These are times for new beginnings. Beginnings are not events that can be taken for granted. They are offerings to us for our past Karma's and we are then held responsible to seize the offering, nurture it, worship it, and see in them immensity that we are, not letting the petty ups and downs blind [...]

The song, not the singer

Thank you HSK for reminding me "A simple lesson: problems arise when artist becomes bigger than the art" Yes, absolutely words that dissolve the speaker or colors that overwhelm the artist films, where the director is merely the gardener tending to the process, and praying for rain and sunshine and watching the film grow organically [...]

Extreme vulnerability

in those first moments of waking in the morning of extreme vulnerability and extreme clarity of extreme potential for true insight and action just for a few moments before the ego battles back with addiction to memories not real but false interpretations with waves of fear of the loss of control hitting against the clarity [...]

The search for Yoga

The following question from Deepak R is very valid : who is saying it (yoga) is higher? does the one who says it has a higher goal experience life from a lower place? is such a higher goal which draws compassion from us momentarily the one to chase? do we chase another fleeting experience in [...]