Are we the product of the contradictions of the Universe ?

Deepak Rajgor sent this post, and I wonder if anyone has any comments before I try and answer him ?
“Many a times in your blog you have mentioned that universe is amoral. It exists in unending contradictions. Are we the cause of those contradiction sir? As we try to understand onself, we get to stage where one question almost gets solved and another quest starts…we comphrend ourself…we contradict…
Thoughts are unending, we contradict… ..Are our thoughts or sum of all our thoughts get impregenented in unending universe?…. Are our sublime feelings vibratory? Do our feelings and thoughts make universe of what it is and what it will be? Is universe an effect or is universe a cause?
I am still trying to understand this. Can you please share your thoughts? Can you simplify?
Awaiting a reply so that I understand…”
Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Are we the product of the contradictions of the Universe ?

  1. I consider myself not mature and arrived at all to be answering such a profound question..nonetheless!
    Universe is an effect.
    We make it.
    It works basis a domino effect.
    U reflect good, it comes back to u manifold.
    Sooner or later.
    And vice versa.
    All it needs is everyone
    To do one good deed everyday..
    And soon
    U can see the ripples forming.
    Of goodness.
    The universe reflects it.
    But u don’t need to fit in
    If u’re born to stand out!
    Then u,
    Become the contradiction.
    The wronger right.
    We are the CAUSE.
    Universe is the EFFECT.
    The mistake is that
    We tie the whole world down
    to our own plane of thought,
    and make our mind
    the measure of
    the whole UNIVERSE.
    I think we need to let go
    more often than not..
    Cuz once the game is over,
    the king and the pawn
    go back into the same box!
    P.S. – I’m jus tryin to learn here 🙂

  2. Your mind can never comprehend the universe. The more you try, the more you cry. However, unfortunately, sometimes the way to peace is through chaos. Start receding into yourself, towards birth and into the unborn.

  3. ‘As we try to understand onself, we get to stage where one question almost gets solved and another quest starts.’
    You have come to the right place when you are tired of those questions.For a while stop dealing with all such questions?Instead investigate to whom do these questions arise ? Who are you? Without you is there a universe?Allow for that question alone to work itself out. The rest will fall in line.

  4. Deepak,
    If this sees the light of day , given the weed’s propensity for blocking my posts I have some words of comnfort for you.
    Some think the universe is amoral – infact it shows that mental gymnastics and word jugglery pass for philosophy and thinking. if we really want the truth , we must be open to it – it being simple , unprofound or even boring .
    We are always looking for excitement , something to inspire us – it is very conditional. Hence the indulgence of connecting illogical thoughts and asking impossible questions.
    How can universe be moral or amoral ? It is a gross accumulation of matter , life and energy with a space for them to manifest and a capacity for evolving or devolving integrating or disintegrating..
    We have clear vedic knowledge of creative process and what the nature of the universe is. Why hunt for an answer when you have one already ? Of course , as’ developed’ and ‘educated’ people ,we want the adventure and the thrill of groping in dark.
    Its upto you buddy , if you are expecting truth and answers from SK , godspeed. On the otherhand , if you are open enough for answers , look for them in the Vedas.
    Footnote : Vedic answer is : Universe is the neither cause nor effect. It is a continuum , biginningless and endless- it always was and will always be. Now, this doesnt make sense to a so called ‘developed’ or rational mind. But then there are inconcievable things beyond the mind , can you comprehend it ?

  5. Hello Sir, I am a student of class XII and i just wanted to ask you a few questions. I will be very grateful to you if you answer any of them.
    Q1) What is the role of creativity in a profession?
    Q2) Do you think that out of the box ideas make a mark in the current scenario?
    Q3) In wake of tremendous exposure to the youngsters, what are your views about the importance of value system?

  6. May I suggest that you ask your buddy Dr. Deepak Chopra to educate all of us on this tough to grasp topic!

  7. Its the universe in us that puzzles us, that is the riddle, the never ending cycle of self-doubt and elation, the stark moments of expansion and the depressive phases of contraction. The great philosophers, the masters of prose, they all have tried to fathom the depth of our inner universe, to make us see what they see, or better yet attempt to make us adapt their vernacular of the eternal thought process they proclaim to have mastered.
    There is no such thing as a universal truth, there is an infinite number of truths as there is an almost unimaginable number of solar systems in the billions of galaxies in a space that is forever without limits, with this humongous interstellar matter. It is the universe in us that assigns morality or defers to the virtues of the spiritual. It is true that the human intellect has probed deeply into the physical universe, the one we live in as an infinitesimal variable, seemingly irrelevant to the point of absurdity without yet having found the tools to an understanding where the order is coming from upon which this incomprehensible vastness functions. Are the human spirit and intellect, in all their audaciousness, the center of the universe or are they only a sad and empty nothingness, an energy so insignificant as to be utterly inconsequential, to eventually disappear in the enormity of the time arc together with the cataclysm our earth will face? Will we ever know or will the dialogue with our inner universe consume our energies?

  8. Morals are violent, like beheaded beasts.
    Vibrations are sublime. Unending is a contradiction.
    Universe is the cause of the effect that begins in everything and ends in nothing.
    We are the affect.
    A question is not when you put a question mark at the end of it. A question is what makes you see beyond the end of everything on the endless road to nothing.
    Simply put, universe is a paradox to us.
    Because we are the irony of it.

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  10. The so called universe is the outcome of your individual and collective karma. Your karma or action is the outcome of your thoughts,emotions and desires since many life times. This universe is within you and what you are seeing is only the refection of what is inside you individually and collectively (since many life time ).All of this is only the perception /illusion of your mind because what is real is beyond the dimension and understanding of the so called mind…..these are not just words but my personal experience as i have experienced the dimension within me where there are no thoughts ,emotions or desires ….also called the state of shoonya or nothingness . Everything is created and born and comes into existence from this nothingness or god or supreme consciousness….also called a state of nirvikalp samadhi or nirvana or moksha. You can also check my blog

  11. This is really getting very interesting…..and mind blowing. Thanks SK for the forum. This “nothingness’ is like a black hole that sucks everything. We all create our “universe” and our “black holes”. Wonder what Stephen Hawkins has to say on this regard.

  12. Ive been part of an email thread related to a traveling exhibition on Gandhara Buddhism. Among those involved are Pakistan’s Ministry of Culture the Peshawar Museum, Archaeology Dept. Of the Univ. of Peshawar much of the exhibits are on loan from Pakistan which apparently houses the largest collection of Gandhara Buddhist art & sculptures (amazing!).
    In the context of programming around this traveling exhibit for a museum in Paris, was the following message (in part):
    …any performance around the Buddhist Art should not be other than the palace
    life before the great renunciation of Sidhartha (later on the Buddha)…
    To me this contradicts the focus of the exhibits collections, as well as the philosophy itself! Anybody seen Buddha or Buddhist art representations with exclusive focus on his royal life? Attempting to understand the intent behind the above remark any views ?

  13. If you have to ask you can’t understand the answer. Keep asking why until you answer everything, and then you will know. Until then, you can’t know even if you hear the answer.

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