Simplicity of action

and He spoke these words :
were you in control of your birth
and will you be in control of your death ?
or the birth and death of your loved ones
could you even control the lives of those you loved dearly
or even you children ?
did you think in your arrogance that they were your children
and not mine ?
did you even control your own nature before you tried
to control the nature of that which surrounds you ?
and you speak to me of words of wisdom ?
and I tell you that wisdom lies in action without illusion
in action without desire
in action without fear
in action,
pure and simple
are you willing, He said
to accept the mere simplicity of this ?
(from: my conversations with Death)

14 thoughts on “Simplicity of action

  1. Shekhar ,
    Dont imagine things . The nature of Death is a breezy subject dealt with by our Rishis – we have all the answers – not to speak of all the Yogis who conquered it.
    What you need is Faith in the word of the Vedas – not some written philosophy of the spiritually blind – or in Bibles and Korans of the the Power Hungry.
    Keep it simple.
    Truth demands Shraddha( Faith ) in the words of the Sruti and Smriti ( of the Rishis ).
    What is the use of you being born in the Veda Bhumi Bharat , if you cannot take advantage of the words of the Rishis ?
    If you want a more self-created romantic version of life and then moan about it – it is your choice. Dont complain you did not have all the answers. You want to roam around like the spiritually blind – yet- the mind-driven West.
    Your confusion , like many others , is the reult of mcAulean Education system that negates Vedic wisdom.
    So long – you have the choice , to come home ot to keep roaming – you’ll never find the goal without trading back the steps to the Vedic path.
    How many lifetimes can you afford ?

  2. I was born…. Breathing started and so did Life…. I never had any plan or agenda when I came to this world. It all started with nothing and It will all end with nothing. And in between I am dwelling in and out of the illusions of life. Not sure if the happiness I feel is for real? Not sure if the sadness is something I should fear? I made some decisions, some made me happy and some made me sad. I met some people, some stayed in touch and some moved on. Sometimes the “present” takes over me and makes me do my best for a better life ahead. Sometimes the end of the journey reminds me to take it easy and enjoy every moment. So now I am either trying to live up to the expectations or I am living the illusions of life. And in this process I am loosing touch with me, as I still don’t understand me. On second thought, I can never understand me. As someone else controls me & I can only be. Finally I realize, I am not me… Someone created me…Someday I will not be …..Until then I will be… Rajesh Shetty

  3. Nice poem! Hey Shekhar you wrote it?
    Srimad Bhagavad Gita also says beautifully bout life n death “Those who actually know the Absolute Truth know that the Self is realized in three different phases, as Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan.” Bhagavan is the last word in the realization of the Absolute Truth; therefore one should reach up to that platform of understanding the Supreme Personality of Godhead and thus engage in the devotional service of the Lord. That is the perfection of knowledge”

  4. Rudra,
    Do you always mean what you write here or is it just to prove a point in contrast to Shekhar’s!
    Somehow whenever I read your bit, the latter seems to be the case..I might be wrong!
    But honestly, both sides make for a fab read..

  5. In the words of MJ..
    If you enter the world knowing you are loved..
    and leave it knowing the same..
    then everything else in between can be dealt with.

  6. Hello Mr. Shekar,i have been trying to contact you since many days, finally am on your blog to do so. I have written one story to which i dream to see it on indian cinema.
    The story is a soft going suspense where four scientist aim to develope a chemical with which a human DNA structure could be converted into another structure. The project cost about 400 crore but the way story softly moves into a scam of 400 crore.
    # Strength of story:
    Reader / Audience see everything moving in story except the scam. The ending beats the vibes.
    # I cannot beg you for your attention but would request you to value my little talent which assures you that if you can give me 30 min of your attention,my work would surely convince you in 15 min.
    “I have heard you saying, imagination is that matters, rest is illusion.”

  7. This poem really struck a cord with me!
    I recently lost a loved one and realised how helpless humans can become in the face of Death. And how very certain Death itself is!!
    We hardly have any control over it.. it does not matter how rich-poor, eastern-western, spiritual- nonspiritual you are…
    Accept the simplicity of it and live life the way you want it, while it lasts. There is only one lifetime!
    And keep writing Shekhar!

  8. wisdom thoughts scribbled above is marvellous mr. shekhar… it’s quite simple as you said and indeed a stroke at conscience….
    you are too prejudiced in certain philosophies and struck with the belief concrete and guage all stuffs with your meter tape… it’s too minuscule too……….

  9. action – pure and simple.
    also by inference is one when the action is the moment, the now. In which the actor and that which is being acted out are their own conjoined purposes. the moment the actor comes separate from this, to notice it, can it ever be pure? The moment you even comment on its nature and purity, it simple ceases to be that, is it not.To begin to verbalise it is falsifying it. Just Being -, out of which action arises, does not need witnessing it, isn’t it? akin to the child and the play he is in.they both being merged in the joy of the moment.The oneness and its purity.

  10. “wisdom lies in action without illusion
    in action without desire
    in action without fear”
    ..and they all result in action in harmony. Like other simple truths, it is difficult to arrive at and to live.

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