raging mixed feelings,
giving in
to the schizophrenia of the contradictions
of existence,
of reality, desire, fulfilment and non fulfillment,
of confusion, desperation, and joy,
give into all intellectual and emotional sensation
and then try like hell not to drown
those desperate strokes of survival sometimes –
and then only sometimes
have a pattern
which, if you can
through all this,
and discipline
in to cogent cohesive thought
is creativity

9 thoughts on “creativity

  1. Can the cogent, cohesive disciplining from schizophrenic impulses to creative ‘thought’ adequately translate to creative ‘form’? Or does creativity end with thought?

  2. Birdsong brings relief to longing. I’m just as ecstatic as they but with nothing to say! Universal soul practice some song through me! Rumi

  3. Creativity brings in its wake bubbly enthusiasm, high energies, a sparkle to the eye and a rare something to that smile. Ofcourse the heart races and thuds at a galloping pace becos you know you are onto something so spiritual and real:)

  4. you look up at the universe – in all its infinity and inky black vastness, you look at seemingly happy families with kids running around in restaurants, you admire the perfect symmetry of a flower on a windowsill, and your maid telling you the troubles she has had with her drunk husband, you feel the one –eyed, tilted -head steady gaze of a crow on you, and in all this that feeling deep inside you, that there is something beyond this, something beyond the mundane-ness of life…closer to the perfection of nature, ….that is what creativity is to me, beyond the mundane-ness and the mediocrity, the closest man comes to god and perfection….you can fake just about everything….creativity you have to feel, feel like lava pulsing through your bloodstream, pulsing till it finds the right fissure….

  5. Based on your beautiful poem i have added few lines:and i know that u know the meaning of these lines.
    Arts and science are actually same .When we go deep we will not be able to differentiate between the two.But when our consciousness is at the mind plane,it colors things into appealing and repelling according to the conditioning we have undergone.To get in touch deeply with these fluctuations or passions or desires or emotions or intense intellectual exercise also may lead us to a state where we establish the connection with pure intelligence and awaken from the sleep .Arts and science are essentially the same.Reason and feeling are essentially the same.It is important to respect ourselves and our interests and our emotions and give full attention to them .Listen to them and try to understand them to actually evolve.It is the understanding that takes us to elevated consciousness and no forced behavior of faith etc..

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