Indian Government censors Google news on riots over water tanker in Mumbai that leave 5 dead

24th August 2010 The following item appeared on Google news and was immedietly suppressed :
” A water tanker carrying water to a building in the posh Malabar Hill in the centre of Mumbai was gheraoed (surrounded) by a mob of about 200 slum dwellers that demanded that the tanker fill their buckets before it moves on. The Driver refused and his guard threatened the mob with a pistol. The mob refused to give up and the guard fired killing three people instantly. The mob retaliated and severely beat up the driver, who died later in hospital. It is not known whether the guard was carrying a licensed firearm, but it now usual for an armed guard to accompany the water tankers that frequently are attacked by people scouring the city for water.
Apparently the residents of the building in Malabar Hill have not any water for one week now. It is known that both the Oberoi Hotel and The Taj Hotel that became a kind of ‘water Refuge’ for those that could afford it are operating far beyond their capacity, but are one of the few places that are still being supplied water”

29 thoughts on “Indian Government censors Google news on riots over water tanker in Mumbai that leave 5 dead

  1. Sir,
    LOL and Serious!! As Early as 2010…!!
    I had put up a staus on my facebook profile repeat it here to enlighten you. Water scarcity this monsoon is going to effect the Sugarcane crushing season. My request to people would be “Consume Less and Waste Less Sugar this season, this will be your contribution to save water.”
    In my ambitious opinion I would suggest India should commercially invest and take over countries which harvest the maximum rice. We will in long run be able to divert our water resources in more productive areas. And why not SUGAR too?
    In Barter we should start training our Farm labourers to contribute in Industrial production and man Power export resources.
    Sir, I believe a think tank needs to be put on 24×7 to conserve water resources at earliest.
    Vinod Agarwal – Seeking political brokers to seure me a Licensed weapon much before the Mafia takes over Water supply in Mumbai…LOL

  2. Quite possible (since everything is possible in this world!). Though I would think that if the need arises , the mob will probably pinch the water from the source rather than waiting all the while for tankers to be filled in and arrive. Self dependent people used to living from moment to moment would probably be more proactive!

  3. ok, fast forwarded to aug. 24, 2010…now we have no freedom of press or democracy, and perhaps Google handcuffed, sued and whatever else…and virtually deported from India?

  4. The pseudos in India deserve all this. They have created a self-destructive environment by re-electing the UPA, which is in fact the most corrupt, anti-progressive and anti-secular government led by a bunch of corrupt neanderthal thugs. And, as all these separationist forces spread their chaos, it wouldn’t be too surprising to find India in the same position as Nepal.
    But for things to degenerate as per design, it is necessary to have the proper instruments, just as someone like Bush was elected as leader of the world..which was probably a record-breaking divine joke. A wide array of rude awakenings await the pseudo-intellectuals and false activists.

  5. Its a crazy world shekhar …
    India had 2 great religious wars .. Ramayana and Mahabharat..but for its own freedom it chooses Ahimsa. Buddha came with the message of not killing animals but now majority of the buddhist population does not spare a single living creature. Jesus demonstrated the limitless physical tolerance and now most of the Christian nation have every possible weapon to kill. Mohhamed came with the message of brotherhood and now they are fighting among themselves (Shiya and Sunni).. Mahatma Gandhi for maximum part of his life practice non possession.. and now on every Indian Currency we have him and now he is only the richest Indian.
    And now your films in which we find special angle for feminine aspect of humanity and you are single.
    Again you are sitting near the sea and thinking scarcity of water..
    Is this the perfect world we want to live in.

  6. Hello Shekhar,
    Seems to be a portion of the script of ‘Paani’.This is already happening in a few places in India,North India in general-ground water has gone low…If we keep the taps on while washing dishes and clothes and while brushing,shaving or showering-forever…water scarcity would naturally happen,when will we learn…i guess there would be riots between classes as well.
    Paani….life provider and snatcher??
    AV/Abhinav Vats

  7. “Government has condemned the Google News by calling the report a farce and an attempt to malign India. Pakistan and other neighboring countries too condemned the article but for different reason. As per them India is not doing it’s bit of rich elder brother by providing them with ample supplies of water. They believe India has bribed Google News to publish this article. When last heard, Sadhus of Varanasi were planning to perform yajna to soothe the anger of water god.”

