The song, not the singer

Thank you HSK for reminding me “A simple lesson: problems arise when artist becomes bigger than the art”
Yes, absolutely
words that dissolve the speaker
or colors that overwhelm the artist
films, where the director is merely the gardener
tending to the process, and praying for rain and sunshine
and watching the film grow organically
In the recent art installation David Adjaye and I did for Swarovski
both of us walked in and were astonished and exclaimed
“oh my God !” How did we create this ?
The truth was we did not
somehow our energies
and all the energies involved
collected and created the art work
Our passion is the spice which both catalyzes
and sparks the Universe
beyond that, we wait
and watch it emerge

10 thoughts on “The song, not the singer

  1. Artists dissapear with time but Art remains…for ever.Thats the beauty of it. Art is nothing but appreciation and analysis of events and things.
    You will love it shekhar I know it..Just did few days ago.Its my salute to Rd burman and Kishore kumars golden era. Its my way of appreciating thier talent.Check it out.
    Peace and love Always!

  2. beyond that…is the vastness of love
    that comes racing
    through our being as if to say…
    this is what my love translates to
    when you allow me to
    merge and emerge
    with no judgement
    no thought of peerfection
    just what is…is
    and let the rest
    speak for itself…
    there is
    love…love alone

  3. Hello Shekhar:
    We live in a world where personality cults reign supreme, when artists are lifted higher than their art could soar, more often than not by an adoring and biased audience. This is a natural process that does not need to diminish the creative quality of a work of art. Looking back upon the vast space of time that has elapsed since Michelangelo created the Sistine Chapel master pieces “The last judgment” and “The creation of Adam” to mention a few, the name of the artist comes to mind almost simultaneously with the image of the art. Make no mistake, the artist will always invariably be wedded to the art he or she has created. None transcends the other. A piece of art does not take wing to fly away from its creator, as the true artist will never lose his humble assessment of his creation, they both fly together through the deepest recesses of history. No matter how moved we are by the image of a painting, by the master stroke of a films director and the soaring narrative of a historical person (Martin Luther King, J.F.K. etc.), those magic moments of creativity will never fully detach themselves from their originators taking on a life of their own. During the creationary process of a piece of art, be it a painting, a film or the written or spoken word the artists impulses and imprint are still the major elements when the finished result emerges. When the gods of creativity have been kind once in a while they invite into their pantheon a work of art that even sparks the universe.

  4. Passage: A haunting experience
    Watched Passage a few days back, can’t get over it: you’ve said more in those 20 minutes than through many of your full-length features. Its the inconclusiveness which is fascinating: viewers interpretations are an amazing experience. I have been carrying it to my friends just to see their reaction: astonishes me; one says its about death, another says its about generosity. This is sheer work of art; rising above the medium of screen; talking to its audience and engaging them to find a meaning. Very personal for me as I have been out of my country for 9 years, with my mother left ‘behind’; how I long to be back with her, and I will. Reminds me of another great experience; Gulzar saab’s Ijaazat; probably one of the best in this field.

  5. I remember many years ago before Bandit Queen was released it was screend at Sri fort.At the end when you got a roaring applause, you came on the stage and said–“the song, not the singer” and you were already off the stage!!

  6. Thank you Mr. Kapur for writing the truth on your blog. I applaud your efforts for not brushing such real stories under the carpet (many famous ppl chose to ignore such past events). i hope everybody just supports the truth just like you are doing.

  7. I was fortunate to have a month long gallery show, featuring 21 lamps that I worked on. I say I worked on them because in the many months of preparation, I had a profound experience of them coming together without much struggle. I was pleased to be in the presense of such beauty in the process. There were other elements that I asked my friends to help me create as the time grew near. As we were nearing completion of the total installation, I was caught by surprise. I came down off a latterm took it in and began to cry. Although I had been holding the vision for many months, I had no idea how amazing it could be experiencially. I knew in that moment that it was so much bigger than me…and how lucky are we? Yay!

  8. Thats very much true. One who is engrossed deeply in his or work will surely get out of it with some productive thing.One who works hard God never let their hard work go in vain. He gives good results for it and so as you are.

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