These are times for new beginnings. Beginnings are not events that can be taken for granted. They are offerings to us for our past Karma’s and we are then held responsible to seize the offering, nurture it, worship it, and see in them immensity that we are, not letting the petty ups and downs blind us to the dazzling potential of what the universe offers provide we set out sights higher.
With the rising dawn, I see a new beginning.

14 thoughts on “Beginings….

  1. Oh part of the universe, messenger
    i seize this message coming through you
    journey is long
    fellow seeker,
    keep reminding me
    i am on the way
    seeking my beloved
    and wish you too get
    what you looking for
    may your film panni
    is received as you longed
    to give it
    thank you

  2. Every end is a new beginning- night gives way to day, each moment passing away gives life to the next …we must indeed create our own stories and learn to respect that of the others

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    Here is one way u can begin.
    Thousands flock to ‘world’s biggest animal sacrifice;_ylc=X3oDMTB0bGRuZjdmBF9TAzIxNTExMDUEZW1haWxJZAMxMjU4ODY4ODk2
    The Age-Devotees in Nepal prepare to sacrifice 300,000 animals
    NZ Herald-Animal rights groups denounce mass sacrifice
    Monday Nov 23, 2009
    Brisbane Times— Devotees in Nepal prepare to sacrifice 300,000
    Stop sacrifice: Brigitte Bargot to Nepal Prez
    Gulf Times—Thousands flock to ‘world’s biggest animal sacrifice’
    ABC News Australia—Massive Nepali animal slaughter condemned
    Telegraph –UK—Nepalese villagers prepare to slaughter 315,000

  4. Dear Shekhar:
    What is one man’s new beginning is another man’s swan song. Most such events take place in the heart of the solitary individual. There are obviously phases in the human existence when there is a global cry for a new beginning, when old precepts have become stale, decrepit and intolerable, when there is a collective stirring and the call for a new beginning is heard as one voice. How often do we seize such opportunities and how much do we keep our focus on the essential message such moments engender? I think that most of these moments do not come in one monumental heave of historic proportions but rather in smaller, incremental steps, one brief dawn at a time. Nations that had freed themselves from the clutches of colonialism more often than not had become stuck in the muck of corruption and ineptitude, one man’s saga of courage and personal sacrifice may very well fail to bring enduring freedom to the masses. The power that the words “new beginnings” conjure up is often lost in the distorting narratives of opposing forces. America is currently going through such a phase when it appears that a golden opportunity is already slipping away, never to be recaptured.
    We like the seductive and beautiful ring of catch-phrases, of words that promise hope and capture the essence of our being, to see beyond the distracting noise of mediocrity. The collective only in very rare moments of time synchronizes its will and desires to conquer despair and dashed hopes and create a moment in history that will forever remain in the hearts of all humanity.
    There is no doubt that the potential for greatness is living in all of us and that the immensity of the human existence is only rivaled by the vastness of the universe but time will tell if we have really fully understood this premise.
    Kind regards.

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    Dear Shekhar ji
    Above posted Ghazal is written by me 20 years back and would like to share with you.Makta’a is very close to me .
    Deepak Sharma

  6. Shekhar Sahib,
    The day we start thanking for every end, life becomes a new beginning every moment.It does not have to be big or small events always. Isn’t it?

  7. Are beginnings pre-existing points in space and time revealed to the mortal mind by an invisible hand, as a manifestation at a pre-ordained moment?
    How does one know to recognize ‘beginnings’ as ‘offerings’ that need to be ‘seized, nurtured and worshipped’, to and through a path and journey to a dazzling destination? Is egolessness and intuition what it takes?
    And is that dazzling destination also a pre-existing point?

  8. Dear Shekhar,
    Sometimes I feel you are like a saint…you are very soft spoken and look very calm. You also let go things. Like Buddha said “LEARN TO LET GO AND BE FREE”.

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