  8. A playful variation to Vee’s…
    A citizen journalist writing in Indias leading online media property said, Govt. of, for, and by the people dilutes looming water war threats to its people, and attempts to bribe newsmakers. Google, one among those approached, politely declined and reciprocated with an online front-page headline:
    ‘India Attempts to Bribe its Way Through Mafia Water Wars, Compromise Truth in Journalism. read more >>
    end of water, end of democracy. beginnings of another revolution?”

  9. am afraid some of the blog readers do not know that ramayan and mahabharat were not relegious wars. both were personal wars, ravan kidnapeed sita and sita rams wife, ram fought with ravan. in mahabharat pandavs and kauravas wre having dispute over how will rule the country, who has got legal authority to rule..both of them were not relegious wars..Budha is the nineth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and many of the people do not agree with this.
    And we did not got fredom only beucase of ‘Ahimsa’ and only because of gandhiji..we got fredom because of ‘Ahimsa’ and gandhiji is a false propoganda done by the congrejis (congrejis means not true congress men)
    am open for the healthy debeate on this and never for a fight.
    thanks and take care..subodh

  10. i did not asked any question and are you arogand or you are playing with me by asking the defination of relegion 🙂
    anyways i do not mind..:)
    and i got it what you mean, in that broader meaning if you mean those were the relegious war(war betwwen Satya and Asatya) then i may agree with you..

  11. “God has given what we need…”
    Rahul, also positions of extreme depravation — hunger, undeserved torture, poverty in the world?

  12. You start the conversation by personal attack that “some of the reader doesn’t know” even then some one shows the line of thinking so that now u reach conclusion (war betwwen Satya and Asatya) then u are accusing me of being arrogant. U talked about incarnation of lord vishnu which we call Avatar. Was Bhuddha his full avatar or part avatar? Now did Lord RAM came to earth to settle some personal score with ravana or to settle down with daughter of mother earth ? Ravana was devotee of Shiva. How does he raised his consiousness to reach Shiva and ask for boons. If you know Shiva with his 3rd eye ie; eye of knowledge represent the truth. then how come Ravana become part of asatya. As per me it was Leela or cosmic play. In that even bad is good and worth experiencing.
    Kavitha there was no time in the world when whole world was happy or satisfied. Look at the beginning Lord Bharma after making some good people start making evil. So if the start was so then why should we complaint about the world. As per my understanding this represent duality. Now these conditioned that u have mention hunger, undeserved torture (are there some one who deserve it) and poverty are actually curse on human society. We all must come together on these issues. But what if the problem lies in the solution itself. Like u mentioned undeserved torture .. u are already considering some people fit of torture. But this world called as bhav sagar (Sea of emotion) so how ur though will manifest u don’t know. The world is like a bus where some people have to get down so that other can enjoy the ride. We leave in world of relativity and if there are more then one then it has to be 1 2 3…In this highly competitive world, curses are inevitable. And for those who want to get down the bus renunciation and religion is the way. By this way i don’t mean mukti or nirvana. there is always next bus waiting to climb on. but again same 1 2 3 4 5…

  13. heavens! could this be true? did google withdraw the item ‘cos its veracity is suspect? i surely hope so.
    if not – i vehemently support your claim that the fruits of independence are enjoyed by just 10%of Indian population.
    Also, the water war has more than begun.

  14. What is really sad about this write up is that the way things have been going, it wont be so hypothetical by the time. And it sure wont be funny.

  15. your second para is much more realted to the thread, i agree with most of the lines you have stated…:)
    Let me clear why i was bit uncomfortable with the word ‘relegious war’, oftenly in todays world people calls ‘relegious war’ is just like ‘the war played by extremists’. This is not the case with ramayan and mahabharat as epics or as our ancient history..:)
    thanks and take care..subodh

  16. 2010 not too far away. And I’d even say this is happening today…we need to have eyes to see it and a soul to know we need to make changes happen Now

  17. I don’t know much about this issue.
    But assuming if Govt censored Google news, so what about other media sources? Did they report this news if its true?

  18. 24 August 2015
    It rained very little this year. However, the water storage was enough to last till the Sept next year and it did not caused any flutter in the news media. The year 2010-11 was a terrible period with many riots over water. The Govt and the Civic joint action resulted in developing an effcient water storage and management system with the aid of Israel. It was realised that with just one quarter of the average rainfall, Mumbai can have enough water for the full year, if it was manged properly.

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