AR Rahman and I at Ajmer Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti

I want to thank A R Rahman for taking me to Ajmer to visit The Dargah Sherriff of Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti. It was my first visit and going with AR Rahman made the visit even more amazing. It is very difficult and perhaps not right to write or express the feelings unless one has had time to live with them for a while.
Rahman and I were working in the music of Paani when on the way back to Mumbai I found myself sitting next to him on the flight when I had just said bye to him ! He was going to Ajmer and asked if I would come and of course I went. I saw that as a sign for the beginings of Paani.
My only regret is that I was not there for the early morning Qwaali.

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  1. Moinuddin Chishti — the inspiration for ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja’, ARR’s uplifting musical masterpiece, that went on to be used as a soundtrack for ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’…

  2. I too was fortunate to the Ajmer Dargah this past August on my visit to India. I totally agree that there are no words to express the feeling you get as you enter the place. It embodies holiness and divinity in all forms. It was an unforgettable experience. Just hope that the initiative to create awareness to keep places like this clean and organized plays out well.
    Good luck on Paani Sir, i’m sure with this great visit its already on high roads 🙂

  3. Dear Shekhar ji
    Khwaja sahib ki baat hi kuch aur hai.This is realy gharib nawaaz.What ever you want ,you will get .Few Lines from my side as a wish …
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    ???? ????? ?? ????? ??? ?? ????? .
    ????? ?? ????? ??? ?? ????? ??? ????
    ?? ?? ????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ??????.
    Kavi Deepak Sharma

  4. Well that was interesting. I loved to read your blog. You know when i saw u in India’s got talent that was the time when i came to know about you.I was very much impressed by the way you observed each and every performance.I m love in it.

  5. sir,can i repet your words….I want to thank A R Rahman and Resool Pookutty for taking me to Ajmer to visit The Dargah Sherriff of Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti. It was my first visit also and going with AR Rahman,Resool and Shekarjee made the visit even more more more amazing.

  6. Sir, after reading Rensil D’silva’s interview recently, I got to know about “Paani.” Courtesy ‘climate change,’ last year in Delhi, we suffered real “punishing” heavy rains and subsequent chaos on roads took its toll on the motorists,
    including me. It was then when I wrote the following lines:
    “Ab tak suni thi mainey
    paani ki fusfusaahat
    baarish ki phuhaaro(n) mein..
    bahut achcha lagata tha wo mujhe..
    kal baarish jam ke barsi thi..
    ug aaye they paani ke sar aur paao(n)…
    deewaron se takraata, sadko pe bhagta..
    bauraya hua paani..
    kal paani ka aakaar tha, wajood tha..
    maang raha tha wo apni jagah, apna hisaab..
    Ab wo mujhe itna achcha nahin lagta..”
    May be you can put these lines to good use in your on-going project.
    Regards n Good wishes!

  7. my visit to ajmer sharif was one of the most defining spiritual moments of my life. jodha akbar had just released and i was completely in awe of the song, Khwaja mere khwaja. badly wanted to visit the dargah. overnight, a friends uncle in jaipur booked flight tkts for us and asked us to come vist him, and added that we could visit the dargah too. was there 2 days later! thought in my head that after my visit if i could hear the khwaja ji number i would take it as a sign. and it played on FM on our way back to jaipur! i still get goosebumps. so many good things happened in my life after that. so am sure paani wil rock!

  8. I truly believe that we have reached the point where technology has become one with our society, and I am fairly certain that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.
    I don’t mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside… I just hope that as memory becomes cheaper, the possibility of downloading our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It’s a fantasy that I daydream about every once in a while.
    (Posted on Nintendo DS running R4 DS BB)

    (Water war 800 years ago)

    Once in Ajmer, the soldiers of Raja Prithviraj chauhan in their subdued grudge refused to let anyone use PAANI from the Annasagar lake!

    Upon this the Khwaja Saheb asked one of his followers to fetch some PAANI for him to perform wudhu for namaz. Follower goes to the lake and asks the soldier who was guarding the lake from poor people not to steal PAANI. Follower tells soldier its for Khwaja Saheb and he needs it for wudhu, so he can perform namaz, Soldier didn’t listen to the follower and told him that its an order from Raja Prithviraj Chauhan not to let anyone use PAANI from Annasagar, bcoz its a precious lake and its only for him and his family!!

    When follower told everything to Khwaja Saheb, he simply told his follower to go once again and take this Mashkiza (a small bag for carrying water) and little far from the lake you just tell Annasagar that Khwaja has called you, then put down Mashkiza on the ground.

    The follower did exactly what khwaja saheb told him to do, As he puts down the Mashkiza, the entire PAANI of the whole Anasagar lake mysteriously disappeared into it miraculously.

    This miracle caused an unprecedented awe and consternation in the city.

    PS: Respected Sir, you are truly blessed by Hazrat khwaja moinuddin chisti. Wish you a very best of luck with your passion film PAANI.

    Tarique Hassan

  10. I am from Ajmer. I saw you that day,I think you visited his residence also at Kundan nagar-Ajmer. My best wishes for PAANI.

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