here and now

if the universe is infinite
wherever it is
and ‘forever’ does exist
wherever it does
then wherever you are
you are forever
whenever you are
you are here, and now
whoever you are
I cannot find
a better way
to say
I love you

38 thoughts on “here and now

  1. Here and Now
    Now and Here
    Universe is singing a song
    Happyyyy Happy Now Here
    We goooo Nowhere
    With your grace and love we celebrate
    This moment with eixstence and You
    We wish for the humanity and Human race full of joy and grace
    We celebrate and Wish
    Happyyyy Happy Now Here
    I Celebrate Myself:
    God Is No Where, Life Is Now here
    Now is the time

  2. Hi Shekhar,
    Just finished reading “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” – By Dan Millman. Two critcial questions were being asked a number of times in the book and somehow they have become my grounding questions –
    Where are you? Answer – Here.
    What time is it? Answer – Now.
    Also, as a part of our spiritual journey, I find we all go through periods of questioning and restlessness which many of the fellow travellers in this journey can relate to and understand.
    Just to share, what helped me with that restlessness was finding a purpose for/in my life which is in alignment with “Who I am”.
    “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give ” – Churchill
    The more I have given the more I have received and indeed my heart is filled with gratitude…here and now!
    Thanks very much and wishing peace and hope to everyone!

  3. beautiful expression of unconditional love, the essence holding the universe together.

  4. and wherever you are,
    whatever you are,
    in what part of tesseract you lie…
    i feel your existence here…
    around me…
    so I too take the opportunity,
    to express my love,
    by saying what is needed to say,

  5. you have converge the universe into a single dot!! Let each one be blessed with this insight and self realization

  6. Hello Shekharji,
    I thought LOVE IS LOVE… no one defines it…
    If some one does, it’s only his own definition for his own satisfaction…
    Loves is the thing which is only for EXPERIENCE and live in this great feeling. May be he / she could tell own experience to the world…!
    Atul Sir
    (The Devil Writer)
    Mo. 9850377732

  7. quite touching poem shekhar.what a mesmerizing thought of loving some one and being loved. But i always wonder what is more profound, loving some one or being loved?

    I asked to god ” what is love? Please define”
    “it can’t be defined” said god “o child divine”
    Why? I asked with the contempt in my eyes
    Don’t you know ‘A god’ must be very wise
    He laughed and asked how do you hear color? O my child
    Colour is to be seen ….not heard! ………..I was getting wild
    O my god!… can’t you frame your question right?
    You are god so I presume you must be very bright
    As colours can be seen through the eyes……… not “the ears”
    Love can’t be felt by the mind but by ‘the joys’ and ‘the tears’
    So frame your question right…………………….“o my child”
    His tone was as usual very sweet ,very lovely ……very mild
    so….never say “I love you”….. the phrase is totally absurd
    If love can happen that way……then colours can be heard ,
    It is an experience to be felt…not a quest
    Can be a universal lesson, but ..never a test
    So never say “I love you”….. the phrase is totally absurd
    If love can happen that way……then colours can be heard ,
    I did love or was loved ,never say………….. …….even in jest
    you can be in love….. “better” or you can be the love….. “the best”.
    How can you love ..before “you” ……..die
    When “it” happens there remains … “I”
    So never say “I love you”….. the phrase is totally absurd
    If love can happen that way……then colours can be heard ,
    It comes from ‘the hearts’ not from ‘the brains’
    When any body does so he vanishes, love remains
    This ecstasy can’t be explained but experienced by a few
    When you become love and then love becomes….. you

  9. Here and now…
    we love you too!
    With warm regards
    Osai Chella
    “Your daily cup of Blog Chai with that Desi Flavour”

  10. When ‘I’ got out of my way, the vision became clear…
    Mr Shekar – A cheeky request that may serve you and others with your endorsement…
    Are you willing to play a bigger game on your spiritual journey of serving others spiritual journey?
    I have just finished writing my first short selfhelp book called ‘Living from the heart’ I would like to send you a draft on the condition that you honestly give me your feedback and a testimonial.
    Love grace

  11. between spaces
    beyond time
    beautiful colors
    of the rainbow
    of eternal expression

  12. SKji aap kisse bole I love you, mein confuse ho gaya hoon. Is it the universe, or the infinite or some person? It would be nice if you share more on this with us. Who is it that you love and how did it happen? Also my apologies to u if I miss-understood something here.

  13. love is the only hope we have in this universe to live on, it can’t be described but you can feel it from your body and soul.
    Live life to it’s fullest, laugh a lot and say love you.

  14. Sh. Shekharji,
    I am an actor and doing acting since 1970. I also acted in best five Oscar nominated film ‘LITTLE TERRORIST’ as old man (Bhola). This film was directed by Ashvin Kumar.
    I request you to give me a chance in your film.
    Sushil Sharma
    011-22568105, 011-22565582

  15. Please give me the name, address and phone number of the school with special needs that performed on TV – India Got Talent.
    I need to enroll my child in this school.
    If possible also give me the date (I think July 5th , episode????) but not sure,so that I can view it again.
    I look forward to hear from you
    Neeta Shah

  16. exactly…

  17. Here and now
    This could be for anyone
    Whoever it is
    We are all here
    We love you

  18. …you and I are bonded by the threads of nothingness
    I will forever be deeply grateful
    for our

  19. Hi,
    The best thing about INFINITY is that u can do what ever u want to do with it but in the end u agin will get infinity.

  20. @ Prathima,
    ‘how I wish you were writing this for me 🙂
    and I’d say…I love you too!’
    Do we need the other person to love us? Cant we love someone irrespecive of the other persons feeling, or irrespective of other person knowing about it??
    At least in my case it is so…
    I have lots of love in my heart for a few people,
    I never told them, but at times it is expressed as concern, Sometimes it is never expressed as i have never met them in my life, and some are physically not there anymore, They are very much there with me in my heart, in the safest corner, but nonetheless, i continue to love them regardless of their response.
    Prayers, Love n peace,
    to Shekhar too for the sweet n simple words…

  21. More I read what you write, more I hear what you say and more I feel what you express.
    More I feel the need to say I love you:)
    As Manju said there are many people in this world to whome I want to say I love you but to some I can’t.
    My heart is full of so much love and that’s the only true purpose of my existance.

  22. The poem express’s great unconditional love; this love does not know the recipient; only that it is giving out the action “of” love… and therefor receives love in return.. making love come full-circle.. loves only intention; is be be welcomed.
    I love your thoughts Shekhar; they evoke me to aspire to my greatest human potential via wisdom and awareness.
    and special hello, to Cinda – hello old friend, how are you and the family?
    Many smiles upon you Shekhar…

  23. Still searching the elusive True Love! You do not know me yet if i wish you should always be happy and wish you all the happiness in life is it termed true love? So be it. Love, Latha

  24. ….how much is there in a life itself to see and observe ,
    to focus and realize , to hold and to release .
    how much is there to make you feel that it is you who is living and it is not you who is making you to survive.
    how much is there to comprehend and feel vastness , to realize the limitations and emptiness .
    how much is there to fill your stomach and heart ,to clean mind and conscience .
    o nakhasi ! let you survive just to watch the visible dance of invisible breath !
    anil nakhasi

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