I love Sachin Tendulkar

I love cricket – and the focus, dedication, joy and sheer artistry Sachin has brought to the game is so rare in any sport. Not just in cricket. And I love him for being him. And now I admire him even more for the courage to say what he believes regardless of the consequences.
I agree that Sachin should stay away from politics – why should we see such a pure soul muddied in the dirty waters of our country’s politics ?
So if you support Sachin – just say “Yes to Sachin”.

37 thoughts on “I love Sachin Tendulkar

  1. Yes to Sachin !!
    With this you will possibly win some attention from the MNS as well:-) and in their most challenged moments as they have shown they will pelt pebbles, stomp about, kick up some more marathi dust and keep the big bully from growing up.Maybe time to run a ‘Yes to Shekhar’ campaign on my blog then 🙂

  2. Hi Shekhar Ji,
    YES to Sachin, but I am not agree with you that he should be away from politics, actually we all should say whatever we feel abt politics, Politics is for people by the people, it’s not only for politicians. Tell me one thing if something is going wrong and you are not opposing it isn’t it supporting the wrong. I also urge to you that you should write something abt whatever is happening in maharastra. If people like you and Sachin will not raise your voice then I don’t know what will be the future of India. I applies if I have written somthing wrong, but yes to Sachin because he is Indian and me too. will you say YES to Sachin if he was from some other country I think no.

  3. yes to sachin. Why should he refrain from speaking his mind. Is he not a citizen of india. I guess its time to have a seperate group or a political party in india called BRS – Bharatiya Rationalist Sena. And the fundamental duty of this group is to stand for what any rationalist in india thinks is right or stand against groups like thackereys or muthaliks who try to rub their opinions on the public by brute force. They should come to the rescue of people who gets beaten by MNS for coming to mumbai for livelyhood. They should attack RSS people who beat up and marry off couples when they are found in the public places on valentines day. They should exhibit the same brute force that these groups exhibit on the weak. when MNS party is holding a strike to remove an objectionable scene from a movie, BRS should hold a counter strike not to remove the same scene because removing it would be objectionable to the rationalists.

  4. Yes to Sachin!
    May I add – One quality of Sachin Tendulkar that I really like is, he never in his entire career made a statement that he is the best.
    The same thing can be told about Lata Mangeshkar, APJ Abdul Kalam and Amitabh Bachchan.

  5. Many a times in your blog you have mentioned that universe is amoral. It exists in unending contradictions.
    Are we the cause of those contradiction sir? As we
    try to understand onself, we get to stage where one question almost gets solved and another quest starts…we comphrend ourself…we contradict…
    Thoughts are unending, we contradict…
    Are our thoughts or sum of all our thoughts get impregenented in unending universe?
    Are our sublime feelings vibratory? Do our feelings and thoughts make universe of what it is and what it will be? Is universe an effect or is universe a cause?
    I am still trying to understand this. Can you please share your thoughts? Can you simplify?
    Awaiting a reply so that I understand…
    Thank you.

  6. NO to sachin !! sir…….
    He should strictly stay away from politics….for a person who has spent all his life on the cricket field, I think he has no goddamn experience and consequently the right to voice such opinions.

  7. Definitely yes to Sachin. Bravo Sachin Bravo
    I dont agree that he should stay away from politics. What else could Bal Thackeray say except that he should stay away from politics??He lost face when the worlds greatest marathi manoos contradicted his sick diktat.
    Fundamentalists have forgotten humanity for their political agenda and causing unnecessary mayhem.
    Politics is everybody’s business especially when it impacts our everyday lives so adversely. Its high time somebody had the guts to stand up to the fascism and holiganism of the MNS and i am glad Sachin had the courage to. Being a maharashtrian himself he is automatically protected… a sheild other national icons do not have

  8. Mumbai, much like many metros, gives and takes significant portions of the culture and economy of the entire country. So it cannot be firewalled to “outsiders”, and it does not belong to any particular community. However, there is no doubt that the population explosion and immigration needs to be controlled in some way. The problem is there are no leaders with a sense of balance and intelligence. This thug Raj Thackeray wants to open casinos on the Konkan coast. This is quite hypocritical since it would bring in the worst elements into the state. Bal Thackeray was a potentially great leader, but he went astray as well. The Marathi movement is driven more by insecurities than core values..at the cost of national unity.
    You can keep saying Yes and No to opinion makers. But what are you – or Sachin – going to do to solve the population crisis of Mumbai? Will you propose some kind of a filter for immigration or infrastructural plans? Indians have fallen prey to a circus act of useless emotions and dramatics.

  9. Yes, the cricketer Sachin Tendulkar should keep himself away from politics but at the same time its equally true that some of his sentences could become partially true if marathi movement is not understood and somebody will pick the most uselful part of his statment as breaking news and to ‘shutup’ somebodys mouth in most ‘Elite way’.

