Happy New Year, Eternally and Momentarily

what do we search for
when all existence is here ?
in the snowflake that melts
before you catch it ?
in the dust particle
of the first ray of light
which disappears the moment
you try and isolate it ?
in your own shadow,
that changes
the moment you turn around to look at it ?
all existence lives
eternally, momentarily
in the moment
you experience yourself
as part of it,
if you don’t try
and define it
isolate it
measure it
and capture it
beyond that moment
I wish you all an eternal momentary happiness

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Eternally and Momentarily

  1. Wishing you and your family a ‘Happy New Year!’ Hope you acheive wat you want to. hope u have a great year ahead…would like to assist you, would love to! tkc.
    thank u!

  2. Wish you a truly Happy New Year 2010 that brings you lots of joys, tranquility and contentment.

  3. Sir,
    Years come and go, time just keep flying. We exist just to witness few moments offered by this eternity. And when we start thanking for its wonderful offerings, Life just becomes beautiful and brings out a great meaning to this momentary illusion, which becomes eternal moment.
    Beauty of art lies in its eternity created by a fragile human. Its been 41 years passed, when an artist created his work of art. This legend passed away 21 years agobut his work is still here and will still be there, when we will not even exist anymore.
    My tribute to all the artists, who gave us so much treasure to cherish, which will always be there for us.
    Its just my humble effort to pay a Tribute to this Great magician of music, who left us 21 years ago but will always remain with us forever. Check it out on the following link just did it couple days ago.
    I Wish you, and all the reader on this blog, 2010 a great year filled with Peace, Happiness and Joy.
    Best of Regards!

  4. Etenity knows no time,
    Nowhere it started, Nowhere it ends.
    Stream of Consciousness is without break,
    Now-here it started, Now-here it ends.

  5. Eternity knows no time,
    Nowhere it started, Nowhere it ends.
    Stream of Consciousness is without break,
    Now-here it started, Now-here it ends.

  6. That is beautiful Shekhar, both picture and the verse! Here is wishing you Joy and Peace, in the New year

  7. Dear Shekhar,
    I have been searching continuously for one of the old Doordarshan serials you acted in-Udaan. Even after so many years of search, I have not been able to find its videos anywhere. Please help, I am dying to watch it and listen to its wonderful title song. Hoping for your help.

  8. Millions of things to think
    But my heart still with your soul
    The silent love pure like a your crystal rosary
    Beyond materialistic world
    When your soul chant OM silently,my soul vibrate with your energy
    You are the most beautiful and pure soul,and I promise I’ll stay same.
    @Nitu Nandan

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