‘weird’ ?

from shekhar to Piet : 28th July 2001 ” This very moment is ALL that is real” – yes I agree, – But for you, is that scientific theorey that is current – or is it from your buddhist exploration ?

Oh no, that is from my own exploration, partly Buddhist, partly Taoist, partly other influences. It is my great hope that I will find a way to inject some of those ideas into mainstream science in such a way that my colleagues cannot get around it. At the very least I want to make sure to make it easier for the next generation of scientists to open the door to such ideas, and if I’m really lucky I’ll be able to open a door myself. To me these ideas are very much a logical follow-up of ideas in relativity and quantum mechanics, already progressively `weird’ from a linear classical perspective, but most of my colleagues seem only to accept the weirdness of the past, while somehow extrapolating only the known (non-weird) into the future . . . .
Note from shekhar : Piet was right, scientific theorey ahs indeed moved on since Piet wrote this in July 2001.

7 thoughts on “‘weird’ ?

  1. The seed of this philosophy was already firmly laid by Einstein in his theory of relativity. Modern science is still fondling with it in different names. I dont think this can go far though. The ideas of time travel or parallel worlds or looking at the future as mere probabilities are all absurd and also weird. Even more weired is the matrix theory. Everything that has happened was real and what ever will happen is also real. Even if parallel worlds are a possibility in theory it will be impossible by any scientific principle to travel between them. That makes it as good as weired. Traveling at the speed of light or the theory that time has a speed and so can be overtaken are just a little more – weired. Plz dont take this as an argument.

  2. i have a very good movie story to tell .i want dirrector email address .the concept of story in brain unstability . please help

  3. If Buddha was enlightened and in his teachings of right lively hood regarded poisons as non acceptable to deal in,why did he put hes life at risk and die from poison ? and promote this health risk for his followers that today the health authorities would forbid? don wreford

  4. Sir, Its a request to please suggest me some good movies that have been made in the past on Indian spiritualism. I notice Siddharth by Conrod Rooks, there is Gurdjieff’s Meetings with remarkable men. Please do suggest more. Not to add, we are eagerly waiting for the Buddha directed by you. Till then let us make do with what we have. Has there been any movie made on the Like of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Buddha of 20th century?

  5. A suggestion to Shekar & don wreford: You may want to see the Tamil movie – “Naan kadavul”/ “Aham Brahmasmi”/ “I am GOD”. It can raise lot of questions on spiritualism, beauty, good & evil. A must watch for anyone who wants to question God’s presence or how it is present.

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