A proud Mom on India’s Got Talent: Richard and Sneha’s brilliant Salsa act

Dear Mr. Kapur,
I am Richard’s mother and have followed Ms. Bendre’s, Ms. Kher’s and your comments on every act. I believe every performer worked hard to achieve a dream – a goal .. be it the prize or just being part of a national platform.
I do believe that the Prince group were greatly deserving and had the complete backing of their state. I am happy that they won the prize money – which will go a long way in the support of their families. Richard himself said: “Mum, they were the most deserving of the prize”. Which is why, I am glad to read your comment on Richard’s and Sneha’s performance – as being a flawless and a world-class act. Thank you for this – as it is greatly heartening to the effort and dedication that went into its preparation.
My thanks to Ms. Bendre for her fulsome and vocal appreciation and Ms. Kher for her expressive face and eyes revealing a heartfelt appreciation of their work.
What else can I say? It was a show with great talent, high emotional content, sound judging. am a proud mother – just happy that though Richard and Sneha did not win – they danced with soul, spirit and grace – they danced as winners do! And, you saw that. Not sure whether you will read this – should you do so – know that Richard, Sneha and I thank you.
Diana Tholoor
Chrysallis Performance Arts Centre for the Challenged, Bangalore
(integrating children with and without challenges nationwide)
Yes Diana, Richard and Sneha danced with soul, spirit and grace in a world class act, thank you for your lovely letter, Shekhar

18 thoughts on “A proud Mom on India’s Got Talent: Richard and Sneha’s brilliant Salsa act

  1. Hello Diana,
    Was lovely to read your note on this blog.
    Just saw Richard & Snehaís performance (was not in a position to catch it during the weekend telecast). Not sure if youíll be reading this but wanted to say that as a dancing duo, there was such an impeccable oneness in their dance — in each movement, between each other, and in the beautifully coordinated & harmonious fluidity of their movements. Their unspoken dedication and discipline was more than self-evident in their performance. As teachers themselves, I am sure they are much adored by their students, and as performers I am sure their participation has only propelled their drive to dance their way to much greater heights!
    I donít wish to come across as being arrogant in saying this to you… for, as a person leading an institution, motivating & inspiring all those who come to learn from you, I am confident you yourself are more than cognizant that the verdict in events such as these donít always necessarily & completely correlate to talent or depth of talent. Understandably driven by a process, the inherent constraints, bounded measures & criteria, potential prejudices of the voting constituencies (add to it potential behind-the-scenes politics of public voting) may or may not make it an equitable platform for those being judged. In saying what Richard said to you about the Prince group being more deserving, he exhibited the grace and spirit of a true artist!
    Since your institute works with the challenged, thought Iíd share something that came my way a while ago…and thought you might consider sharing it, if appropriate, with the challenged kids you work with. Applause, and not sympathy, is what they truly deserve for pursuing their brave aspirations!
    http://www.rightfooted.com/see/ — do take a look at the videos and pictures, if you have the time.
    On a different note, have you worked or considered working your dancers, with dancers rooted in Indian dance traditions? Working with an international dance style, and living in a country with a diverse palette of dance traditions of its own, that would be an interesting dialog in movement, I would think? India is a melting pot where the modern and traditional co-exist beautifully…
    Heartfelt good wishes to Sneha & Richard for their dance aspirations & more…

  2. dear Diana,
    I was awestruck when I saw Richard and Sneha’s performance in the final episode. This was the toughest performance I had ever seen in my life. My response was – now there is competition.
    In my humble opinion, it is your misconception that Richard and Sneha did not win. They did win – BIG TIME.
    Please pass on my hearty congratulations to both of them.
    The whole nation is proud of having such talented people.

  3. Surely the act is no. one. It is better then the prince group and is flawless.
    BUt the dance itself is not indian and neither the dressing sense. Majority india is too conservative to vote them over the the price act who performed the LORD KRISNA …do i need to say more.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am a 15 year teenager. I loved to watch India’s Got Talent ,largely because of you. The way you speak and that too so observantly give your opnions, in so little words yet with profound meanings.
    I truly adore yiu very much.
    Also, Sir, you were looking so very good on the eve of Independence Day, the dress suit you very well.
    I would be obliged if I could get a reply from you.
    Take Care,
    Chinmayi Karmalkar.

