Shiva’s Night

where is my place
in this night
of your sky
existing as I am
in my own head ?
if you are
the God of all
that is,
and is not
can you not
embrace me
in your folds of
existing as I am
in my own head ?

11 thoughts on “Shiva’s Night

  1. Very nice poem and i think it should be dedicated to all poor people of this country whose life is also full of darkness, in the night they have no shelter and in the day we people can’t change their life.
    The God is same for all(rich or poor).Every time when we start new work or go for their own cause we pray to god and look with the hope to the sky and say thanks if result is positive but what about those people who live in the arms of the sky and pass their whole life under the open sky. So who is responsible for this poverty which give birth to such people, we people or they themselves or GOD??????

  2. ? ??? ?????
    Aum Nama? ?iv?ya
    Nama? ?iv?ya is the most holy name of God ?iva, recorded at the very center of the Vedas and elaborated in the ?aiva Agamas.
    Na is the Lord’s concealing grace
    Ma is the world,
    ?i stands for ?iva,
    Va is His revealing grace,
    Ya is the soul.
    The five elements, too, are embodied in this ancient formula for invocation.
    Na is earth
    Ma is water
    ?i is fire
    V? is air
    Ya is unlimited space.

  3. sometimes there is so much of darkness around you and you grapple and stumble along…knowing not your place or what you are fighting…it is terrifying, numbing, scary….and sometimes you wonder why you carry on…why not give in and become numb and cold and unfeeling…but then comes along a moment of brightness…of light…of hope…and you realise you were fighting yourself…the darkness was within you…all those terrifying moments, the not knowing why, the journey towards the moment seem well worth it..
    As Vivekananda said….every man is potentially divine…you shud have the willingness to take up the journey and the strength and perseverance to endure it…I suppose…I could be wrong too..

  4. Dear sir,
    your shivas night poem is very sweet,
    I am a shiva devotee I think baba only got ur contacts for me from datuk vinod sekar,
    Rudram is most powerfull mantra for shiva
    its divided into namkam n chamkam
    chamkam we are asking 347 things to shiv baba
    pls try saying it,i can email u pdf vesion in sanskrit.
    chamkam link
    thanks alot my prayers for paani
    komal sharma

  5. Hi Shekhar,

    I saw you in Sri Jaggi Vasudev’s satsang in Shivarathri in tv, how was your experience. I wish you post more articles in this section 🙂 The search for the self.


  6. If i were to Emerge, From the Mystique of my own Charm ?
    How well will i Facilitate ?
    The Breath in your Belly
    that defined Life ?
    Coming in going out,
    in ever flowing motions of Unconditional Love…
    o no’ what does a word unconditional matter,
    to a breath who’s job is just to flow.
    So that you can be, who you are in the Now or Never !
    You search for me in words, actions, senses, deeds, thoughts, …
    I am Now Here or Nowhere.
    Just like you are In one body but so Many Thoughts
    Alive only if you are aware you are No More than you are Not !!
    O shiva, did you Shekhar me today ?

  7. O holy Lord

    Words can’t define your beauty
    As I chant your name,in thousands mantra
    You are beyond name
    Beyond imagination
    Guru of every true Bhaktha
    One mantra -Om
    One guru -shiva
    One istha -shiva
    Nitu Nandan

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