  10. “why should we see such a pure soul muddied in the dirty waters of our country’s politics”
    Does staying away from politics will solve the issue ? For all of us, Not just Sachin.
    What we see is because we stayed away. If no one is going to get into that “mud” Hows its gonna get cleaned up ? Just criticizing and cursing will help ? For sure “No”..

  11. Sachin…in whatever you believe in, peace and prayers to you and your voice of respect, love and unity…yes to all those who are about living as a global friendly community
    om shanti shanti shanti

  12. Enjoy …
    Parliament should have only Delhiites as it is located in Delhi …
    Prime-minister, President and all other leaders should only be from Delhi …
    Lord Shiv, Ganesha and Parvati should not be worshiped in other states as they belong to Himalayas, (maybe China !)
    At every state border Flights, buses, trains should be stopped and staff changed to local men
    How about flying international!
    Visits to Taj Mahal should be restricted to people from UP only …
    Lets stop using cellphones, emails, TV, foreign Movies and dramas …
    We should be ready to die hungry or buy food at 10 times higher price but should not accept imports from other states …

  13. I discussed with prominent editor Sam Rao in Bay Area, who is special and makes a difference, means a lot to all communities …
    I’ve honor to quote,
    “No issue
    Sachin is one of the greatest Indian, Cricket player – who inspires millions of people”
    “Remember I make a living by writing 🙂
    Re read what I wrote esp the comma”

  14. Sir,
    I sincerely feel Sachin and more like him should join and enter the muddied political system whenever that opportunity arises. Mr. Nilekani, Mr. Tharoor and the PM himself have survived the waters. When sincere people persist in Politics the least that they do is give the opposition parties run for their money…votes!! Look at what PM has done to the Leftist and the Rightist. Congress crotiere and the gate keepers are also gettiing skewed by the dozens, except for the supporting regional parties who nevertheless are under pressure.
    Vinod Agarwal – Vote for Shekhar Kapur

  15. vinod, neither Shashi Tharoor nor Nandan Nilekani have survived politics just yet ! I hope they do because we need more people like that – to balance out our political diaspora. What I mean by that is that Nehrua and Gandhi were completely different nd yet complemented each other.
    In India we need people that can lead – that are “of the people” – great speakers that can rouse and lead the people to follow their vision –
    pus people that work so much better behind the scenes that work on policy – who supplement the vision and give it practical shape – people like Manmohan Singh, Shashi Tharoor and Nandan Nilekeni

  16. This is the time to stand up for Sachin and be counted.Enough is enough.The Shivsena and their dirty cousin the MNS have held Mumbai to ransom for far too long.This same Bal Thackeray should have cooled his heels behind bars for the carnage he unleashed not so long ago,remember the Srikrishna commission anyone?

  17. if we step back from it all- is this even worth debating? Dont we all know that goonda raj can never win ultimately? Dont we know what is wrong and right anymore? what we lack is courage in the face of such hooliganism. And once those tables are turned there will be no frivolous debate about which city belongs to India or otherwise.

  18. I think Sachin said He is proud to be a maharashtrian but he is Indian first and Maharastra is a part of India and belongs to all. Mr. Shekher kapoor would you tell me where is the politics in this statement. This is such a ludicrous suggestion given by you.
    His statement gave united India vision. Every citizen of this country have a right to express whatever he feels about the policies those are driven by conservative extremist.
    You MNS, you are no more less to Taliban and Afgans mullah and their religious fundamentalist thinking. What happened to your fight for Marathi Manoos on 26 Nov. 2008, when terrorist were killing them like vegetable. There were NSG commando who took the lead and thrashed them out

  19. Yes to Sachin and Shekhar to have an opinion, I hope its the beginning and not the end of Sachin having an opinion. There is a lot to learn for our politicians from the likes of Sachin and Shekhar, who dared and crossed their respective boundaries and contributed to the game of cricket and the cinema respectively. Both have entertained their respective audience beyond the national boundary.
    Politics is one of the most essential parts of a democratic system and we all are participants in it, when we go for electing our leaders and when we dont, when we make an opinion and when we chose to remain silent. I wish Sachin continues to convey his pure feelings and make a positive influence on peoples mind. Jai Hind.

  20. YES TO SACHIN – the greatest cricketer ever and to a wonderful human being. I admire him for his guts to say that he is proud to be Indian. We all should do the same. Shame on the sena for their attack. It is the most anti-national thing they are doing.

  21. Yes to Sachin ..always…
    Say what you wish from your heart…you are pure soul so what you say will be heard…if not understood will be criticised…but still say….just say…and continue saying more with your bat…good luck son…

  22. If it’s HEADS sachin wins and if it’s TAILS Tendulkat wins…so it’s a win win anyways. “It matters not what a person is born, but whom they choose to be.”

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