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Given the level of interest in the Golden Age Diary, I am setting up a sub blog for that. If your scroll up to the top of the page, please click on where it says “Golden Age Diary’ next to ‘Press Articles’. Thanks everyone.

6 thoughts on “Golden Age Diary

  1. just saw your hardtalk interview on bbc….impressed !
    am a pakistani living in italy and starved for desi culture !

  2. Really looking forward for the film ( and more films by you). i am really curious to know aboutthe crew, the technical departments especially, like Art Direction, Cinematography, Music etc,.
    And i believe/hope your passion(quest) translates well on the canvas.At the end,it is all a learning experience..taking you closer to your own-self.Wishing you all the best & Regards

  3. I forgot to add one suggestion(if i may): Please do not give-in to commercial Compromises. Let the conviction play itself on the screen.

  4. Hi Shekar,
    Saw your interview on BBC and I must say that most of what you say makes a sense. The future indeed belongs to India and the economics of the world will be defined by the Eastern Hemisphere. Hope that all is going well with ‘Golden Age’ and I marvel at the opportunity to communicate with you. This is surely the information age and the world is heading towards complete information awareness. I am an aspiring filmmaker and also had a stint with Gotham Comics( Now Virgin Comics ), the place where you are embarking on DEVI.
    Sir, someday I do hope to work with you and be part of the Indian Renaissance in popular culture, which is in all certainty……..inevitable!!!
    Abhimanyu Ari J

  5. How come you don’t have a link for Elizabeth? Didn’t you make that movie?

  6. Hi Shekhar,
    Saw some clippings of Golden Age. Very impressive. Very eager to see the final product.

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