  5. Dear Kavitha,
    In response to the end of your statement
    ‘On a different note, have you worked or considered working your dancers, with dancers rooted in Indian dance traditions? Working with an international dance style, and living in a country with a diverse palette of dance traditions of its own, that would be an interesting dialog in movement, I would think? India is a melting pot where the modern and traditional co-exist beautifully…’
    We have already explored that possibility a while ago in 2007…We have performed this routine in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore and received standing ovations for it every time we have performed it. It is a fusion of Salsa and Indian Dance.
    “This routine is a pioneering venture in the salsa world and has a unique blend of creativity and grace.” – Albert Torres (Organiser-WORLD SALSA CHAMPIONSHIPS)
    I Hope you enjoy this Kavita ūüôā
    Heres the link of the video
    Keep the spirit of DANCE ALIVE
    Richard Tholoor
    Lourd Vijays Dance Studio

  6. beautiful, Richard…the link was served up as my morning cup of coffee ūüôā
    It would have been interesting to see it (or a variation of it) in one of your performances for IGT Ė exposing the breadth of possibilities with the art form, and your creative instincts…
    More and deeper cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary, inter-faith dialogs needed at this time for the world to be a better place to inhabit. And, artists are in a unique and unconventional position to foster that…
    Would love to drop by your studios if and when Iím in the area…
    cheers, and the all the very very best…keep dancing!

  7. We voted for Richard and Sneha as much as we could but I guess it just wasnít enough. I do believe the Prince Dance Group was awesome and deserved to win 1st place. Having said that, I think Richard and Sneha came a close second taking into consideration, their perfect technique and flawless moves. In a dance competition like ĎIndiaís got Talentí, the title says it all and arenít we Indians known to view anything even remotely western with blinkers on? Now, if they had done a Salsa/Kathak number wearing an Indian costume, they would have easily slipped into one of the three positions. Thatís how the Indian voting mentality works. Period.
    All I can say to Richard and Sneha is that some of the greatest talents that were born on Indian soil have got recognition in the much more wider international audience. The world has been your stage for sometime now. Just go for it and all the best!
    (As an afterthought, I would like to add that Shekar Kapur, Sonali Bendre and Kiron Kher took judging to a whole new level altogether. One is so accustomed to seeing simulated histrionics among the judges, that it was a pleasant change to see the mature, impartial and refined judgement. This show proved that even where judging is concerned, Indiaís got talent for sure!!)
    Shaly Pereira

  8. Respected Sir
    Sir i am sachin rathi i am your big fan sir i want to talk you boz i have some good movies scripts so please send me your email id .

  9. Sir,
    Hats-off to Richard and Diana. I feel that an artist’s award is the inner satisfaction he/she gets after seeing his/her creation.
    I firmly believe that an artist is comparable to God and Mother – the eternal creators. “Art” is no job but pure meditation.


  10. Thank you for the wondeful comments. We wight not have won the show but in a way we feel we have won so much more. Cheers – Richard

  11. yes, you and Sneha have – definitely Richard. Do you and Sneha want to write about your experience for our blog ? shekhar

  12. I had the privilege to watch Sneha and Richard perform live at my previous work place. I was spell bound then. I am awe-struck now. Simply perfect!! Couldn’t be better!!
    Way to go Sneha and Richard!!

  13. Everyone becomes the fan of india’s got talent after watching the episode. I have seen many act on TV. I have seen many of them on internet also. The act KRISHNA was awesome. I watched first time you were crying on the act.

  14. Dear All,
    It’s my honor to be Richard’s Student. This is the first time, i have tried my hands on dancing, so it will be not at all right to comment on Richards dancing skills. But the only thing, which I can say about Richard is his passion to teach is uncomparable. Having attended some Salsa workshops in London, California and with different instructors in India, I am impressed with the humbleness with which Richard, works with his participants to get the basics right.
    Last days, I was wondering, why I am still stuck with Salsa. I would have left it long back, thinking it’s not my cup of tea. I think, it’s the Passion and supportive enviroment which flows down from Richard to his fellow instructor, that is keeping me bounded and hopeful.
    Heartiest congratulation and best of luck to LVDS team

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