Extreme vulnerability

in those first moments
of waking in the morning
of extreme vulnerability
and extreme clarity
of extreme potential
for true insight
and action
just for a few moments
the ego battles back
with addiction
to memories
not real
but false interpretations
with waves of fear
of the loss of control
hitting against
the clarity
that seemed so real
and yet so
out of reach
as the
of the day begin
and gone
is the amazing spinning
of being completely
out of control
to be
child again
once more

6 thoughts on “Extreme vulnerability

  1. Sir,
    I am sure every achiever goes through this feeling each morning as s/he waits for Bed Tea!! And then he realises he needs his spectacles to read the paper.
    He gets his thinking Hat back on his head and gets busy with his new mission for the day – Some achieved in his own life time and some for people to realise much after he is gone and a few left incomplete for his Relay Race Partner ACHIEVER who will inherit and take it forward.
    Vinod Agarwal – Waiting for Inheritance….LOL

  2. Hello Shekharji
    Interesting poem but you no where talked bout the happiness of fresh mind n a desire to do something different n good today. Also bout completing yesterday’s pending tasks.
    I wonder why you started your poem with “extreme vulnerability” only……..but whatever i liked it 🙂

  3. “This day will also pass”….Sometimes happy,sometimes sad ….Sometimes fear,sometimes hope,……Battles at times,sometimes winning ahead times…..the eyes when gets close everynight…..still wants to get open everymorning……no matter what happens, ‘just to stay alive’………….

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