And the sage said to me :

that there is no one definition
of anything –
that it is only the ego
that desires to define
that most pain is caused
by the need to define something,
which, like a whiff of a mist
when u try and catch it,
that as long as we cannot accept the unknown,
the uncertain,
the indefinable,
the infinite,
the duality
life will be a series
of unfulfilled desires
” My conversations with Death”

30 thoughts on “And the sage said to me :

  1. several things which seems to be trivial has a great impact on life. People talk too much, shout and scream but hardly they snatch out the time for self conversation.
    I was one of them. Dont know how but one day suddenly some series of thoughts shaked me. weaving the same in some simple words.
    Some one suddenly shake ur feeling and say wake up
    Some one suddenly smashed ur values and say wake up
    Some one Brutally slaps you and say wake up
    someone break ur dreams and say wake up
    And When u wake up for them
    U go in to a never ending sleep of ur soul
    Ur instinct goes in prolonged unconsciousness
    And no one says Wake up……..?

  2. mist of the mind
    clouding paths
    defining desires
    in the darkness of silence
    in the vibrations of stillness
    is the beauty of knowing
    illusions of duality
    the path to singularity
    in death of the last moment
    is the living in this moment
    not counting the moments
    but making the moments count
    existential realities
    neither confined
    nor defined
    a mist of the mind…

  3. So True! We are often define by the job, we do;the amount of money we have. This creates an illusion.
    We hanker to redefine continuosly and you know,where it ends…? in the grave

  4. On our journey
    from no beginning to no ending
    the ego rides on this carriage of life
    to cajole, coax and to woo
    the driver to change direction
    for the sake of being relevant.
    Behind the hills of this
    wondrous landscape of our travels
    and beyond the blue line
    of lifeís horizon lies the promise
    to reveal the complexity of
    our existence that transcends
    all explanations of the why and the how.
    The longer we travel the more
    the horizon will recede from us
    forever hiding the answers,
    never allowing us to
    glimpse the goal
    of our journey.

  5. Sant Kabir’s lines
    Jis marne te jag dare, mere man anand, Marne te hi paiye puran parmanand
    (Death, that terrifies most in this world, is what brings me happiness
    it is in Death alone that one finds eternal bliss.)

  6. isn’t gulzaar saab’s ‘hath se chu ke ise rishton ka ilzam na do’ on similar lines?

  7. Wow again…poetry for me the most purest state of an artist and music is the most purest form of art…
    imagine what if a musician is a poet or vice a versa… lol

  8. @Horst vollmann,
    Halo, I am an indian studying in Germany from two years! You seem to be more of an indian, spiritually inclined, I have hardly seen such Germans here!!
    Nice to know that there are people like u as well in Germany.
    cheers, be the same and change for better

  9. Relativity may bring peace.
    Desire may push forward.
    And amid the balance of both… the miracles of Birth, Life and Death continue to be inevitable.

  10. Definations are there for everything. But we twitch it with our desires, pride, wisdom, weaknesses, greatnesses, esteem, fears, ego, wisdom and get a mix of less or more of reality.
    The infinite, unknown, uncertain are all not nothing but something which always would be defined as nothing or wiff of mist and something we get out of the pain not for the defination but for the agnorance.
    The Death for Kabirji and Death for us the ordinaries would always remain poles apart because the death which is pain and extinguishing into nothing for us is a something making one everything for Kabir.
    Life as series of unfulfilled desires is a fulfillment of having the desires. We whosoever has desires in this infinite universe has it because not for his fault, not for his ego, but for the bigger and unknown serving his purpose his desires and his will. So desires if fullfilled or not is of least importance but to have few is a vital aspect of the process called LIFE.

  11. Nice Article.It is very very difficult to explain about death.I think these line are suitable for this topic as written by Deepak Sharma ji.
    ???? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ????? ??
    Saare Jahan Ka Bus Itna Sa Fasaana Hai
    ??? ????? ??? ” ????” ????? ????? ??? ?
    Gul Toota Gaya, “Deepak” Guncha Phootta Gaya

  12. Hi Shekharji,
    I am trying to view your movie’Gawaahi’since long time..but not able to get hold on CD/DVD.
    Is it possible for you to suggest me, how can I view the movie or atleast read the story…
    Apologize to send comment in this way…as I have no other means to communicate to you

  13. Hello Manju,
    thanks for the kind words. I have been living most of my adult life in New York and thus am not in daily touch with the Germanic aspect you seem to allude to. Spiritual growth can be promoted or become stunted in any kind of environment. I believe it is more the willingness of the individual to engage in this inner dialogue that is dominated by questions and to strive for the answers that after all may never come.
    I donít believe it is a specific German trait to be oblivious to the advancement of the soul; it is more a matter of having the curiosity to look behind the veil of the daily banalities. There may be enlightened people walking the streets of Berlin as there may be less than evolved souls who are populating the social watering holes of Mumbaiís upper class. But I do agree with you that India for me has always been shrouded in an aura of the mysterious, where the cradle of spirituality stands.
    Stay well. Good luck with your studies.

