how do you define an event ?

how do you define an event ?
after the moment in which it seemed to have an existence ?
for beyond that it exists only in the imperfect ego as shards of memory
prejudiced by the ego’s need to quantify, define and moralize
did it ever occur ?
for it to occur
all of time and space would have to come to a standstill
to define it’s occurence
how do you define an event
did it ever occur ?
except as an impression
a possibility
of the imagination ?

22 thoughts on “how do you define an event ?

  1. A moment which touches many lives: some for good, some for bad is the real essence of an event, what differentiates it from another moment is that this moment stays with us long after its gone. An AR Rahman performance will delight many hearts as a good event and a Tsunami or a 26/11 will pain many.
    The critical part is what we make of that moment: there are people who share it with someone making it a cherished memory, others who let it pass by as mere spectators and then there are those who seize the moment to change destinies. Great people like Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Tendulkar, Tiger Woods, Einstien and Shekhar Kapur fall in the last category: that is what made them leaders, that is what made nations, made history…

  2. event, i don’t recognise.
    non-event I do.
    And neither matter.
    they are in me
    but they are not me
    for it be an event
    i need to be an entity
    but entity,
    I do not recognize
    non-entity, I do
    they are in me
    but they are not me

  3. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does the event actually happens if it is unobserved? And paradigm emerge —
    “Does observation affect outcome?”

  4. An event is a space-time entity that eventualises the future.
    The present(pre-sent) happened eventually after the events of the past, both sublime and gross.

  5. Can an event truly survive the rigors
    and the trappings of the memory?
    Can the ego hold on to the remnants of its perceived glory or will it just wilt in the probing glare of self-doubt ?
    Will the definition of an event rise to a level
    where time and space challenge the laws of physics?
    Will an event that occurred in an ancient era
    have left its imprint on the collective soul of humanity never to be eradicated even by the vastness of the infinite?
    Will the concept of a deity create the arc
    upon which our imagination flies into the boundless regions of the paradox?
    Will our thoughts leave the realm of reason and
    finally become liberated?

  6. Sorry but Today is special Day
    To 170 innocent people who died and those who sacrificed for the country
    We salute them
    We honor them
    and let people pledge to be strong to stand for the great country

  7. seeds of occurrence
    floating in space
    roots of deference
    frozen over time
    seed and root
    neither flower nor fruit
    all an occurrence
    in forgotten moments of truth
    what’s an occurrence?
    a seed, or a fruit?
    a beginning or, an end?
    between and beyond?
    or neither between nor beyond?
    in a frozen moment
    of time and space
    a reality, fond and dear
    in a fluid moment
    beyond time & space
    an imagination, crystal clear
    the eternal and infinite
    stilled by sweeter waters
    and awashed over time
    crystallized impressions
    frozen forever
    in the fluid flow
    of imagination sublime

  8. Like tentacles, our ancient memory embraces the stretch of mind.. thus the resonation of an event is spontaneous and random in the evolution of our time.

  9. If you mean by “define” that no event has a starting point nor finish — I agree (is it the moment the flame touches the fuse? the moment the hand strikes the match? the moment the thought ‘light the fuse’ begins? When did this event “explosion” occur?)
    (For some reason this reminds me of Gregory Bateson’s discussion of mind. For the blind man walking with a cane does his mind end at the tips of his fingers or the tip of the cane?)

  10. Mr. Kapur,
    If by “define” you mean circumscribe/capture some beginning or end, I agree. (Did it begin when the flame touched the fuse? When the hand struck the match? When the thought ‘light the fuse’ occurred? And when did the explosion end?)
    For some reason, I’m reminded of Gregory Bateson’s discussion of mind where he describes a blind man and asks if mind ends at the fingertips? at the tip of the white cane?…?

  11. Imagination cannot be defined with words or actions alone…it is an intense activity of the brain which comes in shades in the form of any expression…art…creativity…events etc…but the gravity of imagination cannot be simply measured me thinks…
    Hence wot we see as an event is not imagination…it is statistics which we can see feel and define..
    Imagination cannot be confused here…we can imagine what one imagined…but yet not be able to weigh the gravity n depths of it that a person has felt…we perhaps connect to that imagination…n then feel the intensity that may vary as we are unique individuals…Percieve…
    and perception is as individual as any individual character…
    Oops Hi Shekhar…

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  14. I wish there were no comments to what you wrote !! It spoils the effect of what you wrote so beautifully!! Like you said – Yearning !!!
    Manav Malhotra
    NJ, USA

  15. You are no more real than the event. Intersecting timelines caused us to be in proximity. Due to our filtered human perceptions we assume it just happened to us.
    That perception is a buffer if you will, natures very own “Rose Colored Glasses” that we’ve all been given to see things as just “Happening”.

  16. An event is nothing but an effect that is left behind..
    I think thats the reason we say Life’s an event.
    Isn’t it made up of little ‘effects’like these , some special , some mediocre and some which keep you guessing till the time the little effects are all over.
    – HARI

  17. i think an event is defined by the effect it produces .. and life is a series of effects that are perceived by each individual through their senses ….

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