If you want peace, take a pill

And the Sage said to me :
The search for the self is not
a search for peace
for if you want peace
take a pill
listen to great music
meditate or breath deeply
have sex
or make compromises
stillness and peace are not the same thing
peace is the opposite of turmoil
and in search of peace you will forever struggle
between turmoil and peace
running away from one
and not comprehending the false nature of the other
the fear of pain
the welcoming of the storm of chaos
the excruciating numbness of of the heart
when faced with loss of what is most desired
the staring into the mirror,
to watch your body
or that of a loved one
crumple into a helpless edifice of death even before it comes
the mind bending anguish at
the inability to find meaning beyond words
it is this that you must comprehend
from a temple of assumed invincibility of youth
into a crumbling edifice of your individuality
before you heave at the squeaky gates
of My kingdom
to face that immense emptiness
more fearful than anything
your unimaginative ego
could have ever comprehended
beyond that emptiness
i will wait for you
with just one drop
of compassion
to fill
your parched soul
From : my conversations with Death

15 thoughts on “If you want peace, take a pill

  1. This tells about the person moving from jyana ( no shape) to bhakti (all shape are his).
    But where is the emptiness?
    You belong to country of 330 million GODS. It is better to fill it with surroundings than to believe in emptiness.

  2. in the search
    upon surrender
    to the gates
    of the Kingdom
    on the long path
    to the throne
    of ascension
    not alone
    a guiding Light
    at bends and turns
    through dust and din
    from chaos to stillness
    all within
    drop by drop
    through the ascension
    until drenched
    in the ocean of compassion
    all upon surrender

  3. Ghoom phir ke-why are you always coming back to the self?
    Self obsession to this degree is unhealthy. Another word for it is narcissism-it stems from poor self worth

  4. Nisha, do you realize what is the “self” that he has referred to here? Do not miss understand and pass a judgement like this.

  5. if looking for peace or still, pop not a piece of pill…look for a deepak chopra around you…lest you fall into the trap of a pill-popping, quick fix culture modern medicine advocates…
    a more compassionate path to move from turmoil to stillness…

  6. Nice. but i couldnt help but laugh at the ignorant remark about self obssesion someone made in comments section. Is this simple poem so diffcult to understand that you cannot understand the ‘Self’ he is refering to.

  7. Nisha is acting like the mythic Mara from the story of Buddha. Well, actually any existant mind is Mara.

  8. And the sage said to me..
    what is it that you see??
    And what is it that you actually want to be?
    dont you simply want to be set free??
    or are you still running after the mundane things??
    but it’s only misery that it all brings!!
    hard to believe,hard to learn..
    you wont understand it’s futility,till you yourself burn!!
    And then you’ll cry,and then you’ll weep..
    truly said,”as you sow,so shall you reap!!”
    but try as you may,you cant undo what you’ve done..
    so become aware at the earliest,my sweet son!!
    Bliss aint outside…it’s inside your heart…
    that’s where it has been,right from the start…
    Light your hearts,with love for all…
    or choose the other way,towards the mighty fall….!!

  9. hi shekhar. its been a while but feels like home here now, even if i haven’t been for a few weeks for some reason or the other.
    loved this post. speechless. suddenly peace has a new meaning, albeit a lesser one. questions abound re the search, but the context has shifted. for good.
    love, shivani

  10. wishing shivani deeper & more meaningful layers of peace, and fresh sprouts of more meaningful contexts in life…

  11. Search starts from self and ends at self. Hence “ghoom phir ke” you have to come back to the self. It is the context Nishaji, I believe. Even if you don’t talk about self, you might be the most narcisstic. Talking about self might be the most unnarcisstic thing if you do it in a complete undelfish way. Don’t you think SK is doing it in his own simple and beautiful way?

  12. “If you want happiness/peace for a day, go to SLEEP
    If you want happiness/peace for a month, get MARRIED
    If you want happiness/peace for a week or few weeks, go on a VACATION TRIP
    but but if you wanna have happiness/peace for ever, BE HAPPY WITH WHATEVER YOU HAVE”

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