  14. Life is happening
    Death is the Only Reality
    Standing at the family friend’ funeral here in Bay Area
    I felt alone
    watching that huge flame, ready to close the chapter of a body
    Sad was the moment and with such a hug gathering but Alone …
    While I pray for my Dad who is in ICU and struggling to get healthier
    A human who helped everyone and always told me to help the needy
    in fact last week before he fell down … and advised “help people always”
    Tears haven’t stopped since
    Sad at heart
    Courage of my mother at 80 is keeping everything together
    Gives me the strength …
    I pray and appreciate all the support from our humanity …
    Praying for the best for the family
    Parents are ultimate gift we have
    Loss is always the greatest
    Let all living care for the parents
    who showed us this life, world and much more …

  15. i understand your loss AJ, and thank you for sharing, and we, the members of this blog community community are with you at this moment. Having lost both my parents, I struggle to understand the meaning of life in context of death always. Knowing though that there are no beginings and no ends. shekhar

  16. AJ, prayers for your Dad. And, prayers for your friend — hope you feel peace from accepting the departure, not as leaving you ‘alone’, but the soul’s journey to another larger dimension of boundless bliss.

  17. Hello AJ,
    Here is hoping that the feelings inside may become with time a source of added rich and peaceful thoughts to your touching words regarding a human’s journey through existence.
    Once I heard that someone did not pray in mourning of the death of his beloved, he prayed in celebration of her life. The thought made my heart warm, so I am passing it on…

  18. @ Horst Vollann,
    yup, agree with u, Spirituality is not limited to any race/continent! And I myself do not know what exactly is spirituality! Thanks for your wishes.
    All my collegues here tell me the same, like they believe in destiny, but when it come to practice they think they can change their lives the way they want it to be, but until things are not the way they wish they are unhappy and frustrated. They tell me quite often that they need to learn from me to accept life, n people as it comes to us, instead of getting frustrated. Just give 100% of ourselves to turn things better and when its not in our hands to accept the things as they are and enjoy that as well.

  19. I donít believe it is a specific German trait to be oblivious to the advancement of the soul.i understand your loss AJ, and thank you for sharing, and we, the members of this blog community community are with you at this moment.

  20. Thank You Everyone for Your Wishes, Prayers
    and for the support …
    I highly appreciate everyone …
    With great hope after Dad acknowleded every word i said … I travel (not alone but with lot more from everyone) to be with the parents with greatest hope, trust in we all (humanity) and creator (god) …

  21. Dear Shekhar ,
    Tough to believe but I do as impossible word says it self that I am possible. I also have trust on me and my thoughts which are working on most of my nearest who is following me and leaving a happy life.
    I am not a saint or astrologer or a speaker but a person from public who is living in India and looking everything which is messed by all of us because of having very less knowledge about earth about God and everything which encourage us to do some selfish or something wrong.
    Although it’s foolishness to mark an email to you all but I thought that you are trying to help all those who need it and trying to make living better for human beings.
    My aim is same but for that I need a quick start which can be possible if I can open my mouth in front of you all who really needs a break from all what they are doing right now.
    We have more than 5000 years old history about human beings and trying from that day till today to make men’s happy but not just because we have less wealth, just because we don’t know how to live what is require having peace and comfort in life.
    I know my words make a different thought about me but trust me if you have tried everything there is no harm trying me also.
    My aim is to make a documentary film about human beings there culture their life their believe in GOD and all and push them from their past to new era so that they can trust on reality and makes other happy too.
    I am not so rich to achieve my target that’s why looking for your help, may be you trust if not then I really need some more guts to impress someone who will fulfill my
    Desire and help me to give a new path for living a good life.
    I want to make a film which would be on everything which needs to be corrected in the society and trust me after discussion you would say that that is going to be the best work ever you did in your life……
    Best regards,
    Ritesh Kumar

  22. ~~~AJ~~~
    A ‘Hug’ for you with warmth ….
    to face this Moment!
    Words won’t express reality….

  23. First of All
    Biggest Thank You Everyone, Existence, Life …
    Prayers heard, Miracles do happen
    From 1% chance for recovery per doctor before my departure. Upon meeting hopes changing for better every hour. In 2 days he sits and talks to me. Vowww… My Dad is healthy again.
    Prayers from everyone, Trust in Life
    DQ, received it with greatest appreciation …
    Once again Thank You and Wish everyone the best

  24. Having retired from service 16 years ago, books and internet have been my companion. One of the first book that I came accross was ĎConversation with Godí by Neale Donald Walsch (Three in a series). While Bhagwat Gita has been my basic spiritual foundation since childhood, every reading has made me realisew new meaning of life and the havoc that EGO plays in our life. Shekhar has put it beautifully in his poem. Unfulfilled desires are the sole cause of unhappiness. Yes we should know that it is only the present moment that we should live with happiness and the best level of happiness comes when we make somebody else happy. This is only possible if we sacrifice our ego.

  25. I think that if you have a blog, then it is what you need.
    Tell people about something, someone is advertising, to somebody else for something else.
    Personally, I think so.
    Here I have a blog about my travels, but I can not share them with people, because somebody would write that this is spam.
    A hoster will also kick ūüôā

  26. Dear Shekhar,

    I did not know the best place to pass this on to you, but I thought, you would like to read this brilliant paper, article. “Summa Iru” is an aphorism in Tamil consisting of two words. Though they are simple conveying the meaning ‚Äújust be‚ÄĚ, they have deep metaphysical import and ontological significance.

    In the recent times, it was Ramana Maharshi, who spoke about this. As you too are in quest, I am just sharing this with you as this topic may be of interest to you.

    Thank you,


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