Pebbles in a pool of stillness

Deepak R wrote the following piece, and does anyone have answers ? "Shekhar, you started your blog'site' with something so simple and smelling fresh: 'I exist because you imagine I do'. Where did that come from ? One could have pretty much stopped with at that. And it would not matter. However words keep appearing [...]

Harmony and disharmony

For those that define Harmony as the natural state of existence, or a state that we should aspire to, I have a question. : Does the Universe not exist in constant battle between contradictory forces of Harmony and Disharmony ? Like the sunspots of the Sun, the Universe too tends to explode out of itself [...]

making life simple

'P' asked "Shekhar, why do make life so complex. Why don't you just "be". Acceptance is beautiful once you truly understand it...keep living in the moment...." Your statement " Acceptance is truly beautiful if you understand it" is so beautifully stated. It is what I am trying to do. Understand what acceptance means and strive [...]

To see or to sense ?

Do we sense things beyond the world we construct from our 'five senses' ? I am sure we do, and there is enough scientific data to prove that. But does our reliance on our 'five senses' hinder our ability to truly sense things. Are the yogi's right when they say that we should shut out [...]

Dreams come true ?

Beware, dreams are just dreams, benign creatures that give you wonderful feelings of warmth in times when you need to cradle yourself to sleep till they become passions and obsessions, and develop an identity of their own, no longer in your control are you willing to watch your dreams grow into demons that do not [...]