the dialogues… One of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you for that.

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